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Created: 2004-10-25 22:15:25
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


Tales of the creation of mankind are bountiful. Many tell of Gods who shaped man and woman alike from his own hands, formed them from a single speck of dust, a lump of clay. Celestial beings who saw fit to replicate these people of their own image. But there are some stories seldom told, forgotten in the sands of time, forsaken if you will because of the bloody path that was chosen for them. What you are about to witness is a rebirth, a resurrection of such a tale. One who’s past has been washed away for fear of repeating itself. One who’s future is about to be written. Such is the fate of the Sekhet-Aaru.

A desolate place far from any land known to man yet suffocating with the heat of knowledge and the yearning for growth. A single entity walks forth from an oasis, one of few in such an area yet one so crucial to his very existence. He is Akhemu, not a name, but a state of being, a devout follower of the Sekhet-Hetep seeker of the Sekhet-Aaru. Beyond the Tuat in a place where one may rest free of all burdens for all of eternity. He has stood here for many ages, guarding the final resting place of the Sekhet-Hetep until the Gods call her name once more.

These lands were once lush with fertile soil and flowing rivers teeming with life. The sky was once ablaze from the sun’s envy of the monoliths and pyramids built in its honor. Every inch of the land covered with thriving cities where slaves and bureaucrats alike flourished side by side. There were treasures to be had, knowledge to be shared and stories of grandeur, great victories and amazing feats of architecture. It had gone on like this for millennia, one pharaoh succeeding another and one regime replacing the next. Lands across the globe had fallen under the might of this civilization. All who had been and all who would be were always fed, protected and content. It was a utopian society, it was Sekhet-Aaru.

A door closed, a candle flickered, like a star who had seen its last days, it all was extinguished within days. Everything was gone. The Gods had dealt their followers an adverse twist of fate. Things that were once magnificent were now repulsive. The once glorious structures crumbled over night. The sun refused to rise and the moon shone less and less. All that had been worshipped and revered was now gone or swiftly diminishing. The priests prayed continually, hoping for a sign as to what they had done to deserve such a fate. This sign came in the form of a name. Neferthys, she was to be the one to save their faith, guide them back to the place they had worked so hard to create.

“Can you hear that my beloved. It is beginning.”

For centuries he had remained here waiting for her to awaken so his land would be whole once again. All that was left was an insignificant temple in the middle of a forsaken land that was once a majestic empire. His waiting was coming to an end. His beloved empire had begun to rise from the ashes and be born anew. He could hear the whispers of the God Isonia on the desert winds and he knew the call would come soon.

“It shall not be long now My Queen. When you rise they will sing your name in praise. Neferthys, they will sing, Neferthys.”

The dry wind howling across the desert plains stung my already blistered skin. Although the oasis provided a little shelter, it was not enough to stop the constant sand drifts from intruding upon my tent and keeping me from a decent nights sleep. It had been too long of a time since I had first set my eyes upon this lonely and desolate place but that would soon end and with that end would come a new beginning. You see, my story is one that belongs to the ages. A story that has been passed from generation to generation, from grandfather to grandson, from my father to me. For he once stood in this same place, as did his father and his father before him, all existing for the same purpose, the protection of the Chosen One.

She would begin her decent to her rightful place soon, that was what the sorcerers kept saying and when she did, the sands would come alive. Already, on the banks of the distant river, men and women were starting to build and farm. With the Chosen Ones guidance, we would become powerful once again, we would command respect and if it was not given, we would demand it.

I paced anxiously in front of the entrance to her burial chamber on a nightly basis, hoping for some kind of sign that her time had arrived. Sometimes I wouldn't sleep for days because I had heard a stone shift or a rat scurry across the floor. This was my duty, to remain here, to wait with baited breath for my Queen to be reborn.

Wait is exactly what I have done. Waited for her for most of my fifty three years and I would wait for another fifty if the Gods would allow, but I knew that my patience would not be tested for this morning upon my own awakening, I heard the most glorious sound my ears have ever heard. It was like the sound of a gently flowing stream or the song of the most beautiful bird one cou ld imagine and it spoke to me.

I am the Sekhet-Hetep, I am Sekhet-Aaru.


