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Created: 2005-03-28 14:56:08
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Violence raged across Tonan. War broke out and it seemed it would never end. I watched the fires. I watched the rapes. I watched the violence. I watched the destruction. My heart burned for the the innocent who suffered. But what could I do? I'm only one man, one lone voice trying to stop violence. I could stop a rape gang, and then become their newest target. I could oppose a band of looters and become a hunted man. I saw a land full of suffering with little hope.

The setting of the sun was the most nightmarish time of all. That's when the bandits and looters ruled. Homes were destroyed and theft became a way of life. Honest people never left their homes after dark and no one trusted anyone. I remember when I was a boy. I remember traveling alone, almost 20 miles into town with a wagonload of wheat to sell. My father and mother brimmed with pride because I was able to help out. They didn't think twice about letting me go. But then, those were the good old days. Those days are gone.

Now the night is a living hell, a time of uncertainty. The few who do venture out are well trained in combat or go with armed guards. No longer can people gaze at the stars or steal a kiss by moonlight. Now only the bitter winds of death sweep through the trees rather than the raging passions of youth.

One night, I had a visitor, a vision, a dream, or a moment of insanity. I heard a voice, a velvet calling appealing to my hopes and dreams and I saw before me... someone. A musical lilting voice filled my ears and charged me with my purpose: "I am Barnabas, the true god. My people are hurting. You have seen the fires. You have seen the rapes. You have seen the deaths. You have seen the violence. You have seen the light in children's eyes dull with terror. You must replace terror with joy. You must replace fear with hope. You must turn tears and wails into smiles and laughter. You must defend the night."

I awoke, and smiled. Now I had a goal.



Some among us ignore the nightmare around us. They ignore the cries in the night and hide, locked safely in their homes. Then, when the sun rises, they turn a blind eye to the evidence left in the streets. Not only citizens, but even the village guards ignore the violence and death. I once counted myself among them.

I once guarded the village in the day, entertaining the complaints of merchants and buyers in the market. I returned to my home at dusk like everybody else. I hung up my blade and spent the evenings with my family, oblivious to the terror just outside our locked doors and boarded windows.

One night, I was delayed by a petty thief in the town square. Dusk had fallen, and I was left in the marketplace after the merchants and the crowds had hurried home. I was armed and well trained, and the darkness did not bother me as I left the market square and headed home to my family.

As I passed the goddess's temple, I heard a cry from the steps of the great church. I was not accustomed to the dangers of the night. I drew my sword and my dagger and ran to the entrance, where I saw five men. One of them held a battered woman by the hair, and I saw the body of the man who had obviously been accompanying her. This hideous act enraged the sense of honor at my core. I yelled, and the man dropped his victim. The armed men drew their weapons and attacked me. One wounded my hand and forced me to drop my dagger. The men continued their attack until I had killed two of them, when those still standing fled with my dropped dagger. The woman ran off, leaving the man's body behind, so I returned home.

Three days later, I returned to my home from the market to find the bodies of my wife, my daughter, and my son lying in pools of blood. My son's lifeless hand still held the sword that he had taken up to protect his family. The animals had left my stolen dagger stuck in the door.

With my family gone, I had nothing to live for but revenge.



I began talking to those who felt as I did and listened to them. I heard of mothers slain, children torn apart by dogs and trampled under uncaring horses. I heard of farm girls, both those raped and left behind often barren or pregnant and those carried off, presumabely to be slaves and whores for warring armies.

I told the men and women who came to me of my vision, as I had come to accept my visit by the god. Most of them weren't experienced fighters. Some were just farmers, skilled with bows and slingshots, hardly a military force. Others were better trained than I ever had been. One in particular, Njus, seemed to fight without fear. More than once I heard reports of him dispatching rapists and murderers single handedly.

With this growing support we began our patrols. Our watch started at dusk and ended with the dawning of the day. We started small, guaranteeing the safety of a village or two. As time passed we expanded until whole counties were safe for travelers. Many cheered our presence and baked goods to take to our houses. Others weren't so friendly. Our insistence that Barnabas was the true god, the one who gave us our purpose has angered followers of the false gods Leto and Angelique. There were bounties on the head of any follower of Barnabas in heathen lands, including civillians.

We took a vote in the waning hours before our night began, and it was decided. No killing of innocent civilians for that reason was permissable. The followers of Leto and Angelique who advocated such butchery must be defeated and their citizens liberated.

We had moved from a citizens watch into a broad military alliance. In determining a name for ourselves I remembered the haunting words of Barnabas from so long ago, and there was only one choice. We were The Defenders Of The Night.


GM: Midnight Guard
AGM: Twilight Watch
Squad Leader: Shadow Guard
Full Member: Dark Watch
Member: Dawn Guard
Newbie: Candidate


We have fought for two consecutive ages.



    Regarding Temper's Ball
  1. Do not make an ass of yourself.
  2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
  3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
  4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
  5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
  6. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.
  7. Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards.


    Regarding Guild Conduct
  1. Do not cheat. You will be booted and reported.
  2. Inform the Guildmaster of any extended absence. Inactive members will be expelled from the guild.
  3. Report all attacks and scout attempts immediately.
  4. Participation in wars is expected.
  5. Reply to messages or orders from the guildmaster in a timely manner.
  6. Follow all orders from guild leadership.
  7. Don't whine on the boards. We will fight injustice with honor.
  8. Have fun, and remember that Canon is a game.


In the event of the disappearance of all current Guildmasters, a vote shall be taken among all members of the guild. The winner of the vote shall then be granted the full power of the guild pending the return of the Guildmaster.


The Midnight Guard (Guildmaster) The supreme authority of the guild. The Guildmaster has final authority in all matters.

The Twilight Watch --This rank is reserved in memory of a senior adviser who was killed defending the weak. May he find the peace he sought.

The Shadow Guard (AGM) A senior member of the guild. Reports directly to the Guildmaster.

The Dark Watch A respected member of the guild who has proven their honor and dedication. They are trusted with the full faith of the guild.

The Dawn Guard A member who has passed the trials of candidacy and earned the respect of his leaders.

Candidate A new member. The Candidate is constantly being tested for loyalty, respect, and honor. Good performance will result in prompt promotion.


We are open to accepting any person to our guild. Staying in the guild depends on active participation and holding to the values of the guild.

Gaborn (GM)

AIM: Gaborn1985
e-mail: knlb (at) nklb (dot) com
ICQ: 49072723

Njus (GM)

ICQ: 196250965
YIM: enjus1111
e-mail: elliot.njus (at) gmail (dot) com


Defenders of the Night will not attack without provocation or a declaration on the boards or in the game. If you believe that you have been wrongly attacked, contact a Guildmaster. Contact information can be found above. We will expect news copied from the game before we provide any compensation.