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Created: 2004-10-01 07:45:58
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For many years Lancelot had followed Isonia. He believed that thru her balance the world could be made one again. As the years passed he fought with many of his brethern in the Faith against those who would slay them. Amongst many councils he learned the ways of Diplomacy and Warfare. As time passed He rose thru the ranks into Leadership. Taking his place amongst the Leaders of Isonia he forged ties bound by blood. Ties that could not be broken.

But balance had not been achieved. He sensed that his God could not survive if balance was all that was strived for. The war between the Gods was not as simple as that. Something else must be done.

Taking a ride into the mountains he pondered the fate of his world. After many days and nights he came to grip with what had to be done.

THe old codes his Goddess had stood for had changed. Of this he was certain. The other faiths were too strong for his faith to just maintain a balance. If any kind of balance and peace were to be obtained in his world. It could only come thru strength.

The path was simple. He and those who followed him would create an Empire strong enough to balance the world. An Empire great enough to withstand against the assaults of the other Faiths. To hold the torch of Balance high. Riding down from the mountains he went in search of those he held as truest allies and friends. Those he counted as family.

As he entered the plains he could see dust in the distance. A group of riders approached as the sun rose behind them. His hand dropped to the hilt of his sword. He was a lone Rider and if they proved foe his position would be in dire straits.

The group of riders stopped a short distance from him. Folks wearing cloaks hiding their insignia and faith. The lead rider straightened and raised a hand pulling back the hood of the cloak. A smile creased Lancelot's face as he saw the visage of one of his oldest comrades. Kneeding his mount forward he rode up the rider clasping his hand. Dusty old friend how did you know where to find me he spoke. I had a dream was his reply Dusty said. As did the rest here. Looking up Lancelot watched as all those behind Dusty removed their hoods...Kain, Sturm ,Tarnan, Immortality, Spitz and many others. Emotion griped him quickly changing to a resolve as hard as granite as he vowed to himself that these who followed him would never regret their decission. Turning he takes the lead as they ride into the distance. Spreading across the Lands they find the Valleys of Artook at the base of a great mountain range.Settling there for he knows that if the Empire is to return they need a base.

Lancelot looks around at the building going on and a smile crosses his face. Those that they come across are absorbed or destroyed as they saw fit. Regardless of race or faith.There is no talk of justice or fairness. This was Imperial expansion.The goal to once more bring a world under their rule. He thinks to himself that as the Empire builds Isonia will become stronger and his faith will prevail.Through any means possible he will see that through.

The sun rises once again upon a land that will see strife come to the heathens. For it is The Dawn of Discord.


GM: Morning Lord
AGM: Dawn General
Squad Leader: Dawn Marshal
Full Member: Dawn Knight
Member: Dawn Bringer
Newbie: Dawnling


TDoD has had a long history since 1999.


Guild Leadership:

Morning Lord:(GM)Has full authority over the Guild His/Her decissions being final.

Dawn General:(AGM)Is in charge of all aspects of War for the guild.

Dawn Marshal:(AGM)IN charge of all aspects of Intelligance Gathering for the guild.

Dawn Knight:Trusted Member often a Squadleader who also sits on the Morning Council

Dawn Bringer:Entry level Member.No privelages.

Dawnling:Entry level Member.No privelages.

Prmotions are based on activity and performance.Not handed out like candy to entice joining.Rank is earned.

In the event the GM is unable to perform His/Her duties for whatever reason. The Dawn General will assume command until the Council can be convened.Once a new Morning Lord is named. Said GM will immediatly name their choice for Dawn General and Dawn Marshal.

All Members at all times will obey all rules of the Game.Failure to do so will result in censure and possible booting from the guild.

1) Obey ALL Tempers Ball forum rules. We are an honorable guild and this must be kept in mind at all times. The rules for Tempers Ball are.

a) No Vulgarity or Profanity.

b) Do not make an ass out of yourself.

c) Do not post accusations of cheating.

d) Do not post bug reports.

e) Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names.

f) Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming)

2)Communication is very important both to the health of the guild. ICQ will be the main means of communication.

