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Empires...Cities...Faiths...They come and they go over time. And time as we all know, is the one unstoppable force in any land or universe. Even in the lands of Canon, time was an force that all bowed down to, even the Gods.

She had seen many such transitions over his days, but Vhyrnakus paid little attention to time as it was anymore. She had first become known long ago to a single woman, who later raised an army of followers, and placing a Crown upon that woman's brow, Vhyrnakus has placed great power into the woman. And then, it had all crumbled.

The Crown was lost, and the Demon Goddess known as Vhyrnakus was banished to a realm as far as one could get from Canon's own realm. But she was patient, and she knew, over time, she would return.

The fall of the Empire had come as a surprise to many, a shock to some, and a welcoming point in others. The Crown has been stolen by thieves it was said, but all knew the Crown was to be untouchable except for the royal line. So who could have stolen it, with the latest Empress being the only surviving member of her line, being at the age of only nineteen and unwed as of yet. Yet, the Crown was gone, and without it, the Empire was crumbling around itself, without the power of the Crown the Empress could hardly keep control of the people craving the throne.

There were three who claimed the Empire would be theirs. A man of the southern regions, who owed much land and had swayed many to his cause. An elf who was said to be magical and held direct rights to the crown, even thought none knew who and where he had come from. And a woman, the general of the late King's armies, claimed the crown as her own, based on the military might she had behind her and the army was indeed hers.

All must choose to which they would pledge fealty to either the Empress, or find the Crown to have it all.

He sat among the dusty tomes and journals scattered about the floor, reading all the secrets within them. All of his long life, he had known of the tales concerning the Crown. After all, his own nephew had once been a follower of the cause that had created the crown, and the secrets of the crown was said to be among the most potent magic one could one in the palm of your hand.

He knew where the Crown was, for it was by chance he had stumbled across it's resting place while mourning the loss of his family. He had went to the place he had last seen his nephew, only to find the Crown sitting there and knowing what it was, he had left it undisturbed. After all, there was few that could find the Des'Rucca Temple, let alone enter it's grounds.

And so, with a plan in mind, the Elf stood from his studies and went to talk to the young Empress.

Far away in the city of Lomewyn:

Empress Caderassa, fifty-fourth of her line, sat upon her throne with obvious hatred of the group before her. The general of the armies, and the landholder of the south both stood before her claiming she must now stand down before the might and land that both of them held. She knew they wanted her to simply stand down so they could turn the Empire into a battlezone to claim what was her's. And she would not allow that. Looking for the third claimant of the throne, she frowned. The elven man had appeared on the first day the Crown was found missing, magically appearing to them through a portal and leaving much the same way after he had placed his claim on the Crown. He was a mystery left alone for now, as she went through the motions of refusing these two greedy people in front of her. It was then she heard a whisper of movement behind her and before she could turn, a single rose appeared in front of her, bluish in color, and a whispering sentense.

"Such beauty should always have a rose nearby, for in the rose, you have both beauty, power, and intellgence."

Turning her head slightly, the Empress looked into the pale blue eyes of the elf that had come for the crown as well and blushed. He was charming true, and very direct, but elven? No, she could not dare to think such thoughts. And then he whispered again.

"Order these two from your sight. I will show you where true power lays, and how you can keep your throne, if you wish. But not the Crown."

She pondered. The power without the corruption? It was tempting to say the least. She had to know more. And so, ordering the others from her sight, she stood slowly to keep her gown from creasing and turning towards the elf, she nods her consent.

He flicks a finger, takes her hand, and steps through the portal in front of him, pulling her through.

Des'Rucca Temple sat in a forest, so dark and deep, none dared to enter it. 'Twas said the violet mist swirling and rising from the floor of the forest consumed those who had not been called to enter there. It was here Vhyrnakus watched and waited.

It was here the the Crown the Empress sought was hidden. Here was where Raistlin, favorite Son of Vhyrnakus and newphew of the elf, had brought it when he went and taken it from the Empire that had claimed it as thiers. It was here that the Elf brought the Empress, and here he had convienced her of his plans to take the Crown as his own, but not to remove her from the throne, simply to let her lead with him in the shadows, creating an elite force ready to conquer his late enemies. Or he could take the Crown, remove her, and do it with the entire empire. It was her choice.

She has choosen to keep her life, and her throne.

Vhyrnakus was pleased as she watched this, and the pull of the Crown pulled her closer to Canon, and to life long forsaken by her.

And so, the elf placed the Demonic Crown upon his brow, and feeling the power there, he grinned and motioned to the Empress that it was time to return home to settle the debts of the other two 'claimants'.

In Lomewyn:

The Elf watched in amusement and the general and landholder came forth before the Empress again. They were in a rare mood today, claiming thier greatness and powers to the Empress in a very loud and annoying voice. He stood behind the throne, the Crown of power on his brow, and snickered as the Empress informed them they were to either bow down the the power of the throne, or be dealt with accordingly. They laughed and snickered at her, and that is when the Elf moved from behind the throne.

"As you see fit not to bow down as is proper to the throne and Empress of this land, bow down to the final hand you will ever know. The hand of death."

Shooting a hand forward, two bolts of black lighting shoots from the elf's hand, striking the landholder and the general in the chest. Seconds past and they start to laugh at the lack of effect from the bolts, and the they start to itch, and finally, fall over, decaying from the inside out.

"Empress, the land is your again. I will deal with anyone that comes before you to challenge your right to rule, but you WILL obey my commands, and you will start selecting members of your guard to be trained by me to deal death as I see fit. And by the way, Congratulations on keeping your Throne, Your Majesty."

Bowing slowly, the Elf turns and walks from the throne room, not noticing the eyes of the Empress on the throne. Elven, voidic lighting of black twisted around white, and bearing the tattoo. There was only one such elf known in all of history, and he was to have fallen with that city in the desert. But he was here, and now controlled her Empire with more of a iron-fist then any of her ancestors before. She rose slowly to all out his name, but only a whisper escaped.


The Elf stops and turns, and nods his head slowly, the Crown on his brow flashing in the light. She gasps and falls back, suddenly afraid for all her lands and even her life. A man of legend, dead before and living again, to rule again. What had she done?

The the answer came to her. Survived. Survived and will continue to until she could remove that cancer. But she knew she never would, and she sighed and turned her mind towards ruling the land for him instead, accepting her fate as a figurehead of the new Empire of the Demonic Crown.


GM: Grand Deciever
AGM: Empress/Emperor
Squad Leader: Elite
Full Member: Battle Generals
Member: Battle Lords
Newbie: Guards


The first stage (age) towards Her Return


Ranks of the Crown:

Grand Deciever- GM {holder of Demonic Crown and Leader of the Alliance} ..........................

Empress/Emperor- Second in Command (Of the line of the royal family, they stand between the guild and the Deciever, giving commands in his name) ...........................

"Elite"- AGM's {Masters of Military, Sorcery, & Information, trained exclusively by the Deciever) ----------------------------------

Battle Generals - Leaders - (responsible for Lords under thier command. each general will have one Lord they are to watch, and reports directly to thier "Elite". ----------------------------------

Battle Lords- Officers {responsible for the guards under thier command, all Lords will have two guards to watch and trian.} ----------------------------------------------

Guards - initiates {new members, under scrutiny for acceptance into the Demonic Crown} - ..................................................

Advancement in rank within the guild: You must prove to me and/or officers of the ~Crown~ your loyalty to the guild. This can be done by staying in touch with me and /or other officers, your performance in carrying out duties given you and willingness to further the cause of the ~Crown~ and that you are making every effort to become a part of the "family" that is our guild. ............................................

Basic Information/Guild Guidelines:

The "Demonic Crown" is a guild destined to follow it's leader, holder of an artifact of great power, and master weaver of magic. The guild will twist and subvert the righteous laws and turn converts to the cause of the "Demonic Crown". The "Demonic Crown" is an alliance of nations following the navigated course for the dominance of Milabar, who works for the return of Vhyrnakus, the Dark Queen.

The motives of the leader of the Demonic Crown are known only but to them and those they choose. This rift and alliance leaves much room for terse role-play and conflict within the faction they have pledged to.

Crowned Code: Those that shall thrive within the alliance of nations will follow all that is set forth in this Charter. Those who defy these standards will be deemed enemies of ~Crown~ and will be dealt a cruel death.

The guild shall role-play on Boards, in aviaries and as much in ICQ as humanly possible. Its not a requirement to be an experienced Role-player but essential that the effort is there. That effort requires that you post at least twice a week. All members must hold themselves accountable in following the rules when posting.

Those rules are:
- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards. E-mail or PM one of the administrators with details.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Anyone disobeying the rules and disrespecting other members, guilds, Saints or Admin. will not be welcome and will be dealt with accordingly.

The Decrees of Milabar- As to what will be expected from members of the ~Crown~ Alliance.

~Daily you should check the webpage site, go through it and become familiar with it. You can add to it or do whatever you wish. It's a fantastic tool for this type of thing {guild} and should be utilized daily.

~Daily you should read the ~Crown~ threads, hopefully will be added to each day, that is the point of this. ~3-5 times a week you should post a role-play, whether short(must meet requirements)

~Daily or every other day everyone should contact members of the guild, through ICQ or mail. To say HI...for questions, comments on RP or Ideas for role-play and guild direction. Let's keep in touch and keep each other involved.

Applying for membership in ~Crown~:

If 'tis your wish to join our ranks you must do the following:

In an email to me (milabar_tarrant@hotmail.com) or send a Personal Message (PM) to Milabar on the Evernight Boards with answers these questions:
1. Why do you wish to join Crown?
2. How long have you been playing?
3. Have you been in other guilds? If so which?
4. How many times a week you plan on RPing?
Last but not least-
5. IC (in character) tell me about your character.. a short rp about who you are.

No one will be accepted if the above is not followed.

Contact Information:
Grand Deciever: Milabar
Email: milabar_tarrant@hotmail.com
ICQ: 150312024
MSN: milabar_tarrant@hotmail.com