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Created: 2004-09-30 13:05:16
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


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Eaters of the Dead

Story: Once there was a nation of Barnabas followers known as Vlad, alone, surrounded by the heathens of Leto and Angelique. It was a nation of peaceful men and women, only interested in life, never death. They remained alone and away from the wars of the great guilds. The people of this nation tried as hard as they could to stay out of any wars and for a long time they did well. The nation did not even have an army, for over the course of many ages, they had not yet needed one. The heathens knew it to be a peaceful nation and for a long time left it alone.

The leader of this nation was known as -----. ----- was a name derived from an ancient term meaning “------” and -------was an old german word meaning “-----” or in this case, “------.” So it was Letoold at his birth that ------ was the second coming of the ----- (or greatest form of evil possible) in human form. That is why he was named ------, “--------.” To many people’s amazement who knew of the tale, ------- was a man of peace most his life, in fact, he was so peaceful in his ways, that he became leader of -----, the nation of nothing but peace. The nation had become attached to ------- due to the fellow followers of -------- ability to defend themselves from heathen attack. It seemed that -------- followers always came out on top when attacked by the heathens, and this was a good quality to have. “The best way to keep peace is by having a good defense” was the nation’s policy.

-------- ruled over ------, the peaceful nation, for a short time under the peace that the nation’s people had become used to and loved. He was said to be the most peaceful and loving man in all the world. He preached love thy enemy and practiced his religion at the great church during most of his time. The nation gained so much faith, that the nation grew ten times its original size in just a few weeks. The great church recognized their tremendous faith and had granted them chunks and chunks of land and acres. --------- encouraged much farming and crafting by his people, in order to rid themselves of the need for foreign assistance or trade. He believed that by becoming completely self-dependent, they could stay out of any and all wars by just being a totally neutral party and not getting wrapped up in any politics.

This great peace continued on and on and the nation’s people were quite happy, many generations lived and died in total peace and harmony with the land. ------- was in his second age and things were looking up for the young ruler. One day a messenger came running into ---- throne room with news of a man felled by disease. This was a rare thing in the nation of ----, disease was usually brought upon by the spies of enemy nations. -------- ordered his elite guards to investigate the matter right away. Days went by and ----- forgot about the disease, it seemed to have been a single incident. However, many weeks later, disease now plagued his lands. The guards who had investigated the disease now told ------ that the cause had been the bite from an animal the peasants referred to as a racoon.

The guards had discovered the cause of the disease too late... It now ripped through the nation of ------ with no mercy. The infected peasants were said to show signs of demons invading their souls. Their eyes would turn red, their teeth pointed like fangs, flesh dying and literally falling off their bodies and faces. It was said that some of the infected had actually turned to Cannibalism, and had attacked and feasted upon other members of the nation. Devius did not know what to do, the disease was not killing his people, but rather turning them into mad Cannibals. He organized a force to exterminate the infected people of the nation of ----, but it was too late for this also. As ----- readied his men, half of them cried out in pain and agony, and he could watch them change before his eyes, from his elite guards, into flesh craving -------.

As the disease spread and infected more and more people of ----'s nation, ----- decided the only way to survive the plague was to torch the entire city, engulfing the infected people within its fiery walls. As -------- moved from his throne room to begin torching the city, his castle was stormed by infected peasants, raging for the flesh and blood of others. ------looked on in horror as arms reached up from graves and men rose from the dead. There was no escape, the entire nation had become zombies and -------- had waited too long to try to leave. Now he simply sit in his throne room waiting for the inevitable. Soon the demons had bust down his throne room door and entered in search of flesh. ------- fought them off with his mighty sword as long he could, but he was soon overrun by the mob. They tore chunks of flesh from his neck and chest, tearing at his body with ravenous claws.

The mob moved out of --------'s throne room, there was nothing left to consume now. As -------- lay in wait of death, a chill fell over him, and he rose as he felt the blood run out of his face and limbs. He was now one of them, one of the undead. He could not believe the craving he soon had for the blood of others, it was the craving of a wandering beast who lives only to feed off others. ------- was also amazed at how his logic and intelligence had not been destroyed by the disease. He had often looked upon the undead as mindless zombies only interested in finding their next prey to feed on. But ------ seemed to have all his wits still about him.

