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Created: 2003-02-26 09:15:00
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The divine Foret, growing displeased with the immorality and corruption in the hearts of humanity, sat among the stars of heaven contemplating a path leading away from the impeding doom hurtling towards the people of Tonan. Finally deciding on a path, Foret summoned his choir of angels to announce to them his decision. From among his angels, Foret selected Abdiel, an intelligent yet mischievous angel, to be the enforcer of his will, passing judgment where deserved. For his new task, Foret bestowed upon Abdiel two gifts: first was the gift of power, power higher than that of all the angels but not rivaling that of the gods, and second, the finest sword in all of the heavens, the Sword of Judgment. Yet with all his power and the Sword of Judgment, he was still subject to the will of Foret and thus inferior. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For many years, Abdiel distributed Foret’s judgment, with no mercy or compassion. Abdiel began punishing the people of Tonan for crimes that did not deserve death, yet Abdiel did it all in Foret’s name. After many years, one of Foret’s angels, Asmodeus, the angel in charge of watching over the people of Tonan, stepped forward to question Abdiel. “Abdiel, why does Foret have you commit such acts to the people of Tonan? Why should they be punished so much for so little?” Abdiel, slowly raising his head to meet the gaze of Asmodeus, stood in silence for a moment and with a sly smile, responded. “Well, if I had the infinite wisdom of Foret, I would not be down here, I would be in the heavens enjoying a tall mug of ale and a young, supple barmaid. If you want answers, why don’t you stroll up to Foret and ask.” “Yes, that is a possibility, but Abdiel, do you truly want to keep committing all these acts in his name? There is sure to be another way to do this without the harshness that Foret shows.” “In his name, no. I think you are right Asmodeus; we should go see Foret right now. I will lay the Sword of Judgment at his feet and refuse to do his bidding any longer.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Barely moments after Abdiel and Asmodeus had decided on their course of action, something strange happened. The ground began to heave as if it were an ocean not solid earth. Thunder roared with a ferocity that could cause the mightiest of heroes to fall to their knees and weep like a child. Fearing that they might be attacked, Abdiel drew the Sword of Judgment, ready to strike this foolish aggressor. Lightning, gathering from the heavens lanced down towards Abdiel and Asmodeus, striking the ground with a blinding flash. Then it all stopped, leaving in its wake, Foret himself standing before Abdiel and Asmodeus. Abdiel, regaining his composure, sticks the point of the Sword of Judgment in the ground and says sarcastically, “Hey Asmodeus, it looks like he saved us a trip. All the better, I didn’t feel like flying all the way up there anyway, it’s an awfully long trip.” Foret, slowly lifting his arm to point at Abdiel and Asmodeus, with a gaze that burns hotter than the fires of all hell. “Abdiel. Asmodeus. I heard your whole conversation. You have forsaken me, the one who created you. So be it, the punishment for your betrayal is banishment from the heavens to never return. You both shall not have your wings, and Abdiel or your power. You will keep the Sword of Judgment, but it will have no power for you.” Enraged by Foret’s punishment, Abdiel grips the sword of judgment’s hilt and swings with all of his might at Foret. Even with all of his quickness, Foret vanishes before the blade can strike. Frustrated by his failure, Abdiel turns his gaze to the sky and screams. “Foret, if takes the rest of my life, I will see you dead! I will sit on your throne in heaven and laugh as you die a painful death!” “Abdiel, I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but we don’t have a way to get into heaven, let alone the power to stop Foret.” “If I can’t get to Foret, I will have to get him to come to me.” “How do you plan to do that?” “There is a village nearby, I guess I’ll just have to go on a killing spree.” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Abdiel and Asmodeus proceeded to the village to draw Foret out. The battle did not last long, the two fallen angels disposed of the defenseless villagers with ease. Bodies strewn about and the village burning, a lone man walked through the flames to stand in front of the fallen angels. Seeing the man, Abdiel raises the Sword of Judgment, and with a sly smile, speaks. “I thought we killed everybody, oh well what’s one more sheep to shear.” With a bellowing laugh, the man steps forward to speak. “Dear Abdiel, you cannot kill me, for I am Darden, the demon of Tonan. I have a proposal, that you and your companion will not turn down.” “And what would that be?” “If you give me your souls, I will make sure that you have your vengeance against Foret.” After some time of thinking, both Abdiel and Asmodeus respond in unison. “We agree.” “Good, now that I have your souls, I might as well tell you, that I had no intention of keeping my promise. And there is no other choice but for you to obey my command.” With a sadistic laugh, Darden vanishes in a wisp of smoke. With a sigh, Asmodeus speaks. “I’ll be damned, we got punished and tricked by two gods, in the same day. I suppose that we have no choice, but to follow Darden’s will. “Wrong you are, Asmodeus. We will find a way to get into heaven, laying siege to it with a band of followers who also have been forsaken by Foret. One day we will have our vengeance against Foret. Now we must depart, to gather us some followers.”


GM: Archangel
AGM: Saraph
Squad Leader: Cherub
Full Member: Guardian Angel
Member: Warrior Angel
Newbie: Angel


This is the Forsaken's First Age.


1. All members of TF must abide by all rules of Canon, Temper’s Ball, and Evernight Staff members. 2. All members of TF must be loyal to TF and TF’s principles. 3. All members must remain active players of the game, while being part of TF. 4. All members must respect the chain of command and obey the orders of those of a higher rank. 5. All Members are encouraged to post in guild threads or roleplay in Temper’s Ball, but must follow the Temper’s Ball Rules, which are the following: -Do not make an ass of yourself. - Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff. - Do not spam or post redundant messages. - Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards. - Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed. - Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites. 6. All enemy activity must be reported to a squad leader or other authorities. 7. All members must be authorized by guild authorities before they may attack a target. 8. Violation of any of these rules will result in a disciplinary action from authorities. 9. If the present GM disappears, the AGM of War will immediately take his place. 10. If the present GM fails to do his duties, a vote will take place amongst all the members to remove the GM or not, the majority rules in this voting process. 11. To be accepted into the guild, applicants must contact the GM via e-mail with a brief synopsis of their experience in the game, what type of kingdom they are and must follow Darden. 12. Chain of Command is as follows: a. Archangel = GM b. Saraph = AGM c. Cherub = Squad Leader d. Guardian Angel = Senior Member e. Warrior Angel = Member f. Angel = Entry Level Member 13. Contact Information a. GM: Archangel Abdiel ICQ: 323595435 E-Mail: abdiel_tf@yahoo.com Yahoo Messenger: Abdiel_tf b. Co-GM: Archangel Ulfgar ICQ: -none- E-mail: fallarnon@yahoo.com Yahoo Messenger: Fallarnon