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Created: 2004-11-19 12:30:22
Game: covenant
Faith: Leto


The Seventh Seal (Seven)



The mysts echoed across the wastes like a fog of war. Sliding across the land everything was covered in rock and death, ash hanging like a kiss over the still life of plants which sparked in stance along the deepest holes with the murkiest waters. A fresh wind blew like fire into the field and in its center stood tall a tower of dark stone like black marble casting an even shadow in its daylight. Wrapped in vine and cast at its highest point a star of crystal spiked the heavens. As if controlled by the crystal dark clouds swirled in its midst. An army tall and strong stood at its base, as if its soldiers were roots.

Abaddon stood upon a cliff, a sword in his hand, his eyes glazing across the horizon. A skull squared in silver emblazoned upon his breast plate, running along the dip between his muscles. Veins fierce with blood shot from his skin, ash marking there ridges, and scars running their lengths.

Upon the ground like pounding drums rose the sounds of hundreds of thousands of men. Those that stood around the tower stood in silence, there feet not moving. The sound continued to drift over the distances, each direction of its travel driving fear like the hammer drives the nail. Thousands of heads began to come over the rocky kills all around, softly curving over there faces and winding down the trails.

He raised his own sword and the men that had begun fanning over the hills of rock did the same, uttering up into the sky a cry of battle so long and thundering that some thought rocks were going to shake loose from their hold on the planet. The cliff he stood upon had a slanting rock slope that edged down towards the waiting soldiers upon the towers footing. He looked it up and down long and hard. The first of his soldiers broke upon the other side of the tower and he began to charge down the slope without thought or hesitation.


Abaddons sword crashed through the helm of a solider, his chest being splattered with blood, his hands already coated with the station of death. An arrow rang by his ear, and his sword came down again, this time cleaving through a shield, and then pushing through the ribs of a solider, his face screwing up wide with pain, shimmering with light before falling blank in silence. Pain reaped from his face and rushed into the wind in search of more construction.

Abaddon turned, his eyes scanning the base of the tower, his mind groping its darkness for an entrance. Found. He rushed for it, his sword crunching through more bones as he moved towards it. Steps marked its path, up he went, pushing back and killing those who stood in his path.

The clouds above the tower began to thicken, they grew darker as Abaddon made it deeper into the tower. Now past its stairs in its base.


Long was the path winding up as a staircase through the great tower to its highest heights. Abaddon took it fast, not alone however, a group of his strongest warriors had seen his wake through the crowd of fighting men, a wake of bodies littering the hard rock like weaves of meat upon the butcherís bench. Its top most room filled by two guards and one wizard. Abaddon broke through the door, ending in a spray of broken wood across the floor.

"No!" The wizard hissed out, "You can't!"

Abaddons sword sliced the air, one guard screaming out, his blood whirling along one splattered wall like thick wine. The other guard drawing his sword, its climax being its only cut through the air. A sword plunging through the center of his chest, blood slowly opening like a rose.

"Order must be restored..." Abaddon said, his only words to the wizard. His purple robe turned orange with red. He picked up the body, slinging it from the windows of the great tower. "We will cleanse Tonan." his lips let out, "Let the sins reap the land and seal the fate of man."

The ground below the great tower was littered with bodies in purple armor. Now the jagged rock was blanketed by orange, silken across the land like a savior of light. A new order had arrived.


Abaddon began to call to him the powers that were spread out across the land. A new banner was formed here on this day, during this battle, they would be called The Seventh Seal and Abaddon Mammon would lead it to its glorious victory, this place would forever be known as the Tower of Sin.


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


This is Sevenís first age, but not last, age.



Pride (The House of Lucifer)

Honor rides in our ranks like blood softens the veins of a warrior. Seven will never hit down the scrolls, and will work to further its faith. While we are at war we will not permit new acceptance into our ranks and we will have zero tolerance with members who break rules or go against orders. In the times that we are leading the scrolls and there is not a Guild who can stand against us we shall reset our realms and fall from grace to build back towards it. Refinement is a word we much care about.