3)Participation in Tempers Ball is encouraged but not required.All Members will conduct themselves with Sportsmanship and integrity.

4)NO Member may attack without permission of a Member of the Council. If a Member is attacked or scouted. Said Member will immediatly inform a member of the Council.

5)Activity is all important.Any Member found to be inactive will be contacted.If said Member does not respond to contact they will be removed from the guild til such a time as they can explain their inactivity to the satisfaction of the Council.

All Applications will be considered for acceptance or non acceptance once said applicant has message the GM or AGM's upon sending in their application.If an applicant does not make the required contact then their application will be summarily denied.

Revised March 1st 2004 (Morning Council voted) The Constitution of the Morning Council and the Dawn of Discord (TDoD). 1. The Dawn of Discord was founded in 1999 by five renegade members of a guild known at the time as the Chaos Knights (CK). 2. Finder NightRose, Lancalot(RedWolf), Gogreen, Chivalry and ShadowLord were the founding member’s of TDoD and were also the founders of the original Morning council. 3. As a group the first morning council voted that the Morning Lord would rule the guild under the advice and approval of the Morning Council. 4. The Morning Council could override a command or a war which the Morning Lord ordered or acted upon attacking a none aggressive 5. The Morning council could over rule the Morning Lord with a vote of 51%. 6. The Morning Council is now made up of any of the senior ranks of TDoD. Of which are now, Morning Lord, Dawn General and Dawn Marshal. 7. Dawn Knights upon request of a morning Lord or Dawn General may attend a Morning Council meeting but may not vote 8. The Morning Council upon a vote which fails must follow threw with whatever plans have not been defeated by majority vote. 9. A member of the Morning Council may drop his position as a member of the Morning Council but will then lose his rank. His rank will then be Dawn Knight. 10. A member of the Morning Council must at least vote on a ruling once a year or be removed by a Morning Lord. The Morning Lord has this ability at any time 11. The Morning Council May not remove a Morning Lord, they may only block his rulings. 12. The Morning Lord does not rule the Morning Council and this duty falls on any other member of the Morning Council. The Member who is elected, chosen or takes the position of running the Morning Council may not be removed by the Morning Lord from the guild or lose rank from the Morning Lord, but may be removed from the position by a vote of none confidence from the Morning Council. (51% needed for the vote to pass) Upon the vote the member then Loses protections of the chair. Promotions 1. May be given to any member of TDoD by any member of the Morning council as long as another member of the Morning Council agrees with the decision. 2. This promotion can only be up to the position of Dawn Knight. Any senior position in TDoD (General, Marshal, Morning Lord) Can only be given by the Morning Lord or a vote by all the Morning Council combined. 3. The Dawn Knight if he is a SQD leader may promote SQD members to the rank of “Dawn Bringer” but must be done threw a member of the morning council who will usually approve of such a move. 4. The Morning Lord may remove rank from any rank of Dawn Knight or under at will, and may transfer such authority to do so unto any member of the Morning council. The Dawn of Discord fight’s to bring peace upon the lands. Only threw our revolutions, revolts, total war’s can other lands know peace. Only threw the brutality of war will our foe’s finally learn that they must submit to our will. We will talk to those who listen and follow but we will not show mercy to those who do not. Diplomacy is for those who may be converted to the cause, total destruction for those who will never listen. To these words Finder NightRose one of the founding members and first Morning Lord of TDoD started the revolution which swept threw the lands. Now with the new leadership and new blood TDoD will enforce it’s dominance once again. We honor our great hero’s. Lancealot/RedWolf, Gogreen, Tatyanna, Shadowlord, Strum, Necro, Lady Ceirdwein, Chivalr, Kain and many more who have given there life’s to serving the cause.