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Created: 2004-10-18 19:05:20
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique



Tyranny has come to the land.
Our people slaved for rising up against the evils of the land. Our women raped by savages, children enslaved by the evils of the land. The city of Tonan is forsaken.
Hope has faded from our dreams. I reach out to cry for mercy and only receive silence. Their is no truth in the lands anymore. Night grows darker everyday, as if light has been lost.

Hatred has filled my soul, as if I now forsake all others. Too long have the evils haunted me and my dreams. To live with no light or hope is a lost dream. I will simply become lost within myself. What I do will have no bearing on me. Hatred is my life now. I shall take from all who has taken from me. This tyranny must come to an end; the power of hate is a mighty allie. If I hate all then how can I live, am I the problem? Have I been too nice to the evil that come into my home? It just cannot be. If the night grows darker each day, then I shall become the shadow you see.

I leave my home for the shield of the night. I shall not be seen until the end. I will manipulate the overseers and convince them of what is coming. Would it not be easier for my enemies to slay each other? Could I use deceit to destroy them? I will use night as my allie to thief from them. I will do to them as they have to me. I shall savage their people and leave traces of only their trusted brothers and sisters. I will cause mutiny in their lands. Turn them against even themselves. Night shall become day once again. I will lead a Dynasty for you today.

Darkness is not a dream,
It's something we all see,
Night and Day is the balance of all we see,
I shall bring the darkness today.

If hope is a dream,
Why do we seek,
Is it something pure,
Something we can see?

I shall invade your dreams,
make day something you seek,
I am the way,
I will bring darkness today.

You shall see me soon,
For I am your hope,
I am your dreams,
I can take the darkness away.



GM: Snow Miser
AGM: Santa
Squad Leader: Elf
Full Member: Trusted Elf Apprentice
Member: Buddy Elf
Newbie: Naughty List


The Epic was created in the times of Monarchy and died there. It's rebirth is in Maxim.


The night has ended and the day had just begun. You stand before Will, Leader of the clan of Epic.
I will announce the scrolls of The Epic Dynasty today.


Darkness-IS the end of the authority line of the guild, He/She makes the rules.
Apprentice- The sole of the guild their task is to make sure everyone follows the rules.
Cleric-The third line of the guild, controls the squads and passes the information down to the guild.
Scout-A full member, shows up for wars, meetings, and a faithful poster.
Tempter-A new player to the guild.

For promotion to happen you have to be faithful, post three times a week, show up for wars, and take all orders out.

If the GM ever has to step down or leave on a vacation someone will be announced CO-GM.

The Epic does not support people who can not offer at least 15 minutes a day to build a fair kingdom/army.

Show respect for all authority figures at all times, this includes in game and posting.
To be a member you must follow all rules and regulations of the Dynasty and Canon.
A strong RP must be made at least twice a week.
Before you join your posting name must be known and a way of contact (ICQ, AIM, EMAIL)

RP Rules:
Post three times a week.
Follow all Cannon posting rules and regulations.
Show full and ALL respect to moderators and administrative figures.

Temper’s Ball Basic Rules:
- Do not make an ass out of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in the IRC room unless specifically asked by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post realm numbers or names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

The Epic Dynasty is “testing” itself this age, More info will be added as more is reveled about Canon.
To apply to this guild you MUST give a way of contact and post three times as a minimum.

Guild Contacts:
Will (GM) ICQ: 44816135 E-MAIL: WillSprouse@comcast.net
Darkness (Co-GM) E-MAIL: KimSprouse@comcast.net