We will have zero tolerance for our faith mates as well. If you do not hold honor as part of your system you will be forgotten and we will not work with you. A faith needs to work together to be strong. We are not willing to work with anyone who is unable or unwilling to be honorable.

Envy (The House of Leviathan)

We will not tolerate the discussion or abuse of other guilds or players. This is just a game, treat it as such. Try to have fun. Your kingdom can be rebuilt. If we are hit down upon we will not tolerate our members in threads complaining or emailing or messaging the GM(s) of the offender guild. We realize your anger, it only foreshadows our own. Try and keep calm.

Gluttony (The House of Beelzebub)

Maxim is a Role Play game, you must post no less than twice a week. If you do post less then twice a week you will be given a warning (on your first offence, on your second you will be removed from the ranks of the Seventh Seal). We do not tolerate the lack of RP in Maxim that has occurred over the ages. Just because other Guilds let you get away with breaking the rules does not mean we will.

Lust (The House of Asmodeus)

The guild works together as a hole. As such you must have a certain level of care for your fellow guild mate. We will not tolerate any hate between members, as well as members not working together. For a guild to be strong all must be there and be ready to give their best shot. Inactive players will be booted and numbers will be given to Heathen GM's right away.

Anger (The House of Satan)

Do not attack unless being instructed too, not unless you are still in the process of being attacked and can tell the guild has been declared upon by invading forces. We do not attack in senseless ways, we make sure to only go after those targets who seem worthy of our wrath. We are a guild of elite players, we do not deal out crap and we certainly do not take it. In being who we are, if any massive strikes occur in game that are not fair we will move to step in against the invading force. Our anger is both heavy and fierce.

Greed (The House of Mammon)

Communication is a must, throughout the guild you will be required to communicate with all the members no matter your rank, positioning or status. You may be required to move into a position to help a member, or take over a members assigned duties. The guild works as a whole. You will be assigned duties even if you are at the rank of Sloth.

Sloth (The House of Belphegor)

We do not appreciate members who do not listen to our orders. We will not tolerate this at any expense. We are here to help you stay in shape, and to help you become a better player. Given the chance we will mold you into a seasoned and even vet player, but you must listen to us. We do not tolerate a realm being land fat, or not having any military at all. We require you to be ready for war at all times.

You must also follow the rules of Templers Ball, they are as follows:
- Do not make an ass out of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in the IRC room unless specifically asked by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post realm numbers or names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

TEMPERS BALL RULES II Do not try to impersonate Admin or Voices Images are NOT allowed in signature lines OOC Threads may contain a maximum of 80 posts Roleplay Threads may contain 60 posts Max of 3 images may appear in the same thread No posting Kingdom names without permission.


(one) Envy - Gm of the Seven, if the GM disapears the remaining AGMs or Abaddon's Demon Woman shall take command.

(two) Gluttony - An Agm, those charged with the various duties assigned by the GM - There is six in total, plus the gm, one for each of the Seven Sins. Each is in power of a certain aspect of the guild, charged with the filling of many duties, as well as the duty of keeping the GM to speed with the members.

(three) Lust - This member must be sure to help out both the Agms (Gluttony) and the Squad captains. Helping to bridge the gap in communications between those two groups as well as helping to sort out orders that must be assigned down the ranks.

(four) Anger - A full member, also a squad captain, and a full database member. This rank is responsible for looking after closely the three members of his or her squad, keeping in communication with them at all times, and making sure to give them helpful tips as they see fit. It is important for this member to fill his or her duties and make sure to complete all goals set out by those above them.

(five) Greed - Full member of the Seven, view privileges as well as full guild view. This member will be required to try and recruit other members, as well as make sure to help their squad captains and complete assigned duties.

(Six) Sloth - A member will have no priv's, but will be required to check in with his or her squad captain and make sure to complete his or her assigned duties regularly.


You must apply through the application form on this site: Application - You must fill out the application in whole before applying to the Seven.