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Created: 2003-02-27 06:47:15
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Life is as a passage, a journey if you will. There are many roads and corners, junctions upon this passage that will lead you into the arms of Isonia, some winding across Red mountain passes fraught with danger, some amble through pleasant green pastures pleasing to the eye, refreshing the senses with the aroma of summer flora. Others go on endlessly across the expanse of open desert, barren, arid and forsaken, be sure of this, that each voyage is individual yet they may cross or run in unison from time to time.

Each journey has it's hazards and it's surprises, it has it's equal share of arguements and seldom moments of agreement. There may be a few times that laughter tears and many of sorrow, do not be mistaken my friend, what ever path you may choose to take or have already taken will be thwarted with all these and more.

The manner and haste in which you take it will determine the ease of this passage, you may wish to travel this alone, accompanied by close friends or even family. A kind heart dose cruel and harsh things when it travels accompanied with betrayal, yet the cruelest of intentions are at times the most honest. Bitterness is an unwanted companion, yet often found, love, true love is often short and often lost, many times.

But no matter the path you choose to follow or whom or what you choose to take it with, be sure of this, whether you travel through the summer planes of daylight stepping through the perfusion of sweet smelling flora or the desolate arid waste land of the desert, whether you travel in the bold light of day or solitude and secrecy of the night, if you falter on that course, you will be consumed by the Darkness.

Exert taken from ; `The Teachings of the Wise : Book II : Journeys. Convent of Isonia, Buren.

The path that Dustball was to follow would not be of her choosing. It would be forced upon her in a time of the most foulest Darkness, yet still not of her choosing. It would be more the expanse of the desert than the pleasant green pastures. But what ever path she was to travel, she had started it alone, but would finish it as many.

A hard frost had hit the small market town of Buren hard, unexpected for this time of year, sudden and accompanied by a freezing fog. A dim ray of light from a solitary flickering street lamp barely visible through the bitter gloom lit the dull gray cobbled and deserted streets. A carpet of tiny icy crystals glistened with reds, blues and greens as a shadow from something unseen partially flicked across it's path. At first there was silence what kind of sane folk would not venture out in such a harsh night?

Then it came... The tap, tap, tap of slow shuffling footsteps a person in the winter years of their life but still unseen, enveloped within the bellowing icy Vail that had descended upon the town this horrid night.

There came sobbing, a child no a newborn child, echoing down the stone walkways, across the twisted slate rooftops filling the streets with a haunting serenade. Another journey was beginning and another was soon to end, for no one saw the haggard hunched figure silhouetted by the street lamp, adorned in the rages of a Peasant hood pulled over their head warming their frail and disfigured noframesallowedfrom the bitterness. Not the bitterness of the night but the bitterness in their heart. And with it came, a darkness not like the darkness of the night creeping almost alive, devouring the shadows just out of reach, an unholy halo of hatred and pain.

The peasant turned surprisingly quickly, then let out a concerned gasp. For they were not alone in this night of bitterness. The peasant placed the small bundle on the cold stone step, the well worn stone step of the temple of Isonia then stepped away trying to draw this darkness away from the infant, for a second it faltered then continued towards the whimpering hooded figure. It then moved with unearthly speed across the pavement the walls, turning everything it touched to a dark tainted hue. No one saw it enter her body as she knelt praying for salvation, begging for forgiveness on the frost coated pathway or heard the curdling gasp for air or even the petrified look on her face as the writhing unholy darkness consumed her soul. Although her journey may have been straight it had been far from true, she had faltered, hesitated on that journey and the true Darkness that pursues all travelers had came for her soul, forsaking the pure soul of the innocent to feast upon the corrupt and mistaken till there was nothing but silence, a troubling silence.

That's where they had found her wrapped in swaddling rags, on the steps of Isonia's convent, left to the bitter chill of the night, left to her fate saved by the grace of Isonia saved by her shear innocents. Isonia was about to deal her hand, cast the dice and gamble, gamble on the future of her people.

As a child Dustball, as she became affectionately known, like many children saw the world threw rose tinted glasses. She looked to the skies and made out castles, dragons, even a gallant armor clad knight rescuing a fair maiden in distress. The last thing she ever saw was the clouds, plumes of bellowing vapor. She knew nothing of the horror that had consumed her guardian that night or of the true world that had created her.

These things she could not call to memory or would not. Within the safe confines of Isonia's convent life was simple but yet pleasant, unrushed. The sisters were kind and helpful they gave Dustball clothing and food, over the years they taught her the teachings of Isonia and the words of the wise prophets, she read the books time and time again, she became one with Isonia but most of all they gave her answers, but not the answer she craved.

It wasn't till she was a young lady, pretty, a true image of the goddess Isonia herself tall in spirit and of stature. That was when Mother Aureus called upon her for council in her chambers, thought of by some as an honor but by others of younger years as the final punishment, she was where the buck stopped, she had the final word always. A stern no nonsense figure that managed the convent and the children with a firm but just hand.

Then she was handed the letter, the letter that they found with her on that dark forsaken night. There came an answer, but not the one she'd craved for so long, her mother and father were of opposing faiths neither Isonia, her father had taken the path of the god Foret and perished at his side her mother had been abandoned by Darden forsaken.

These hallowed walls that had served as a refuge a home, no longer seemed the same. She now saw the clouds and the storm that had come with them. Isonia had guided her and cared for her when all others had forsaken her. She adored her Isonia, for if it was not for her then she would have truly perished at the hands of a unjust Foret or the twisted mind of some deranged Darden.

