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Created: 2005-01-10 11:54:30
Game: guild


Foret enjoyed his garden lands vast;
Where he sat quietly savoring memories past;
He didn't say a word and was in silent thought;
Of his many adventures and the wars he had fought.

Around him eight devoted gardners were busy keeping;
The garden healthy and birds all a peeping;
The men were quiet and worked with the loam;
Keeping perfect the garden that Foret called home.

Suddenly like thunder came the loud roar;
Of a monstrous hideous earth shaking boar;
It stomped upon the ground with tusks flashing;
And shook its head angrily with gnashing.

A beast sent by sister isonia and brother darden;
Whose stance towards Foret had indeed hardened;
They were jealous of Foret and wanted him dead;
So that their lust for power would finally be fed.

The boar charged at the god completely without heed;
For it was a crazed and fierce breed indeed;
Foret jumped and twirled and dodged away;
And it looked like his dexterity would carry the day;

But somehow, perhaps lucky, the boar was too quick;
And upon Foret's chest did a tusk stick;
Foret looked down and to his surprise found;
His own blood had fallen to the ground;

The gardners, peaceful men by trade;
Attacked the boar with shovel and spade;
They were RESOLUTE in their will to defend;
Their god from coming to an untimely end.

After fighting for hours it seemed like days;
The gardners drove off the boar in a wobbly daze;
Foret looked upon his eight gardening men.
And suddenly in his hand appeared paper and pen.

Thank you, wrote Foret, for rescuing me;
From here on you eight shall forever be;
Bound together as men I salute;
To be known for the ages as the guild RESOLUTE.


GM: get
AGM: ready
Squad Leader: for
Full Member: a great
Member: blood
Newbie: letting


est. February 2005



1.1 There will be up to EIGHT members, each with an equal vote on the following subjects: (1) removing the guildmaster; (2) electing a new guildmaster; (3) accepting new members; (4) going to war; and (5) material changes to the charter. Marjority vote shall be required to decide resolutions concerning the six subjects listed. The guildmaster shall have the authority (without consultation of the members) to (1)discharge members and (2)end wars.

1.2 There shall be one guildmaster who will remain guildmaster unless he resigns or is removed. The first guildmaster shall be horza.

1.3 There will be no other ranks. All members shall have full access to all guild information, the power to edit the banner, and a voice in all guild affairs. All members may speak for the guild.


2.1 Obey the rules of Temper's Ball and Evernight.
Do not make an ass out of yourself.
Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in the IRC room unless specifically asked by staff. Instead, send to bugs@evernight.net.
Do not post accusations of cheating.
Do not post realm numbers or names
Do not spam or post redundant messages.

2.2 In addition, comply with the following:
Respect the Voices and Admin.
Be mindful of others and respect the diversity of the threads and opinions within.

Post in such manner that you would not be embarassed if a child read your post.


3.1 Each member shall have the maximum privileges allowed by the rules of the game. Conversely, each member shall be responsible for their part in making the guild thrive.

3.2 We will employ unorthodox methods and all members shall be prepared to shape their kingdoms as instructed by the guildmaster.

3.3 RESOLUTE will be run in such a way to minimize time demands on its members. Its founders have very busy careers and families and will minimize intrusion into real life. Each member, however, must nonetheless pull their weight.


4.1 Send an email to edward_cheng_89@yahoo.com before applying for membership through the game screens. Please provide the name of your kingdom, leader name, an email address, your RL age, occupation, geographical location, and availability. Last, please describe your experience in evernight/monarchy.