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Created: 2005-01-10 17:36:31
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It was a stormy night, multiple streaks of lightning crashed onto the dull weathered rocks that filled the valley. Thunder roared their fury, but at the eye of this unnatural storm, a lone tower stood unmoved, untouched by the anger of the gods. They were helpless, they could do nothing, the world is ending. The eyes of all were on the tower, on the lone cloaked figure who dwelled within. The wizard, who was born and was breathing his last within this dark tower, within the solace of his room.

Grasping weakly for his scythe, the man convulsed violently as yet another spasm gripped his body. Blinking his tears away, he sighed, as the pain in his heart gradually eased into a dull throbbing ache. Spitting the tangly metallic taste of blood from his mouth, the necromancer stood up straight, despite of his wounds. It's time.

His eyes, burning crimson with unnatural fervor, the pale necromancer stroked his silvery runic scythe gently and slowly began his long journey to the peak of the tower, to the altar where he will cast his final spell. If only..., the weeping wizard whispered as he made his way to his final destination.

The freezing winds howled, whipping through the narrow corridors seeking for the man who would bring about the end of everything. The storm grew stronger, desperated. The Gods seemed more raged as they were before. Raindrops hissed as they struck unrelentlessly against the cold fossilized bones of the tower. Rain of acids. They burnt, they killed all that they touched, man, animals, everything. Nature had gone crazy. Foret, Isonia and Darden were fightin. Wild laughters erupted from the slender frame, My life is mine and no others. The world must end. But if only... He shook his head sadly, his eyes filled with unspeakable sorrows, his long white hairs rippling gently despited the wild gales that sought take away his life. If only... The wizard lifted his foot and took yet another step.

With every step the man took, the earth shook. Great cracks appeared throughout the rocky landscape. The earth shook. The sea heaved, and raging torrents of oily fluid gushed through the great gaps of the wizard's valley. Pausing a moment to catch his fading breath, He's eyes roamed the valley which had been his home for the past decades, when it was still green and full of life. But now, like the rest of the world, it is dead, nothing grow upon it any more. The soils was poisoned, the air noxious and the rain acidic. The grasses that he once tenderly groomed, was gone, only clumps of vicious mutated plants remained. He sighed, his once peaceful grove had become a place devoid of harmony, only chaos remained. This is what war brings into the land.

The eyes of the peasants surrounded the tower. They are not even sure of what to expect. Death?, Life?

The Goddess Isonia turned her head from the battle for a minute. There, in her eyes, she could see how the mortals still cared about there lifes. Not only were holding themselves, but they watched as there homes are slowly tearing themselves up. Watching, for that is the only thing that they can do right now. She watched as the Wizard stood tall upon the tower, despite of his wounds. Trying to protect the peasants. But.. Why is he doing this. His life is only but his own. The mortals are selfish, they only care for themselves. But this isnt the case.

The Goddess Isonia turned her attention to the peasants, leaving Foret and Darden fight in the heavens above. She noticed as the power of the wizard diminish by each passing moment, emancipatin an aura that is gettin weaker by the passing moments. It would not protect the peasants for much longer. The Goddess cleared up the sky, lettin sunshine surpass the dense dark storm clouds that were tearing the city apart. Her hand is protectin the city.

Even as the storm no longer possed threat to the city, the surroundings still did. The aura of the wizard prevented heathens enter the city. The followers of Foret, Isonia, and Darden still fought hard in the sorroundings. The mortals battle came closer, and closer for each passin hour in the mortals time frame.

This is how Knights from across the lands, coming from each direction in the compass, came to the city, each, carryin the Isonian banner up high. Each coming with there armor, carrying there shiny, swords in there sides, each riding there armored horses with relatively speed into the city.

These are the Devlesa Avila. These are the servers of Isonia. Knights sent by the Goddess of Isonia to protect the innocent from the surrounding war-mongers of the followers of Foret and Darden. These are the knights of Isonia. This is where it all begins.


GM: Group Hugger
AGM: Groupies
Squad Leader: Knights
Full Member: Officers
Member: Centurions
Newbie: Trainees


First age of Devlesa Avila


GM-He is incharge of the guild. He has the final say in anything decision.

AGM- Agms of Devlesa Avilan

Knights-Trusted explicitly. GM and AGM's take in consideration thier opinions before an important desicion is made.

Officers-Often a squad leadermore responsibility

Centurion-New, reasonably experienced members, with proven reliability.

Trainies-New members learning the ways of Knighthood

Should the GM be removed/killed/must move on, the AGMS would vote on a new GM.

As a member of Devlesa Avilan you are asked to:

1)pay attention to current guild events
2)conduct yourself the way a member of Devlesa Avila is expected to
3)read the banner daily
4)obey all rules in Temperís Ball
5)show up for all guild wars possible and let someone know if you are not going to be able to attend

Every so often there is a rank evaluation time, when the GM carefully considers each member and what they have accomplished in the guild, and if the player meets all of the requirements(most importantly participation especially in guild wars) then they are promoted one rank. The higher you get in the ranks, the more difficult it is to get promoted. Devlesa Avila takes pride in its ranks. It usually takes several games before a player can rise to the upper level ranks, and making it into the highest ranks is the ultimate honor.

Do not ask to be promoted. That will assure you being put at the bottom of the list of promotable members. You will be promoted and recognized when the guild leaders think it is time.

Posting on Temperís Ball is not absolutely mandatory but is strongly recommended, especially in the Devlesa Avila threads in the guild forum, as it is important to keep the story of the guild fresh and develop all of the different personalities of Devlesa Avila. Please obey to rules of the board (its not hard, there are only 5 of them)

1.Do not make an ass of yourself.
2.Do not post accusations of cheating.
3.Do not post bug reports.(Use the email address for this)
4.Do not post kingdom numbers.
5.Do not post redundant messages (no spamming).

Ways to get booted or demoted

1)Making an ass out of yourself on a public forum(TB) (to be decided at the guilds discretion and among the high ranks.)
2)randomly attacking/sorcing/scummer other kingdoms.
3)cheating/OOC spying or any comparable dishonorable act.

If you wish to join Devlesa Avila, please send an email to Dante at turkey_luna@hotmail.com with the following information:

1)How long you have been playing Canon
2)A brief summary of your personal Canon history
3)Your character's or TB name
4)ICQ, AIM, MSN contact info.
6)If you know anyone currently in Devlesa Avila

This is very important Please note, if you do not email me or talk to me on icq, 289491456 you will get rejected automatically.

Contact info
icq: 289491456 (prefered)
aim: lunasonnedante
msn msg: turkey_luna@hotmail.com