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She walked alone through the camps. Darkness began to fill the world as nearly completely as it began to fill her heart. Once a pampered queen to a mighty warlord, one who heroically died fighting for his god. A god who never bothered to save him when the enemies came calling. Their home and luxuries reduced to rubble, the men and her sons put to the sword. Peasants slaughtered in their sleep. She was now reduced to begging for her scraps of food and warmth. Even occassionally reduced to trading the pleasure of her body for enough brandy to forget where she was. And perhaps the greatest insult; the ruins of the home she once lived in luxury in could be seen just there on that hill. The tower where her bed chambers were still mostly in tact. Tearing her eyes away, she moved once more towards the tent of the priestess of Isonia. It was rather ironic that after years of being in a male dominated world where the god was decidedly masculine, her world was now dominated by a lone woman who worshipped a female goddess. The priestess noticed her natural ability to slip out and gather the herbs she needed for her healing, even under the very noses of the guards set there for their "protection". Even the priestess dared not disobey her lord. And her lord's law was that they should live in these camps until they were "reeducated" and that Naloora, the priestess, was to instruct them in worship of his goddess. She refused to comment on why she was sent, but Maven (the rank of "Lady" long ago stripped from her) knew there must be some bitterness there, or else why risk their wrath to help some poor refuge women survive the wasting sickness, which was the reason Naloora had called her in. Speaking in the drow the old woman had to her, Maven called out: Vendui, Ilhar. (greetings mother). Naloora, keeping to the drow speek, which few in the camps knew, Naloora called her young helper in. The sick woman lay on piles of fur and writhed in fever. Naloora reflected briefly on the young woman's ability to have learned the language so readily. The signs were there, for those who knew to look. A darkening passing over the eyes. The ears perhaps a bit more toward the back of the head. A paleness long blamed on weak contitution. The young woman thought of herself as pure northern elfkind. Naloora knew better. In her lineage lay drow, making her a perfect addition to their little group. She could lead. Naloora knew that from watching her with the men and women of camp when fire broke out. She was strong, her survival already bespoke that. She had a darkness in her heart that all of the others possessed. And she was a woman. And what lay ahead was woman's work. She bent her back to the fire and stirred the healing herbs in the black pot over it.

"Mother, I am ready to go out".

"Not this evening child. Tonight, stay with me.. with us.."

Maven looked around, but saw no one but the sick woman.

"Mother, I am no healer. I can get past the guards and bring the herbs, but I can not help with their preperation"

"I did not mean her. She will now live or die by the goddess' will. Others will come, I want you to listen to their stories, they will be here soon."

Maven was surprised, the re-education was usually done by the men. Unlesss... did the old priestess intend that she, maven, should become a priestess as well? She had news for her, she cared little for the machinations of the gods, be they male or female in nature.

Soon others came. She recognized them from around the camps. Some, like she, had suffered more for comming from noble backgrounds, others peasant women. Some twelve in all. After they were all seated, with warm broth in front of them, a poor meal, perhaps, but hot, and with a healthy pinch of cornmeal tossed in, filling at least.

After introductions were made, the women began telling their stories. They were all similar. Men slaughtered, the women defiled and degraded. Home and all wordly posessions destroyed, and then, the final indignity of the camps. And Maven was amazed for the first time that worshippers of all the gods were here. Even Isonians sent to re-educate them in the proper respect for faith. She was amazed at the stories. Some sent for no better reason than that they had somehow displeased the local lord. The one who even now lay camped in the fields that were just beneath Maven's old home. Rumor had it that he intended to make it his new stronghold, and had been working on it for many seasons.

After the stories were told, Maven's last, quiet settled over the group. Mother finally spoke.

"Our suffering at the hands of men has been great. We have a chance for revenge, nay, for justice. Every night, the lord and his men call for camp followers to take their pleasure. Maven can sneak you in. All you have to do is smear this poison on yourselves, anywhere a man's mouth is likely to touch, your lips, being careful not to get so much as a drop between them, your breats, your nether regions. Anywhere you think tis most like. By morn, their leaders, including their high priests will be dead. I will stand before you as a high priestess of Isonia and proclaim you all warlords in your own right. You will be able to create your own keeps, to be members in good standing of the faith, and to hire your armies".

The women began speaking excitedly, could this be done, would they succeed, could they get to the camps at all? Maven, who knew how much it cost to run a keep and house and supply an army spoke up "all of this is good and well Mother, and for my chance at revenge, I am willing, but how would we ever create and maintain kingdoms? Where would the monies come from? I fear you get their hopes up in folly."

Naloora smiled. She had indeed chosen wisely ..

"Lord Farthin's allies are very wealthy. Yesterday many caravans arrived at his camps with monies and supplies. There should be enough, carefully spent to start each of you out on your own homes. You will have to build your towns carefully, and spend miserly, but in a few seasons, with luck and hard work, you should be able to make it just fine."

Maven smiled, no mention of "and the goddess' blessing" Good. She would have none of that. The people need it. Indeed to be unaffiliated with a church was to be pariah. Even lower than those who were unallied to a Guild of kingdoms for defense.

