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Created: 2004-08-23 21:10:37
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The land was in chaos. People were scattered all over the land, living in horror and without any food to be eaten. Everytime the soldiers invade the land, thousand of people would die.I,however,was lucky enough to be safe from each war. Maybe this was because of the faith I had put into Isonia. Isonia really did blessed me. However, everything changed when the group of soldiers came to get our belongings. Both my father and mother were killed by the soldiers brutally.From that day on, i swear I will put a stop to all this evil deed of the soldiers. So, I took the chance to join the army when forces of the King came to the village of mine.

It was not easy in the beginning. I had to do a lot of harsh work and not properly fed due to the rank of mine. I was just a small worker in the castle. So, I put in mind to do the best and not giving up until one day, I finally being accepted into the soldiers. So, I fighted and fighted in the order of the King and i finally being promoted to be The Captain of The Royal Army. I was so proud that time.However, thing was not as expected. The King order me to killed the innocent and get their belonging. I was so dissappointed to have such a king. I thought it was too good to be a captain but it was not. I felt that i was just like the soldiers that killed my parent.So, I made up my mind and set off from the castle with some of my followers who were loyal enough for me to believe them. Then, I formed my own team which was called THE PAST which mean to forget all the past that had happened and not to let the history happen again.


GM: General
AGM: Minister
Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Captain
Member: Warrior
Newbie: Soldier


The past shall be forgotten very soon. People would live in peacxe again.


- All member must be faithful and loyal
- All member must not betray the guild
- All member must not do anything that will harm the guild
- All member must obey order given by GM
-All members must not apply for a promotion.The active member will be promoted.

1. GM
This is the title for the General
2. Captain
This is the title for the AGM
3. Sorcers
This is the title for whom that is chose to sorc
4. Scummers
This is the title for whom that is chose to scum
5. Warriors
This is the title for whom that is chose to fight
6. Soldiers
This is the title for the new member

Joining THE PAST
1. Character Description
2. Why you wish to be a member of The Past
3. Game history
4. Contact information (email,ICQ,MSN,Yahoo Messenger)

If the GM dissapear or fail to do his duties, the AGM will vote to choose a new GM.