GM: Pharoah
AGM: Akhemu
Squad Leader: Vizier
Full Member: Sesh
Member: Onuri
Newbie: Hemu


This is the fifth age of the Sekhet Aaru


Sekhet-Aaru (SA):

Throughout the years the Sekhet Aaru has been formed around the beliefs of a Caste society. People are born into a class and they can never gain rank or move into a higher social state of being. Be blessed for what you have and are born into, for death awaits those whom speak against the Sekhet Aaru.


First Rank - Pharaoh (GM) : The overseer of all, No decision is made without the approval and consent of the Pharaoh. The word of the Pharaoh is final and is only over ruled with a unanimous vote of the Akhemu. The council of Akhemu will take charge of the gathering when the Pharaoh is unavailable to do so.

Second Rank - Akhemu (AGM) : They are broken down into three categories, each of which is in charge of their respective sub-ranks. They oversee the respective operations concerning all their charges and are personally responsible for their actions.

  • Akhemu-Betesh : They are in charge of warmongering.
  • Akhemu-Seku : They are in charge of sorcering and majicks.
  • Akhemu-Sesh-Emau : They are in charge of all Scum actions.

    Third Rank - Vizier: Trusted member of the gathering and confidant of the Akhemu. They will assist the Akhemu in whichever way the Akhemu see fit. They will have access to knowledge of the Pharaoh and the Akhemu and be in charge of the Hemu.

    Fourth Rank - Sesh : Proven member of the gathering, trusted by the Akhemu and the Viziers. They will have restricted access to the Pharoah and be overseen by the Viziers and the Akhemu.

    Fifth Rank - Onuri : One who has shown promise and resolve. No access to the Pharoah or Akhemu but access to some knowledge and teachings of the Sekhet-Aaru.

    Sixth Rank - Hemu : Entering rank with no access to the gathering and under constant watch by the Viziers. They will follow the orders of the Vizier.

    If for any reason the GM disappears or is unable to continue as GM the Co-Gm will step up and take their place. If there is no Co-Gm then the Agms will work as a team and decided together who will be the GM.


    All promotions will be given at such time that you’ve proven your devotion to your guild and faith. This means in the game and on the boards. Promotions will be determined by the GM with recommendations from the AGMs. Privileges will be given on merit of those that want to do the work that comes with them.


    If for any reason you are found to break any of them you will be warned. If such behavior continues you will be demoted and warned again. After that you will no longer be apart of the guild.

    TB Rules:

  • 1. Do not make an ass of yourself

  • 2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.

  • 3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.

  • 4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

  • 5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.

  • 6. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

  • 7. Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards.

    Guild Rules:

  • 1. While game rules only require postings only twice a week the Sekhet Aaru requires four postings a week. This is a RP based guild, if that bothers you, don't join.

  • 2. You will be required to post the names of your alts and that you've RPed the said number of times in the guilds privet forum.

  • 3. Alts used to RP in the main threads will be required to have their guild rank or lower listed in the signature line. RP follows the society ranks of the guild, if you are a Hemu you cannot talk to or associate with the Pharaoh. You are encouraged to have alts at your ranking and below.

  • 4. Alt names should follow suit to the guilds story line, names like "Bob the plumber or Harry the Horrible) will not be allowed in the main threads.

  • 5. If for any reason you will be unable to post let the GM or an AGM know. That is the only exception for not posting at all.

  • 6. Communication is a key part in a successful guild. ICQ is required. You can download it at www.icq.com.

  • 7. Alts cannot go up in rank, due to the society the Sekhet is based around. New Alts must be created for the new level of rank and the old alts must be maintained and continue to be posted with. Remember this is an RP based guild.

  • 8. And the biggest rule of them all, EVERYONE MUST BE NICE TO WHIT!

    Application Procedures:

    If you do not apply using the following instructions, your application will be immediately denied.

    Send an E-mail or ICQ to the GM. The information is at the bottom. Include the following.

  • 1. Your ICQ number.

  • 2. Your e-mail address.

  • 3. Kingdom name and Leader name.

  • 4. Posting name.

  • 5. Provide a sample of role-play or any links of your current or previous role-play, if you're new to RP don't worry someone will help you out.

  • 6. Any other guilds you were previously in and rank.

  • 7. Why you wish to join The Sekhet Aaru.

    GM Contact Information:

    Kenemet: ICQ#: 338683816

    CO-GM Contact Information:

    Amuneti: ICQ#: 1813390

    Guild Email: