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Created: 2004-10-02 14:02:39
Game: covenant
Faith: Leto


Unholy Darkness

The cloaked figure sat in a high backed chair near the fire, surrounded by children with fur wraps drawn close around their bodies to ward off the chill. No one knew where he had come from, and none could guess at his age. His face was as cloaked in shadows as the rest of him. Outside the enclosed cabin, a storm howled out its protest at the living, its screams of fury muffled by the heavy logs that made up the foundation of the modest dwelling. Massive thunder shook the sky occasionally, while lightning lit up the cliff face in blinding flashes of magnesium. A dull roar permeated the chill air, increasing and decreasing in volume rhythmaticaly as the waves below the cliff smashed against the jagged rocks strewn across the base of the sheer precipice. It was a night that tasted of magic, a night that teasingly hinted of things that were, things that are, and things yet to come. It was a night where anything seemed believable, where even the tales told by wandering traveler seemed possible. Travelers like the one in the cabin, who was about to spin his story of high magic and grand adventure.
The enigmatic and shadowy figure in the chair shifted, as if preparing to speak. Immediately a silence fell across the room. Eyes fastened upon the traveler with rapt attention, ready to absorb every word like a sponge in water. He began in a surprisingly strong voice, yet one that had some strange inflection, as if touched by some deep sadness. He began, and no one would ever be quite the same after it was finished.

“Inside every living creature there exists opposites that are constantly vying with each other for supremacy. Love vs. Hate; Awe vs. Fear; Happiness vs. Sadness; Good vs. Evil. What we see as the chivalry and honor of a paladin is nothing more than the triumphant defeat of masochism and dishonor that latently resides within that same paladin. The evil we see in an assassin is simply its conquering of good within such a killer. Each are extremes on opposite ends of the spectrum. Sometimes, however, one opposite wins a battle over the other, but the war as a whole remains a stalemate. When one does indeed manage to finally crush its counterpart, the latter is never really vanquished. Deep within, that force remains, plotting and waiting for its chance to break free.

I have mentioned mortal enemies: Love and Hate, Good and Evil. Both forces are incredibly powerful. They reside in every being. Yet, even they pale in comparison to the most destructive and healing forces creation has ever known: Light and Dark.

Listen close, child. This is the story of a man, in whose blood ran elven heritage, and his descent into darkness. This is the story of the most illuminating figure known in our history’s transformation and separation into the most blackest night. This is the tragic story of the splintering of Divine Light into its opposite force, hidden so deep.

This is the story of Unholy Darkness.

The voice was the start of it all. Coming one fateful night, it first made an appearance in a startlingly vivid dream. It was the voice of a woman. When it began to sing, the beauty and magic of its voice captivated and enthralled. When she sang, she would not be ignored. And he could not. Charged with a quest no mortal being could ever hope to achieve, he could not ignore the calling. Nor did he. Together, they began something whose name would be echoed all across the island of Maxim.

It was the birth of Divine Light.

It was an awesome moment, yet one that was witnessed by only a few. And of those, fewer still remained on the island. His origins, and Light’s beginnings, were like a dim memory, even in the minds of those who had been there. Perhaps, it was better that way. None could measure the amount he had sacrificed. They saw what was on face-value: The greatest collection of power under one name in all of Maxim; An enigmatic leader. They did not see the battles within him. They did not hear the songs.

He ran a balancing act, juggling responsibilities and people alike with the skill of a carnival performer. Feelings needed to be taken care of, egos needed to be smoothed. Diplomacy was no different. Everything that went on in the island of Maxim was known by him. He was not the proverbial spider, spinning webs around him. Rather, he was a spider who danced all over the webs of others. While not a fatal one, the game he played was just as dangerous. Not physically, but mentally. And somewhere along the line, he began to slip.

The songs demanded of him more than he could possibly give. They demanded that he change from who he was, to what he was needed to be. His sense of duty, bound by honor, made the decision to do so not even questionable. As if there was a choice, anyway. He knew one day, madness would overtake him. One day, it finally did.

On a stormy and dark night like tonight, he was pacing back and forth across his room. Anyone watching would have sworn that he was talking to himself. In reality, he was talking to her. The voice that sang the songs. He was angry. She had demanded of him yet another piece of his soul. Their dialogue was interrupted as the windows above his desk crashed open, the wind slamming them against the walls as a huge thunderclap rocked the heavens. Papers and scrolls fell all over the place, until only one remained on the oak table. Curious, yet apprehensive, he approached the scroll. It was not one he had seen before. He broke the seal. With every passing second as he read, his eyes grew wider. His mouth moved, as if trying to speak but not finding either words nor voice. By the time he finished, he had collapsed upon his knees, trembling and ghostly pale. What he read had chilled him to the bone and rocked the last of the foundations that he had stood on against the madness that threatened to consume him.

She sang to him. She whispered of her needs.

He did not hear.

Still she continued, more urgently.

He shook his head, unable to even comprehend, numb in his loss.

She sang. And finally it broke through to him. He listened with disbelief that quickly turned to anger. She would have him sacrifice even more? Did she not see what happened?

She sang.

For the first time, he screamed back. “There is nothing left to give!” She was thrown back by the force and anger in that cry of rage and denial, nearly ripped apart by the combined emotion and madness that was palpable in the outburst. He himself felt something give. Felt something released. Suddenly, he swooned. Her voice was gone. Sinking to the floor, he thought he saw something before all the world blacked out and unconsciousness took him. He thought he was a twisted, macabre image in front of him. For a fleeting moment, he recognized himself.

It was a long, long time before he awoke. Endless time spent drifting in oblivion, spiraling in darkness. In the end, his very salvation came by she who had caused his damnation. It was her voice that cradled him from the nightmares. It was her voice that brought his mind back from its shattered state. She sang to him once more, now of the darkness that had been unleashed, the darkness that was the result of the living manifestation of the madness he had kept hidden within. A manifestation that was sentient, and the opposite of all that defined him. He had been the Light, battling darkness within. Now that has changed. It has broke free, and all of Maxim will see the terrible struggle that is sure to ensue between the two greatest forces known to the races.”

As the traveler finished telling his story, not a soul moved. Each had an image of a world of ruin and darkness in their minds. Each was struck by a strange sense of compassion for the tortured soul in the story. Abruptly, one man broke into applause, immediately followed by others. As if on cue, the whole place became full of whistles and compliments. A mug of ale was thrust into the traveler’s hand; musicians began to play. Time passed, and someone thought to give the story-teller another mug. Except, he was gone. Under the finished mug he had left behind lay a golden coin with the symbol of Divine Light emblazoned upon it. The cabin hushed, suddenly wondering just who their guest had been.

Out in the wilderness, the traveler wheeled around on his black, a shrill scream erupting from its muscular throat. His lowered hood revealed his true age, still young, and the slight pointedness of his ears, betraying the elven blood that ran through a portion of his veins. The waves continued to thunder against the cliff face. He surveyed the land, letting what he saw sink fully in. Shaking his head sadly, he accepted the truth once again. Unholy Darkness had come to the lands of Maxim, and only he could act against it. Turning his black around, who reared up and screamed again as lightning flashed overhead, they left behind the rocks and the waves. Riding north, the place where he had started it all, so very long ago, was left behind.

A maddened laugh bit through the thunder and the pouring rain. Far away from where a certain story had been told, a figure cut through the darkness. His eyes seemed to glow with hidden fires. “It is mine to take…all of it”, he promised with glee. There was no reason to believe that the embodiment of the Darkness that was poised to sweep across Maxim was wrong. In fact, with a chilling certainty that froze the marrow in bones, he was all-too-right.


GM: Forsaken
AGM: Forgotten
Squad Leader: Shade
Full Member: Drifting
Member: Hopeful
Newbie: NonPersons


The grave gapes, the earth yawns, and the creatures of night bid you welcome...the comedy is ended. Welcome to our Nightmare.


They were the essence of what had taken hold of him, Princes of Darkness whose sole purpose were to usher in the coming age of Darkness. They were an awesome force, and their word was final. Their rules, set in stone, are recorded here for those to read and admire their ruthless efficiency.

Of the Hierarchy:

The Forsaken (GM)
He who is Forsaken is ultimately responsible for the guild as a whole. Nothing shall happen without his knowledge. His duties include the following:
-Final say on all wars and targets
-Updating the banner with informative strategies and tactical advice
-Negotiating treaties
-Keeping all in the guild informed of related news

The Forgotten (AGMs)
Those who are Forgotten have been cast to the winds of change, and while they themselves have lost their identities, their skill in the core areas of War, Sorcery, and Shadows remain. Their duties include the following:
Forgotten Blade –
-Running war chats if he who is Forsaken is not present
-Keeping track of heathen kingdom’s status during war
-Distributing targets

Forgotten Magick –
-Monitoring the amount of temples praising Darden
-During war, informing he who is Forsaken about potential sorcery targets
-Ensuring the decimation of such targets by working with others to create such destruction.

Forgotten Shadow –
-Routinely scouting the scrolls
-During war, working jointly with The Forgotten to insure all heathens’ lands are assimilated into the annals of the lost.

The Shades (Quad Leaders)
Those who have become shades of who they once were have embraced the cause of Darkness, and in doing so have taken up reins of leadership in a lesser amount. Commanding three other fiefdoms in additon to themselves, their duties include:
-Regular updates on squad status to he who is Forsaken
-Monitoring of squad members
-Directing battle in an EFFicient manner within their squad
-Keeping their squad members in line
-Knowing how to fluff

The Drifting (member)
Those who have been invited to join the Darkness, and do not wish for any duties, can remain a valuable addition to the cause as a trusted member. Their duties include:
-Following designated build patterns
-Working as a team with their quadleader.

Of Promotions:
Promotions will be given as he who is Forsaken sees fit. If you ask to be promoted, you will not be. If you ask how to get a promotion, you will be slapped for not reading the charter and told anyway. You stand a better chance of being promoted in rank if you :
- Having AIM/ICQ or both
- Participating in warchats
- Overall showing capability and desire to help out

Of Rules:
When posting on Temper’s Ball, as you are required to do twice a week, the following rules must be followed:
-No Vulgarity or Profanity.
-Do not make a fool out of yourself.
-Do not post accusations of cheating.
-Do not post bug reports.
-Do not post realm numbers, realm names or account names for ANY of our games.
-Do not post redundant messages. (No spamming).
-It is a good idea not to argue with staff members on the boards. If you have a problem, complaint, or question regarding something found on the board systems, please email goff@evernight.com, and it will be addressed.
-Our board systems are censored on a honor system. If you feel at any time that you may be offended by any of the content found within our board systems, then we respectfully request that you do not read them. Our staff members are human beings, their job is the moderation of the board systems. We do not play baby-sitter, nor will they censor any content simply because it does not agree with your beliefs or morals. Freedom of Speech (within reason) is encouraged and supported on our board systems.

General Rules:
1. Have fun!
2. Read the banner, that’s why we have one.
3. Do exactly what anyone of a higher rank tells you to do. Follow first, Question later.
4. Never attack without orders. If you get hit, send in the report to your higher ups. If it is deemed acceptable to retaliate you will be told.
5. Report all scums, sorcs, and attacks to your QuadLeader.
7. Posting to guild-related threads is highly encouraged. You MUST have at least 2 posts a week
8. All members will proudly display their guild allegiance in their TB "sig" line.
9. Any questions contact whoever is posted in the communication section below.

Of Succession:

If he who is Forsaken returns to the light, the Forgotten will choose amoung themselves who will lead them. In essence , however, the disapearance of he who is Forsaken is very unlikely.

Of Communication:

Communication is an absolute must. As a guild that intends to be close-knit, -everyone- must have some combination of AIM or ICQ. AIM is preferred.

The Forsaken:
ICQ: 3985183
AIM: cha1ns