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Created: 2004-10-26 06:06:21
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From the tomes of Drow Lore, written in blood of innocents, scribed on the skin of serpents. First penned by Dralanthar, first Forteller of the Darkness.

And so it was that they began to create him from the Elements. The council was all too unaware, sheltered in their naivete from the darkness that they would birth in Darden's black bowl; they had no way to know that despair breeds, and that suffering - like chaos - is the catalyst of creation. If only they had known what they would do, what they would meld in dark shadows.

When Darden the Fiendish One was born, he carried with him a bowl; a container of shadows and hidden things. The bowl was hidden from mortal view and many a legend was concocted of its contents, but the truth was far too terrible for those innocents to concieve. The dark truth is known only in these scrolls; the bowl was full of despair, and more, it was full of hatred, anger, suffering, pain, misery and destruction, it was full of all he black things of this world's soul. The world about him was one of vibrant life and ingenious discovery. Each day a child learning, a baby crawling, a man finding new and better ways, deceived by blinding false light, thinking that this was 'his' world - if only he knew the truth, man was merely an imposter, a pretender to the claim of supreme race of this world.

The despair came from the eternal darkness, black as night and thick as blood - perhaps the oldest force of the universe - so quick to claim a newborn or an innocent. No rhyme, no reason, nothing beyond the pure agonizing perfection of brutal chaos. His bowl was fabled to become larger, fuller, and darker as time plodded forth. In truth, his despair began to overflow the bowl, until Darden gathered his courage to drink from it. But before he could gather it to his lips, and even as it ran down the lines of his face and beard, the drops spilled and scattered widely, falling on the heads and quickly finding the hearts of his followers. The results would quickly show amongst his people. They had known him once as Darden the caring, a lie he chose to perpetuate in his own cruel deception, but after he drank from the bowl the truth was seen far more often then not, Darden was the Daemon of Tismad, the Sire of Despair, the Shining Darkness of agony and pleasure. His children, his progeny, evolved from those days forward.

The light became their bane, until after time they grew strong enough to tolerate its touch, to some degree at least. But though the light of day they had sacrificed, they had gained beyond mortal imagination; in the darkness they learned, they grew and they plotted dark destruction. The touch of the scattered drops was addictive, but because no more was to be found, it left those that had tasted it thirsting, forever thirsting for something that they could never quite gain, something that could only ever be partially slaked, slaked by blood, the blood of innocents. In the dark shadows, those that stayed learned of wanton cruelty, of dark passion and agonised pleasure. As the shadows that surrounded their lives finished corrupting their souls, they learned the links between lust and suffering, and they discovered the joy of destruction.

For time unrecorded, the children of Darden were contained, their hidden lairs unseen by the mortals that roamed the surface, their chaos and pleasure intertwined, until Darden's agents amongst them chose to intervene. It was a period of glorious, beautiful chaos and suffering, and soon one sat above them all, a leader of his people, enthroned upon the skulls of those that had opposed him. The council of those that remained was formed and so they ruled.

In the peace that came before the Simple Sin, the council plotted, the Oracles and Diviners coursing the shadows of despair, preparing for when their time would come. When a follower of Foret was manipulated into murdering a follower of Darden over a woman, the glorious chaos spread through the realms as the gods fed the fuel for their own needs; Darden's progeny gathered there power in preparation. When the Last Sin came, the true breaking of the gods' unity, Darden's bowl overflowed with despair, faster then even he could drink. As the gods battled over the skies of Tismad, their energy pouring forth caused storms, floods, hurricanes and rock slides for weeks, for months; time was lost to those above the surface, but below, the Drow and the Shadows prospered. It seemed but a blink of an eye to the gods and to those of us who sheltered in the cool darkness below, but to the surface dwellers, it was devastating, it was beautiful, and it was perfect.

In the nights that followed, in the shadows of the normally luminescent moon now made dim by the gods' rage, we brought forth devestation and we gathered power as a surface child gathers candy in a store left unattended. We are the Isha al-Shaitan, the moonlight prayer to the Daemon, the dark chilren of the Devil, and we alone shall remain when Darden's glory rules unchallenged.


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An ancient evil resurrected, or something.


Rules of Tempers Ball!!

No Vulgarity or Profanity. If you cannot make your point without using profane and vulgar statements, then do not post it. Simple as that. Certain words are already pre-filtered out, however some are not. If you are caught using profane and vulgar words on the board system you will be warned. More extreme cases will lead to the termination of your account with Evernight Games.

Do not make a fool out of yourself. This rule is fairly self-explanatory. Anything that may deem 'making a fool out of yourself' falls here. If its not in good taste, don't post it. Simple enough.

Do not post accusations of cheating. - We have cheat detection programs in game. We will catch them, posting accusations of cheating, regardless of how vague or detailed is not allowed at all on any board system.

Do not post bug reports. - Again, this rule is fairly self-explanatory. Our board systems are not meant to be bug report central. We have email addresses, we have in game methods of bug detection. If you come across a bug in any one of our games, simply email (bugs@evernight.com) and let us handle it.

Do not post realm numbers, realm names or account names for ANY of our games. - This is considered a courtesy rule. People play this game to have fun, having your account information posted all over the board systems because someone is upset with you is neither fun, nor allowed. Don't do it.

Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming) - Again, this rule is fairly-self explanatory. Posting redundant messages, or messages with the same content repeatedly is not allowed on this board system. Repeatedly violating this rule will result in the termination of your account.

If you dont understand what these mean, dont bother applying, if you arent sure you can follow these rules, dont bother applying. If you carry the name Isha al-Shaitan, you WILL honor it, or you will carry it no longer.

Within Isha al-Shaitan, there exist only two rankings :-

The Enthroned - He who sits on the crown of skulls, the chosen of the Daemon, his grip is iron, his decision final, his approval required, there is no higher power in the land then Darden or his Avatars, and the Sage's, Seers & Voices that govern the land.

Councilor - Those that rule the realms within the dominion of Isha al-Shaitan are entitled by right of the strength that allows them to rule, to a seat on the Council, should they wish to be promoted, they must be the strongest of the Councilors alive, when The Enthroned's existence ceases.

Should The Enthroned Vanish -

Should the Enthroned of Isha al-Shaitan vanish mysteriously, All the diviners and sage's of the lands will devote there energies for two weeks hence to locating him, should they be unable to locate him, or able to positively confirm that he has ceased utterly to exist, All of the Council will vote to elect the strongest of there number to become the next Enthroned.

OOC Guild Policy

Interfaith Negotiations will be handled by the Enthroned, untill verified by the Enthroned, everything is pending approval, NOTHING is final without the Enthroned's sayso unless otherwise posted in Tempers Ball or unless this policy statement is altered.

Flaming, If your feelings are hurt, your sensibilities offended, your reputation defamed by any member of Isha al-Shaitan, please send me the link, I could use the laugh. We aren't nice people, if you cant take the heat, get outta the kitchen.

Cheating, or any breach of the Terms and Service or other rules of Evernight Games will NOT be tolerated, Isha al-Shaitan will remove any member confirmed by Evernight staff to be in breach of any of these rules. Don't even try it.

Guild Members, All guild members will act with Class and Style, in accordance to the rules, Class and Style may be put aside in the name of a good laugh, but always stick to the rules.

Contact Info

As well as the contact info at the bottom on the charter, the GM and members can be contacted via Private Message or in the guild thread on Temper's Ball.