Later that year she left the safe haven of the convent searching for the true answer. She missed them all but the quest for the truth consumed her soul. Dustball prayed, begged her beloved Isonia to guide her hand to show her the true destiny, the one destiny and the true path to follow, Isonia heard the prayers and answered.

That's when Nick came into little Dustball's life, such a handsome young man, bright, so gallant and brave he brought the smile back to her face and the color to her cheeks on more than one occasion. With Nick there also came Khadgar, they replaced the family she never knew. With them around her she felt strong, she didn't feel alone anymore.

Isonia first came to Dustball in a dream, disguised as a flower set upon a meadow of green carpeting the land to the horizon. Next she came as a goat high on a mountain top. Then she came as a scorpion in a desolate barren desert baring a gift. The gift was of virtue and truth. Isonia spoke to her:

"Do not fear my child you have found what was never lost, yet you have found what you did not seek but longed for, You have found your true path to follow. Go forth in my name my child, take under your wing as I have taken you under mine. For I shall stand at your side through this journey, this you may know, I have never forsaken you. Do not fear the unrighteous, do not fear their actions for they be untrue and not of the words of Isonia but the lies of the false gods. "

The light faded to a small faint blue glow for this was no dream. Dustball felt stronger now. Now there was meaning, a path to follow. There was a destiny to craft and for the first time, it was now in her hands. She would lead Isonia's people to greatness once again for she had been chosen by her goddess. A corner had been turned and the road was true. She would guide Isonia's children, her children, across this desert to the promised land of the green pastures beyond.


GM: Ciclone Polveroso
AGM: Uragano Polveroso
Squad Leader: Tempesta Polverosa
Full Member: Vento Polveroso
Member: Aria Polverosa
Newbie: Alito Polveroso


CoLD has been around a coup;e of years and has now returned home to Isonia


Guild Applicants
If you're willing to be an active member of CoLD, all are welcome to join. We do ask that you contact the GM via AIM, ICQ, or e-mail after acceptance into the guild.
Note: If contacting by e-mail please include the following information:
a) Experience within the game.If none please state that(all are welcome whether experienced or not)
b) Your Kingdom Number, Name and leaders name.
c) Type of kingdom you prefer to play.
d) Your contact information, IE: E-Mail Address, AIM name or ICQ Number.

Note: All applications will receive a reply within 24 hours. Invited players please only send section(b)and (c).

Ranking Information
1) Ciclone Polveroso - GM (Guild Master)
The following are powers of the GM:
a) The final word in all Guild matters
b) Highest ranking official
The following are the responsibilities of the GM:
a) Contacting other guilds either about combined war or settling a discrepancy with a member(s) of our guild or their actions.
b) Issuing warnings in the case of either misconduct or discrepancies; a member of the Guild will not usually be discharged for their first offence. But if the occasion arises that the offence is a serious breach of either guild or game rules or ethics this will occur.
c) Arbitration between two or more members of the guild following an in guild discrepancy.
d) The designation, with the assistance of the AGM of War (See below (AGM)), of squad leaders and squads

2) Uragano Polveroso - AGMS (Assistants to the Guild Master)
The following are the names, types and powers of the AGMS:

Guerra - The War AGM:
a) right hand person to the GM
b) second in command
c) becomes the Interim GM if the GM is not able to perform duties
d) is the primary person to go to if the GM is not online
e) will work with the AGM of Scum to find war targets
f) handle any pressing issues when the GM is not online
g)oversees the war kingdoms in the guild
h) reports to the GM on a regular basis

Fede - The AGM of Sorcery
a) third in Command
b) in charge of all the sorcery kingdoms
c) will be the one to go to when neither the GM or War AGM are available
d) may also be called upon to negotiate peace
e) reports to the gm on a regular basis

Fuoco - The AGM of Scum
a) in charge of the scumming kingdoms
b) in charge of keeping track of changes in the ranks
c) in charge of returning scouts and making sure they are put in the database
d) reports to the gm and AGM of war on a regular basis

3) Tempesta Polverosa - Section Assistants/Squad leader
a) assist their AGM in whatever way asked
b) assist the GM when asked
c) are assigned to one AGM
d) are in place when there are more than 20 members
e) reports to their AGM
f) to keep track of their squad

4) Vento Polveroso - Trusted Member

a) let GM know of any problems

5) Aria Polverosa - Member
a) has no responsibilities other than that of taking care of their kingdoms
b)has viewing privileges

6) Alito Polveroso - New Member
a) has no guild privileges

Promotion and Demotion
Promotion (reasons why you would be promoted)
1) Proven loyalty to the guild
2) Always following orders
3) Participation in guild activities
4) All promotions done at the discretion of the GM

Demotion (reasons why you would be demoted)
1) Breaking of either the Game or Guild rules
2) Not performing the duties required for the rank given. No one's rank is guaranteed
Guild Rules
a) All Evernight Staff is to be respected even if you disagree with them, disagreeing is fine but be respectful
b). All leadership within the guild is to be respected, they are there because they were hand picked for their roles
c) This guild is here to work as a team. Our success relies on us being able to work together
d) There is no attacking a guilded kingdom without approval, if someone attacks you this is to be reported immediately to the highest ranked official online and it will be handled by that person
e) No making threats to attack guilded people for this is how unnecessary wars can start. If you are attacked it will be handled.
f) There is to be no inner guild conflicts, do not argue with your squad mates, or anyone in the guild for that matter
g) Communication is a must this game is a lot easier with good communication
h) when participating in threads and stuff please be respectful even to those of another faith, your comments not only reflect on you but on the guild

Tempers Ball Rules

- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Contact Information
e-mail - lacdustball@hotmail.com
ICQ - 149937795