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Created: 2004-08-19 05:41:33
Game: covenant
Faith: Barnabas


Waking up drenched in sweat and shaking with exhaustion, it took several moments of effort to gather himself. Thoughts and visions swam through his head with an over-whelming force and confusing clarity. These very thoughts would bring a swift death to him should The Council hear of them. Freedom, Bravery and Prosperity kept crashing into reality within his mind. Even just thinking these thoughts, these words brought a sense of rejuvenation to his spirit as they branded themselves upon his soul. The ideas brought a sense of purpose to his mind and an urgency to his body. 

These ideas presented in his dream brought about many problems. Problems that he alone could not possibly overcome. Reality has brought on a sense of caution to The Batlord. Memories of past atrosicities by the Heathens and the Council demanded that he proced with a carefully thought out plan. Slowly over the weeks and months he sowed seeds of hope, cultivating friends and allies to help him accomplish his goals and to bring his Vision to life. They meet under the dark of night, each sworn to secrecy; forfeiting their lives should he mention the gatherings. Plans were made and implimented, but many questions remain. The Batlord having spent the weeks and months studying and reading the old sacred forbidden scrolls of Isonia, stood up before the gathering of warriors and began to speak in a quiet but commanding whisper: 

[I] My friends…listen and listen well. We have reached a summit. We have faith, read and studied the scrolls. We have immersed ourselves mentally and physically in preparation for times to come... We have done as the asked of us, but I still feel this is not enough.[/I] Torkano asked [I]“But what is to be done now My Lord? "But what can we do Batlord? Like you have said we have read & studied all of her work, we have kept faith through all of our studies, what more is there we can do?"[/I]

 Batlord gets a faint smile on his face. [I]"We must set forth on a journey! We must find the The Lands of the Gods, There the Goddess of Equality will be revealed unto us. Will you travel with me to seek her."[/I] 

There was silence for a time, then Torkano spoke again, [I]"What shall we need on the Journey Batlord?"[/I]A sense of releif washes over the Batlord as he says; "You will need enough food to last 5 days & 5 nights, your weapons and let the faith will guide us to Isonia." As his friends and allies began to leave to make preparations for the journey, Batlord called out to them “We leave at first light.” 

For 5 days they did travel, with no sign of the Goddess. On the night of the fifth day they stopped to ask for guidance, while their heads are bowed in pray a hooded person steps forth into the camp. Batlord stood and drew his weapon! [I]"Identify yourself!" [/I]The hooded person slowly showed himself. With a look of surprise, The Batlord realized that this mystery person was a woman. With his weapon still drawn and his friends by his side, Batlord asked again; "Who be ye? What doest ye want?" The lady replies "I do not want anything, it is you that wishes for something!" Batlord with a puzzled look asked, "Who are you?" The lady replies "You already know who I am, it is you that is looking for me!"

Batlord lays his weapon aside and kneels on the ground at her feet. Torkano and his friends follow him in doing so. In the following weeks and months, The Batlord and his followers learned how to be truly great warriors. It was to be 10 months after they left their homes that their training would be completed and they begin their first real test.

 Appearing at a feast, Isonia appeared to Batlord and said, "This is to be your first real test as a great warrior, you must overthrow the overbearing Lord of your city, delivering freedom unto them and bringing true honor unto yourself and I". Their return to the city was met with much support as the peasants gathered behind the banners of IOM. Together they over throw the corrupt town council with very little bloodshed. The city was now theirs and they had a base of operations in which to launch future revolts against the unjust. 

The town was small and old, there were buildings that had been burnt to the ground and others that were nearly falling down. This town had seen much. There was much work that needed to be done, to make this town once again prosper, buildings needed to be repaired, the fields needed to flourish with the crops of the town, for they are hard and black from the fires and the blood. 

Two years past, his town had been through many more faith wars, but was still managing to survive, The fields were still hard and black from the fire and blood. The last winter was very rough, with war and famine. His people were leaving or dying, his town being burned by the heathens, he seeked guidance from Isonia many times, wondering if this was what his destiny was to be. Many of his friends that years before had helped him to take control of his city; had over the years left to start cities of their own. But they have always been friends, brought together by their shared experience and their faith in Isonia. 

That night he awoke with a start, he had a dream but wondered how could that be, he didn't have what was needed, just as he was about to tell his wife of his dream an aide and one of his childhood friends came bursting in, "Lord, a horde is coming, my town was burned to the ground, my people killed, there coming here now, I have 2 war ships and 4 galleys, we can rebuild somewhere else where, we can plant again, where the ground isn't hard or burnt from war, we can give our people a better life." Just then Isonia appeared into his doorway, "It is time Batlord! Time to become a true warrior, you must take these ships and your people to a more promising land." Isonia paused for a second, "Once there you must rid it of the heathens! You must teach them that the ways of myself, show them that Isonia is the one true Prophet." she pauses again "To anyone that will not follow the words of myself, rid their sins by death" Isonia looked around the room at the people gathered there and with a soft smile she said "I must go now, and so must you. You have a long journey ahead of you." With that Isonia spoke a couple of quiet words and disappeared in a wave of shimmering air. 

In his dream Batlord had been captaining ships on a new adventure, taking his people to a promise land. He now had his ships and the guidance from Isonia. Rallying his people and friends they quickly boarded the ships taking with them only what they could carry. As they sailed away they could see the smoke from there city and they decided to look to the future, and try to forget the past. 

He was surprised that he already knew exactly where to sail to, a beautiful Isle 5,000 kilometers south of his old homeland, in his dreams he heard the new name, Isle of Mastabas. He told his friends about his dreams and was astonished that they all had similar dreams, and dreams of others coming to join them to bring honor to Isonia, the one True Prophet and Warior. Upon approaching the isle he noticed to his sadness, a fight on the beach, natives were being killed by a group of heathens so his Clan took to the beach and helped defend the natives in a great fight that liberated the island. 

The natives thankful, shared with their saviours the secrets of the isle, the caves and the rich soil, the fresh lakes and springs. We shared with them the truths about The Equinox and found that they were attentive and masses of them converted. The Isle of Mastabas will bring great Honor onto Isonia and we look forward to others to receive the same dream and for them to come join us.


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member




1. All member MUST RolePlay following the rules
All posts in Maxim not done in OOC threads, must be in character, and in roleplay format. Any posts that do not meet this criteria will be edited or removed by a staff member. A common rule of thumb is one paragraph of roleplay as the minimum allowed. A paragraph is composed of at least four sentences.  

2. You must maintain active play (at least once every two days is expected). Read the banner daily. In addition, all queries from guild officers or your quad leaders must be replied to within 48 hours. Failure to do so may result in loss of a rank or expulsion from the guild. 

3. If you are leaving for more than 3 days you must notify the guild so we know not to count on you in the attacks. 

4. Icq or IRC are integral tools to communicate in this Guild and are mandatory. If you cannot use these it is your responsibility to compensate for their lack by very regular Emails and Aviaries. Failure to use them will result in your expulsion from the guild. 

5. You must always ask permission of your quad leader or an AGM before taking any offensive action not listed on the banner. This includes any scum operation other than scouting that you are caught on as well as sorcery and standard attacks. If you accidentally happen to conduct an attack w/o permission, you must immediately notify the guild officers. The only exceptions to this are in cases where you have been attacked 4 times or more or have had war declared on you or have caught someone burning structures in your kingdom. In these cases an immediate response is both justified and expected. 

6. Follow all instructions from your Quad Leader, the Agms and the GM’s. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action that may result in loss of rank or expulsion from the guild. 

7. Participation in guild activities and wars is mandatory. If you absolutely cannot participate in a war, you must notify your quad leader as early as possible. Regular nonparticipation in wars or activities is cause for expulsion. 

8. Ally with all members of your quad and no one else. It is important that you ally as quickly as possible with your quad mates. 

9. Promotions will be given as needed or as a reward for service rendered to the guild. Do not ask the GM or AGM’s as to when it will occur. Promotions are attained by length of continuous service to which are attached by custom and prior collective agreement of various rights and privileges. 

10. Report any attacks on you (whether scum, sorcery or actual attacks) to all of the officers listed on the guild banner. Please attempt to scout the person attacking you if possible. Send along the scout report along with the copy of the news items from your main screen.MAKE SURE YOU COPY THE NEWS ITEMS AND SEND THEM IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.

 11. As a veteran guild we have experimented with all types of Build, fortifying and battle techniques together we have put together what we feel to be the most effective for the way ~IOM~ operates and have implemented these techniques as a guild standard. Our members will follow these guidelines! Any member wishing to do otherwise must come before senior members and demonstrate conclusive proof of better technique. 

Posting in Temper's Ball

 a) When posting in TB, remember your actions reflect not only you, but theguild as well. b) Do not post for the guild unless you are an AGM and have consulted with the GM. c). Operations and guild activities are never to be posted in TB except by a GM d) Limit posts and do not impose on other guild threads unless welcomed e) Never insult or show disrespect towards another guild, regardless if we have been disrespected...we are above flaming and insults. This guild will not engage in this type of behavior! f) all members will follow the rules of TB: - Do not make an ass of yourself. - Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff. - Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards. E-mail or PM one of the administrators with details. - Do not spam or post redundant messages. - Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards. - Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed. - Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.  


GM/High Trolloc: BAT (temporarily Torkano while BATLORD is away): IOM founder/creator, Full Authority, Full Powers, has the sole task of accepting and booting all members and applicants and has the final word  If for some reason the GM can not perform his duties the Co-GM will take over. Co-GM/Trolloc: Torkano, Another one of the creators/founders chosen by Batlord. Both GM'S have full authority, sharing in all decisions and guild issues. AGM/Trolloc: Our "Elite select" senior Veterans, will carry out all of the GM's orders, be guild advisors, trainers, and disciplinarians. Ambassador/Seeker: Veteran member, proven loyal, faithful to IOM through length of service, experienced in Battle, duties performed and seniority. Seeker shall lead the Assassin, Minion and Myrdraal reporting to the GM's and Whitecloacks Squadleader/Assassin: A trusted man/woman, senior member that has proven loyal, faithful and devoted to IOM. Full Member/Minion: Will battle to the last, with honor and total loyalty, reporting to Whitecloacks. Junior Member/Myrdraal: Newcomers to IOM. Entry rank no privileges. Will do whatever is told of him/her without question, reporting to Knights. 

The Isle of Mastabas consists of many dedicated men and women of a diversified racial arrangement. As only experienced players are permitted into this veteran guild, applications should be sent by invitation only forthe privilege of serving the Guild at this personally intimate level. You can be assured that our leaders are among the finest leaders in this realm committed to maintaining the Honor of the Guild.