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Created: 2005-03-21 19:33:17
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


"The shadows are a dangerous place, even for the brave, and especially , for the strong."
Tel'Thanar ~ The Blind Mystic

~Chapter 1~

After years of isolation, Eltharion returned to the realm of Maxim, called by some unknown force.
Stumbling upon a strange building, he encountered two important figures in the establishment of the Final Ascension.

~Chapter 2~

(Not composed yet)

The mysterious background of Taelriath is explored. His affinity for shadows is explained, and his position in the Final Ascension is assured.

Chapter 3

Ranin the Red, the mortal form of Hasco, appears in Maxim. What is he running from, and how will he gain the trust of the other members of the Ascension?

~Chapter 4~

Here Eltharion, Ranin and Taelriath meet for the first time, in addition, several new characters appear.
Will they remain as important parts of the Ascension, or will they vanish as quickly as they appeared?

"And with them, he shall rise. Together, they will ascend to the role of Gods."
Tel'Thanar ~ The Blind Mystic


GM: Fidei Defensor
AGM: The Inner Circle
Squad Leader: N/A
Full Member: The Bearers of Shadow
Member: N/A
Newbie: N/A


New GM, new guild, new ideas. Who knows what'll happen?


It should be noted that while in most guilds, the exploits are about the god they follow, or the theme of the guild,
in the Final Ascension, the important characters are the members themselves. Every character is an epic hero, central to their own fate, and the fate of their companions.

Rank Descriptions:
Fidei Defensor : The man in charge. He has the final say in important matters, but will probably not issue too many orders.
Members of the Inner Circle: These will be people appointed to govern a specific element of the guild. RP, War, Scum and Sorcery. Other than their role as assistants to the Fidei Defensor , they are regular members.
Bearers of Shadow: All other members. Please don't think of this as an entry position. Everyone is equal, except for the Fidei Defensor . (Who is an equal too, barring extreme circumstances.)

Tempers Ball rules:
- Do not make an ass out of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in the IRC room unless specifically asked by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post realm numbers or names on the boards.
- Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards. E-mail or PM one of the administrators with details.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Account Bannings: You will be given 3 warnings for excessive violation of this rule. Keyword, excessive. After that third warning, you will be banned. It may be for 24 hours, 48 hours, a year, a month, 5 minutes.

COPPA Compliance
You must be over the age of 13 years old to register an account with Evernight Games. If you are not over the age of 13, you must have parental consent which consists of a written agreement by your parent mailed to us.

It's simple. Play your kingdom at least once every two days, or you'll get a warning, and then a friendly boot towards a different guild. This follows under the "if you're hurting the guild" clause mentioned below.

While there is currently nothing forcing players to RP, they are strongly encouraged to do so.
The main purpose of The Final Ascension is to tell the heroic tales of it's members.
If all you do is play every 2 days, you will miss out on the best part of this guild.

Roleplay Rules:
Roleplay posts are to be at least four full sentences.
Abbreviations. Such as :), ;) etc. Don't use them. Don't be lazy-write it out.
Booting threads is not allowed.
Do not re-edit your post after a Staff member has edited it.

Not really an issue. Until such time as it is necessary to have members at higher rankings, everyone will be a Bearer of Shadow. Your reward for being a good member of the guild will be the praise and respect of the Fidei Defensor, and your fellow guild mates.

Application Proceedure:
After you apply and are accepted, the GM will contact you with a few basic questions to assess your level of understanding in the game. This isn't a test, except maybe a litmus test, so that the GM is able to help you succeed as best he can.

"No GM clause":
Barring exceptional circumstances, the GM will keep the guild apprised of any times he will be absent from the guild. If something exceptional happens, and the GM isn't able to lead the guild, his second in command, the Member of the Inner Circle of War, will take over control for as long as is necessary.