It was decided. they would go. mother provided the elg'cahl, the poison. They neatened their clothes as best they could, and used fish bones to comb their hair. Finally, when they were ready, Maven sneaked them out.

She reflected on what she was doing. Her husband and his men had words for people like her. Officially they were scouts and assasins, but the common term used was "scum".

They made it into camp with ease. The lord's troops had grown fat and complacent with the building and no war. Their guard was slack at best. They sashayed about the camp, wiggiling hips towards the guards at the flap of the largest gate. A man in long priestly robes with a lecherous look, thumbed towards them, and the guards came to lead them away. This could be the flaw in their plan. Her husband insited the women he and his men took pleasure from be bathed before led into the tents. If this happened the poison would be washed off and they would fail. Her fears were for naught. All the men careed about was that the flesh was warm and pliant. By morning the deed was done, and the men were dead. As prearranged, before the camp woke for the day, and under cover of darkness Maven led Naloora in from her secluded camp spot.

When the camp woke that morning, the women were dressed in the robes and armour of their fallen foes. Naloora dressed in high priestess gowns. hers was the voice that stopped the pandemonium.

"Your lord and his men are dead. These are your new maters. Those of you who choose not to follow them will be allowed to leave for your homelands. You will take only what is necessary. Your weapons and armour belong to us now. Those who disobey will be excommunicated from the church of Isonia, and may the goddess' curse be on your heads. These are Her chosen vessels."

About a third of the army left, which still left a sizeable group. The women were amzed that so many chose to stay. Their first act as a Guild was to liberate the re-education camps. The people were fed, and clothed, and healed by priests. The dead were properly venerated.

At a feats to celebrate their victory, one of the guard captain's, who found his new station under these venerable women a vast improvement over his old life, was heard to say "I never thought any man could take down Lord Farthin'"

Maven smiled, and Naloora said.

"It wasn't "a man" it was many daughters fighting with weapons and magic"

And so was "Blynol Dalharil del Sarol Melaer" (BDSM) born. Roughly translated from Drow to Common means: many daughters who fight with weapons and magic.


Squad Leader: The Invaluable (<3)
Full Member: Sexy
Member: Hotness
Newbie: n00b


Our Second Age in Guilds. Our Third Age In Evernight


BDSM is about fun. We refuse to be pigeon holed by someone else's version of "fun". If fun for you includes refreshing the Guild Ranking page every 15 minutes, this is not the guild for you. Still reading? Good. You have joined the ranks of those who believe games were meant to be fun.

Rules of Guild

1. Ya ought ta show up sometimes to war chats and on the boards just to talk with us. If you don't want to play with us, after all, what did you join for?
2. You don't have to be a woman to join. You just have to accept that in BDSM women are superior, and a male will never obtain a Council rank. AGM is the best they will achieve.
3. You absolutely MUST not cheat by the definitions of "cheating" at Evernight.

A. Accounts: You may only register one account per person. If you have multiple players from one household, you may send a email to goff@evernight.com to request permission to create more then one account.

B. Account Bannings: We work under a "three strikes and you are out" policy. In most cases, you will receive 3 warnings for violation of our rules before your account is terminated. However there are certain cases and violations which may result in immediate termination of your account.

Do these things, multi account, get banned, your butt is booted. No second chances for these.

4. Follow the rules of TB. They are simple and easy to understand, and here they are:

Do not make an ass out of yourself.
Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in the IRC room unless specifically asked by staff.
Do not spam or post redundant messages.
Do not post realm numbers or names on the boards.
Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Application to Guild

When you are accepted, you will be sent a scribe. Please make sure to promptly (2 days max) reply with some background information, such as listed below;

1. Previous guild and rank in guild, if any.
2. Time zone you are in and where you are from, so we can know what time you are likely to be online.
3. Style you play: Scummer, warrior, or sorcerer.
4. Why you want to join our guild.

Ranks in Our Guild

1. Mother Superior - GM - In charge of remembering guild password for retrieval.
2. Council of Elders - Co-GM's - Same rights and responsibilities as the GM
3. Regent - AGM - in charge of day to day working of guild, acting as liasons between members and Council, and special positions for war time.
- Regent of Scum in charge scummers and of making sure our scouts are up to date
- Regent of Sorcery - in charge of sorc during wars.
- Regent of Diplomacy - in charge of smoothing things over when people are pissed. ;>
-Regent of War coordinate war attacks with the Council
-Regent of Training - Train new people. Beg borrow steal or create Build plan
4. Elder - Fully Trusted member, the squad leaders will be chosen from this rank.
5. Soldier - Rank and file, these are the soldiers of the Guild, without whom we could not exist.
6. Recruit- New members awaiting promotion.
On Promotion & Demotion You will be promoted to Soldier in a week after you have had a chance to get to know us, and we you. There are exceptions to this. If we already know you and you us. After one week, if we don't feel right for each other, we will still protect you while you find another guild.
Elders will be chosen by Regents
Regents will be chosen by Council
Council will be chosen by a vote of all Council members

GM Disappearance

In the event that the Mother Superior is missing by age reset, someone better copy the information down and resubmit, or beg an admin for the password.
In the Event the entire Council of Elders disappears, disband the guild.


GM: Leif
ICQ: 155455533
Email: Corey0510@hotmail.com