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Created: 2004-10-15 03:33:02
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique



The darkness everlasting, no end to the torture in sight, not even the releasing arms of death would open for them.

For year upon year they were confined within the foul dungeon that the prophet Isonia had created for them. Eternally to be tormented within the granite walls of the mountain, cursed to eternal life.

They had been in the bowels of the mountain for what seemed an eternity, with only the memories of times gone by to maintain their sanity…..

…..The battle was going well for the forces of Foret, the Isonia army drawing back their forces. The mighty Foret army pushing forward to halt any advances they might make.

Isonia herself, had a somewhat different outcome planned for the battle…..

…..Isonia had intervened in the battle, and the Foret army defeated, was now sentenced to be entombed within the mountain range of their homelands. Isonia wanting the Valiant soldiers to suffer for their defiance, ordered her most powerful Magi to curse the remaining soldiers. There was no escape from the dungeon that Isonia had created, not even death itself could release them, forever stuck between the living and the dead.

Tormented for ages by the minions of Isonia, the chosen of Foret did not lose hope. One day Foret would release them.

Ages passed and Isonia had all but forgotten her prisoners, the torment ceased. All that was around them was darkness…..

"Wake up, my faithful. Arise, for now it is you day of reckoning." Foret spoke in a soft tone.

"Though I cannot reverse what has been done, you shall be released from this hell you have been placed in."

The blue light surrounded the prophet like a cloak, he pointed at a crack in the granite wall. With a wave he caused the rock to crumble.

The pale moonlight was the first glimpse of their freedom, they crawled out from the belly of the mountain into the night air.
No more foul stench, the smell of the meadows below was the scent in the air.

"I offer you your freedom now, but be forewarned the curse on you has sentenced you to an eternity as the living dead, the rising sun which was once you friend now shall weaken you." Foret explained.

"You have fought for me in the past. Will you fight by my side once again?"

One of them stepped forward, and gave him his answer.
"Yes, we are your humble servants, ask of us what you will."

"Then go forth and reclaim what was once rightfully yours my brothers."
Foret said with his arms open wide.

Fading into the night air he was gone.

With the blessing of Foret the Brotherhood Of Outcast Devine was formed.


GM: Death Knight
AGM: Revenant
Squad Leader: Lich
Full Member: Heucuva
Member: Spectral
Newbie: Minion


This guild was formed numerous years ago, to finally be ressurected. (no pun intended)


Guild Rules:

1) This rule cannot be said enough-Do not make an fool of yourself in Tempers Ball, follow all rules that are required to post in Temper's Ball
We encourage posting (RPing is good for the guild), but you must obey each and every rule in Temper's Ball when you post.
No bashing, no complaining.
If you don't have something nice or polite to say about something or someone, say nothing at all.
Those of you, who really like RPing, feel free to post as often as possible, but still be kind to others in your posts.

The rules of Temper's Ball are:

No Vulgarity or Profanity.
Do not make an ass out of yourself.
Do not post accusations of cheating.
Do not post bug reports.
Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names.
Do not post redundant messages. (No spamming)

2) Respect all those ranking higher than you in the guild.
If you don't agree with what they say, take it up with The Death Knight or a Revenant.
There should be no problems such as this, but things do happen...

3) No member shall go rogue at any time.
We will keep a hit list available as much as possible to try to keep everyone happy (at least as much as possible).

4) Report any attacks/scums on your kingdom immediately to The Death Knight or a Revenant. This will help us get a scout report quickly on the kingdom and help us in deciding what to do about it.
Reporting means saving your main page stats. Copy your main page stats into a MS word, notepad, WordPad, or a word perfect file and send them to The Death Knight or a Revenant.

5) Communication is a must. ICQ or AIM are good chat tools to have.

6) You must participate in guild activities.
If an attack is scheduled, do your best to be there ready at the time scheduled. If you will be unable to attend, tell someone before hand so we can possibly reset squads and allies for the attack.

7) This is a game everyone, the trick is to have fun and not get mad every time something bad happens.

8) We are a tight knit unit we fight and play as one. This means that we will need everyone to participate in our RP threads and in our attacks and scouting.

9) We require you to be active within the guild.
By that we mean that members should read the guild banner and check on their kingdoms often.
Prolonged inactivity will be grounds for banishment from the guild.


The Death Knight (GM) - The leader of the Brood. His wisdom keeps order through the guild and he has final say-so in all matters.

Revenant (AGM) - Assistant leaders of the guild. They supervise specific areas of guild activities under the authority of The Death Knight. They act in place of the Death Knight if he is unable to perform his duties.
As needed, the Death Knight will name a Revenant to the office of Chancellor, who will act as his direct assistant (i.e. Co-GM).

Lich - Advisors and Assistants to the Revenant.
They act in the absence of the Revenant, and give orders just as Revenant do.

Heucuva - The most highly trained members of the Brood they are leaders in training. They are the teachers and squad leaders and have the task of picking targets for their squads in times of war.

Spectral - Veteran players of the guild still in training to become Heucuva.
They help teach the apprentices the values of the guild and Foret.

Minions - Newcomers to the guild and/or Canon.
With proper training, they can and should become Heucuva.

If The Death Knight is unable to fulfill his or her duties then he/she will select his/her successor with the guidance of the Revenant and Liches.
If The Death Knight should be lost to the guild before selecting a successor, all members ranked Spectral or higher will elect a new Death Knight.

Heathen Communications (if your heathen and need to talk to a GM):
ICQ- 100483348
AIM- Bigboarder3412
Email- CAJ1985@gmail.com