As days and weeks passed, and the nation of ----- creeped closer and closer to total destruction, -----grew sick and hungry. He was sick because he had not yet fed on human flesh since becoming one of the ‘Eaters’, as he now called his fellow undead brethren. Eaters of the Dead was the full name in which -------- had bestowed upon his new nation of flesh hungry people, if they really could be called people anymore. One day as ------- lay thinking over the matter of what to do with his nation now it lay mostly in ruin, invaders approached the city walls. ------ spotted the army of warmongers from a window in his throne room, and immediately upon seeing regular humans, went into a bloodthirsty rage. The time had come for his first feeding.

------ moved quickly through his castle, commanding undead guards to ready everyone in the city to prepare for battle and follow him. He grabbed his armor and sword and moved towards the approaching enemy forces, followed by a mob of hungry Eaters. As Devius and his men approached, the terror could be seen in the faces of every man in the enemy army. Many of the humans even dropped their flags, weapons, bows, and shields, and began running for the hills. Devius and his mob of Eaters would let none escape this battlefield though. Between the hunger of flesh and defending their homeland, the Eaters were in a blind rage bent on death to all in their path.

------ and his Eaters quickly cut through the enemy lines who had not retreated. The bodies were being stacked up like cordwood, half of them beaten to death with bare hands, the other half eaten alive. As -------- pushed onward, he spotted the leader of the invaders, --------... ------- remembered the face from long ago, once they had trained alongside each other, now they were pitted face to face in a field of blood. Although --------’s forces were obliterated, Samson remained still and calm, awaiting the death of a general swiftly defeated. ------ decided not to kill ----- though, instead ---- would taste blood for the first time. -------- sunk his fangs into -----, feeding wildly, gaining strength with each mouthful of blood he took in.

When it was all over, none of the invaders of -----’s army had survived the battle. None except those who were fed upon, and then turned into Eaters themselves. ------- was also turned into an Eater, since ------- had only fed upon -----’s neck and left no fatal wounds. -------- told the story of the disease to Bob once everything had calmed down and the two could sit quietly in ---’s throne room. Bob was quick to make his pledge of allegiance to ----- and his Eaters, but Dev instead offered ------- a position of second in command in his new organization. Now that two nations were turned into Eaters, -------- could see the possibilities and promises of war. If a nation could be turned into followers in battle by feeding upon them while still alive, then many more Eaters could be recruited through means of war.

--------- and ------- stood upon the castle’s highest balcony, as ------ read his latest statement to the Eaters who stood below in the courtyard...

”Fellow Eaters of the Dead... The time has come to convert others to our ways, we must become stronger in number if we wish to survive like this in such a land. Every man will be required to fight in battle, but I know I need not tell you that, because with such a thirst for blood, you’ll all be begging to fight anyways... We will attack the strongest nations we can find, for they will be the best to convert to Eaters. After converting enough to do our bidding, we shall make our way to the top and become the almighty rulers of the land. All of this we do still in the name of Barnabas, for he is still the greatest mortal in all the land. So... In closing, let the feeding begin!”

That brings this story up to the present moment. ------ and -----, along with the Eaters of the Dead, now roam the land in search of flesh and blood to fill their tremendous appetite. All the Eaters have vowed from this time forward to only feed on the flesh of heathens and always represent Barnabas on the battlefield.


GM: Eaters of the Dead
Squad Leader:
Full Member:
Member: better not drop the soap
Newbie: Who is this guy?


We have always been, and always will be. For the Eaters spirit never dies.


Rules and Regulations

Guild Ranks:

Five Star General - GM
The final authority of Eaters. All who reside within Eaters will answer unto this person. If the GM cannot be reached for an extended amount of time, the Allied Commander (rank 2, AGM), will take over, no questions asked.

Allied Commander - CO~GM
High authority of Eaters. This is essentially the second in command of Eaters. If the GM were to be away for an extended amount of time, this person takes over the guild. There is only one Allied Commander, he/she is the Five Star General's "right-hand man." Also, this person has authority over everyone within guild besides Five Star General.

Senior Officer - AGM
Each Senior Officer has his/her own job, whether it be war, sorcery, scum, or other, the Senior Officer is the leader of this area. Seniors answer only to the Five Star General and Allied Commander, and the Seniors are the final authority in their job area. One can only be promoted to this position when there is a position open, and they must be especially trusted by the Five Star General.

Spy - Trusted Member
This person has notified the Five Star General or the Allied Commander that he/she will be assuming the position of a scum type realm. This is also a trusted member of Eaters, expected to use scum type attacks to satisfy their superiors.

Magician - Trusted Member
This person has notified the Five Star General or the Allied Commander that he/she will be assuming the position of a sorcery type realm. This is also a trusted member of Eaters, expected to use sorcery type attacks to satisfy their superiors.

Warrior - Trusted Member
This person has notified the Five Star General or the Allied Commander that he/she will be assuming the position of a war type realm. This is also a trusted member of Eaters, expected to use war type attacks to satisfy their superiors.

Application for Membership to the guild:
All applications for membership recieved will be accepted. Upon being accepted into the guild however, you must provide contact information and RP history of your character within 24 hours of your acceptance. Failure to get the required information to the Five Star General within the time limit, will result in removal from the guild.

General Rules of the Guild:
1. All members are expected to be active. If you disappear for too long without letting the Five Star General know first, you will probably be removed by the time you get back.
2. All members are expected to complete their post requirements each week. Also, you must show the ability to RP your character in Tempers Ball. If you cannot RP well, the Scribe of RP for the guild will help you.
3. All members are expected to follow orders given to them by Senior Officers. If you feel an order is unfair, please report it to the Five Star General. If you feel an order from the Five Star General is unfair, you should probably just leave.
4. Also, you must have fun. Not having fun will result in the Five Star General flogging you in public while the Allied Commander gives you wedgies.
5. Read the banner, it is there for a good reason.
6. Never, under any circumstances, attack without being told to do so or get permission. If you are attacked by a target whom the guild is not currently at war with, send the news of the attacks to one of your superiors and after investigation of the incident, if it is deemed acceptable for you to retalliate, you will be told to do so. We won't put up with people striking our realms out of war, so trust us, it will be taken care of and you will get what you lost back.
7. Report all war attacks, sorc attacks, and scum attacks to the proper high ranking members of the guild. Even report those scum attacks in which you do not see who attacked you, there are good reasons for the Five Star General to know if the guild or a single member is being scouted or scummed.
8. Only the Five Star General, Allied Commander, and Senior Officers are allowed to start guild related threads. If you would like to start a guild thread, say in the maxim forum, and you are not high enough rank, please ask someone of high enough rank permission, and you will more than likely be granted it.
9. All members will be required to proudly display their maxim guild of allegiance in their Temper's Ball signature line.
10. Any questions about these rules? Feel free to contact the GM and Co-GM listed below.
NOTE - Failure to meet the above requirements will result in removal from the guild.

In the event of the Five Star General (GM) disappearing for 5 days or longer:
The Allied Commander (Co-GM) will take over the guild. If the Allied Commander (Co-GM) is also unavailable at this time, the designated Senior Officer (the one with the most time in the guild as a member) will then take control. If it goes beyond that, it is recommended that the guild be disbanded due to lack of veteran leadership.

Posting Rules:
All members must post at least twice a week as required by the rules of Maxim. However, two posts a week is quite limited, and veteran members will be expected to contribute more than just the required two a week.
Notify the correct authority of your posts for the week. Usually this will be the Scribe of RP.
Avoid OOC remarks, usually you can say what you've got to say through RP, just get creative.

Tempers Ball Rules
- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites.
This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Contact Information:
Five Star General:
Private Message in Tempers Ball: xmarkusx
ICQ #: 167783059
AIM : xhockeyfnx
email: chris.wright@asu.edu

Five Star General:
Private Message in Tempers Ball: Elfie
ICQ #:61252320
email: Immortality.Evernight@gmail.com