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Created: 2003-02-26 03:43:26
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Traveling from shattered lands to those of Tonan, they had yet to find the one place that they could call home. Isonia had been the first to beckon to them with her false promises of equality and a better life for their people. They went into her arms with the hope that she would provide all that she had promised, but nothing could have been further from the truth.

The one who preached equality over everything else, was the same one that refused to look at even her own brothers as equal. She lectured of this equality over and over while in her own twisted mind, she was the only one comparable to herself. Her followers never received her full gratitude; only more empty promises that she never intended to keep. Anything to give her the power she longed so desperately to control.

Due to these actions, among many others, it was obvious she was nothing but pharisaical; impossible to follow, let alone praise.

Therefore, once again, they traveled many lands until they reached the borders ruled by Foret. Justice is what he sang, and just was, in all respects, what they wanted from Isonia. They desired retribution for her actions and lies, for letting their lands get raped by the heathens, and for the pain that was suffered while she let others gain from their loss.

Saddening, this was a fruitless effort, for as time passed it was evident that again they had again been deceived. For a while Foret preached of how things should be; he was in love with power. After more time had passed that love turned into greed. A mighty greed that some would say 'would be his end'. Not caring for anyone but himself he allowed his desire to fester until he could no longer see the line of justice.

Justice was now whatever he could hold on to at that paticular moment to receive his deepest wishes. Not caring if the exact same action was deemed unfavorable the day before.

Never again would he be seen for his moral righteousness; just another traitor of his creator in attempts to be the omnipotent one.

The youngest of the Gods was always the first to be overlooked by them; merely disregarded as flighty and uncaring. They would spend days to come wondering why they had not seen the truth before.

Not to be bothered with 'showing people the way' Darden knew that once they came to know him, they would follow him regardless. This allowed him to stay true to his Self, which both of the other Gods lacked. They let human emotions run them while Darden insisted on staying pure. Drinking from his own bowl was proof of that. Never did he take in a 'human' emotion yet he allowed all his followers to feel both the majestic and hellish experiences he had to offer.

Never branded as good or evil he represented both in a glorious manner. A manner that they not only understood, but lived.


Minstrel's Abbey had promise that only those of crazed minds could see. To the normal eye, all one could witness was the baron emptiness that death had left behind while leaving grimacing images of battles lost and the evil that remained amongst the deteriorated rubble was nothing less than menacing. Not having so much as a vulture living in the land it was no surprise that every wanderer would pass by without a second glance. Rumor had it that even the stay of a single night would bring certain death, which left it's hills and fields untouched for decades. That is... until now.

It was time to awaken the evil. It was time to awaken it to prove that it had not been laying dormant to apologize for it's past behaviors. No, it was just the very opposite. Evil doesn't care. Evil never offers compassion. Evil never makes amends.

No, the evil here at Mistrels Abbey certainly was not laying dormant to apologize for it's past actions.


GM: Egotistical Pricks
AGM: Egotistical Pussies
Squad Leader: Egomaniacs
Full Member: Lil Egos
Member: Someone we once loved
Newbie: You're either new, or you


How old you are only matters if you have some big ass ego and that's the only way that you can define yourself.


This is an invite only guild. We're not buying what yer peddling, kid.

Tempers Ball Rules:
- Do not make an ass out of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in the IRC room unless specifically asked by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post realm numbers or names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.

Contact information:

Khalistov - Khalistov@yahoo.com 96818974
Verena - ladyblackhurst@yahoo.com 121440669
Ike -
Guild Structure
There are no need for Ranks or Promotions within the walls of ENeMA. We are all the same rank.

Khalistov and Verena run the guild, and when they are on vacation, Ike, Trystan, and Stee run the guild.

If the GM is not able to fill his duties, the rank shall fall upon one of the following people:

Verena or Ike.

If these two people are also missing then it shall go, in alpahbetical order, to the next member and so on, until it reaches the third person alphebetically.

If upon this third person, there is still no decision as to the rightful place of Guild Master, then the decision is up to Dysh (yes, Dysh) as to who will GM ENeMA.

If Dysh is unavailable at the time of need, the 3rd ranked officer of the top ranked guild shall make the selection.