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Created: 2005-02-15 16:59:39
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The city streets are crowded with merchants selling snake oils, wild mushrooms, ginger root and rare exotic items. Entertainers spit fire proclaiming to have the power of dragons and the philosophers speak of the end of the world. The soft sounds of music catches the ear, and the feet follow it down a long twisting alleyway. At the end, lit by the overhead sun, sits a small feline playing a flute, charming a rather large cobra. He looks up, sits his flute to the side and begins to speak.

Hello traveler, my name is Akuban. What might your name be?

You don't say? Well. Never mind that, after all, it's not what's in a name but what's in your heart and none have had a heart as large as the one known as Scummins.

What? You've never heard of her? You're not from these lands are you, my friend?

I didn't think so. Where to start, where to start?

As he begins his tale the sounds of music surrounds the ears, first a sitar, then the soft tribal beat of a drum, followed by the enchantment of a snake charmerís flute.

It is said she is a direct descendant of the Aaru, a place where felines are treated like Gods. Throughout the years, she had heard stories of fellow felines being persecuted within the lands Tonan. This made her angry and terribly sad as well. So, many moons ago, she rode from the desert on the back of a camel, facing the ever-changing dunes and unpredictable sandstorms. Her mission a brave one, because no missions are ever braver than the ones from the heart.

First it is said that she infiltrated the ranks of the Dogs of War. She even made rank of Beta during this time. Though, none knew that she was only there to free the feline known as Mr. Wallace. The Dogs had held him captive because of his knowledge of humans was far surpassing theirs. Scummins knew that he would be the first of many needed to help her in her quest. With his help, she started the FFA.

Ahh, you have heard of the Feline Freedom Alliance then. There are not many in these lands that haven't. So, my four legged friend, do you think you have what is needed to join the FFA?

Faith you ask? Well my friend, the FFA follows no faith.

Yes that is what I said no faith, their only purpose is to free persecuted felines from the lands of Tonan. The FFA only aligns itself to a god to free the felines from the other faiths.


GM: Patriarch
AGM: Pride
Squad Leader: Puurcenary
Full Member: Mouser
Member: Alley Cat
Newbie: Kitten


We have been spraying kingdoms for three ages now


Feline Freedom Alliance (FFA):

The Feline Freedom Alliance follows no faith. The Mission of the FFA is to free all unloved kitties from the lands of Tonan. The FFA where every kitty finds a loving home.


First Rank - Patriarch (GM): The overseer of all, No decision is made without the approval and consent of the Patriarch. The word of the Patriarch is final and is only over ruled with a unanimous vote of the Pride. The council of Pride will take charge of the gathering when the Patriarch is unavailable to do so.

Second Rank - Pride (AGM): They are broken down into three categories, each of which is in charge of their respective sub-ranks. They oversee the respective operations concerning all their charges and are personally responsible for their actions.

Special Ops: They are in charge of warmongering.

Black Magic: They are in charge of sorcering and magic's.

Stealth: They are in charge of all Scum actions.

Third Rank - Puurcenary: Trusted member of the Feline Freedom Alliance and confidant of the Pride. They will assist the Pride in whichever way the Pride sees fit.

Fourth Rank - Mouser: Proven member of the Feline Freedom Alliance, trusted by the Patriarch and the Pride.

Fifth Rank - Alley Cat: One who has shown promise and resolve.

Sixth Rank - Kitten: Entering rank with no access to the Feline Freedom Alliance and under constant watch by the Pride.

If for any reason the GM disappears or is unable to continue as GM the Co-Gm will step up and take their place. If there is no Co-Gm then the Agms will work as a team and decided together who will be the GM.


All promotions will be given at such time that youíve proven your devotion to your guild and faith. This means in the game and on the boards. Promotions will be determined by the GM with recommendations from the AGMs. Privileges will be given on merit of those that want to do the work that comes with them.


If for any reason you are found to break any of them you will be warned. If such behavior continues you will be demoted and warned again. After that you will no longer be apart of the guild.

1. Have fun. This is why the FFA was created, to have fun.

2. Be active. This is very important. Anyone found to be inactive for a period of time without notifying management shall be booted from the guild.

3. Communication. This is essential. ICQ is mandatory, you can download it at www.icq.com. Talking with your fellow guild mates is always encouraged and the GM are always available for your harassment pleasure.

4. Orders. Follow them. Do not hit another realm without them, do not scout without them. Bottom line, follow them of follow the road.

5. Cheating. Don't do it. If you do, will you be booted and you will be turned in to Evernight administration. Cheaters have no place in this game, if you cheat, go somewhere else.

6. Code of conduct. Do not bitch on the boards. This will not be tolerated

TB Rules:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself.

2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.

3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.

4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.

6. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

7. Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards.

Application Procedures:

Send an E-mail or ICQ to the GM. The information is at the bottom. Include the following.

1. Your ICQ number.

2. Your e-mail address.

3. Kingdom name and Leader name.

4. Posting name.

5. Provide a sample of role-play or any links of your current or previous role-play, if you're new to RP don't worry someone will help you out.

6. Any other guilds you were previously in and rank.

7. Why you wish to join The Feline Freedom Alliance.

GM Contact Information:

Scummins: ICQ#: 79139220

CO-GM Contact Information:

Mr. Wallace ICQ#: 338683816

Guild Email: