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Created: 2004-08-04 18:12:10
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


The man walked quickly in his rush to the temple, ignoring those trying to gain his attention in the streets. The squire had told him his presence was needed immediately, and there was much fear in his voice. Their plotting had become stale, their morale low. Something worth fearing was definitely worth the attention.

He smiled as he arrived at the temple doors, opening them forcibly. Not losing his pace, he continued walking until he found himself behind the alter.

"What is it that I have been summoned for?"
"Tis the creature in the cage high-priest."
The high priest looked upon the cage fully, noting the half starved wolf inside.
"Tis a black wolf, and nothing more."
"We mean not to be rude high priest, but you are wrong."

The man glared at the three priests standing before him, mostly at the one that found himself the speaker of the group.

"Yes. We have bled it for a week now and still it does not die. It has received no food or water in that time. It's muscle structure is not that of a wolf's, nor is it's eyes. It is a demon m'lord... Please, look for yourself m'lord, we beg of you."
"So this is the object of fear that is held within these walls. Yes, I shall look upon it as you have asked."

The man walked closer to the cage and knelt beside it, look at the tied up creature inside thoroughly. Several deep wounds could be seen in it's sides and throat, most almost completely healed. He looked at the muscle structure and then the closed eyes, gasping and jumping away from the cage as a crimson eye opened and looked fully upon him.

"Those eyes... those unnatural eyes..." He looked at the other priests shaking his head, then grinned and clapped as the realization of what the caged creature was.

"You are right, that is no wolf, nor is it a demon. Tis a shape shifter, something I never thought I would see in my lifetime. However, you have done well keeping it tied down and weak. It can be used to our advantage. Quickly, we must go prepare for the ceremony."

The high priest smiled again and led the three priests out of the temple on their way to prepare for the ceremony to come.

Wulfric awoke to the four men returning, unable to hear their exciting whispering. His interest was piqued when they coated a medallion in blood and placed it in a flame upon the alter. He tried to hear their murmured incantations upon the medallion, but again his hearing failed him.

Shortly thereafter the four men removed the object and carried it over to the cage in which he was being held, their excitement showing in their movement. He watched them as they removed the cage from around him and tightened the straps holding him down.

"This silver scale, shape shifter, will bind you to our noble god Foret, and through us you shall do his bidding. One day you shall be released, but until then you will do the bidding of the great god who watches over us."

Wulfric growled as the high priest cut deeply into his right rear leg, placing the scale deep inside the wound. He tried to struggle as the wound was sewn shut and he found his restraints being removed from him.

"Now rest shape shifter, for soon you shall be sicced upon the heathens."

Wulfric watched as food and water were placed before him. As the men left the temple He crawled to the food and water and took his fill.

A week passed. Everyday he was brought food and water, and everyday he stayed in his wolf form, collecting his energy and waiting for the moment to escape. His returned hearing brought to him the sounds of feet approaching the door. He gave a wolfish grin as the high priest entered, along with the three priests.

"And how is our favorite..."

He ran upon the priest as he spoke and lunged at his throat, cutting the man's speech off with his fangs in his throat. As his jaws closed on the man's main vein he found himself thrown violently to the ground by an electric shock within his body. When the spasms within his muscles subsided Wulfric changed to his human form, quickly withdrawing the dagger on his hip and throwing it into the heart of the bitten priest.

"So, you're magic trick only works if..."
Wulfric found himself again thrown to the ground by an internal shock, his body spasming even more than the last.

The high priest laughed and looked down upon him, the spasms in his body still uncontrollable.
"The scale imbedded in your body will leave you like you are now e'erytime you kill or attempt to kill one faithful to almighty Foret. We assumed you would not quickly learn your lesson, so let me tell you this. Every time the bolt will grow larger, and every time the effects will last longer than the last."

The priest high priest removed the dagger from the dead mans chest and laid it beside Wulfric, smiling.
"And before you try it. Only the masterful Foret or myself will be able to remove the scale from your body. Should you try it yourself, or get anybody else to; you shall suffer fits far worse than you have yet. You won't ever get it out of your body that way."

The man stood and walked towards the exit, the two living priests in tow.
"When you have recovered yourself, I suggest you begin your mission. Oh yes, tis best to remember this. No matter how great your skills may or may not be, ye shall never accomplish anything on your own. I'd suggest you find others to help you along the way."


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


Out of the shadows and into the light, the first season of carnage we now venture.


The rules of this guild are simple. Follow them, we'll get along fine and have fun; break them, and you will be punished accordingly.

Intra-guild Rules:

1. First and foremost you must follow ALL rules of Temperís Ball. These are as follows,
a. Do not make an ass of yourself.
b. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
c. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
d. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
e. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
f. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

2. (A: )Posting in Maxim rp threads is recommended, but not mandatory. Making more than two posts per week will increase your odds for promotion. Making no posts at all leaves you open to in-game repercussions. (B: ) When posting on the boards, all members are to be respectful of others. Any personal attacks upon others, both players and guilds, or upon the staff will not be tolerated.
If you are caught posting anything that a guild leader sees as violation of this rule, you will be immediately demoted to rank 6 for the duration of three weeks. Get caught again within any reasonable time period and you will be immediately booted from the guild permanently.
There will be no first or second warning on this, count this as your third. (Note: Disrespectful posts and reasonable time period are both subjective to the moods and whims of the guild leaders. It is suggested for this reason you moderate yourself, and if you feel something you wish to post may be a violation of this rule, ask a member of leadership if you can post it.)

3. Follow the guild hierarchy. If you are having problems with another person, in or out of the guild, report it to one of the guild leaders. It will then be addressed and taken care of.

4. All members must have some form of chat program. Aim, Aim express, Yahoo messenger, MSN, ICQ, and ICQ lite are all acceptable.

5. Do not start fights with other guilds. If you have a problem with another guild refer to rule number 3.

6. Leaking of any guild information will lead to immediate expulsion. Any ally guilds will also be notified of any member removed from the guild for this reason.

7. Do not repeatedly ask the guild leaders for a promotion. Rank promotions will be given on a merit basis. Any attempt to gain a promotion through bribery will be ignored, and you will be immediately booted from the guild.

Inter-guild rules:

1. Duress is a no-nap guild. This is self-explanatory and non-negotiable.

2. (A: ) Absolutely no heathen aide will be accepted by the guild for military operations. Military operations herein include both militaristic offensive attacks and stealth offensive attacks.

(B: ) No offensive military assistance will not be asked of allies, unless they are involved in the same battle. Should this situation come to pass, the strategy of each guild anchoring one another will not be tolerated by Duress's leaders.


The leaders of Duress will not shy away from public chastisement for the breaking of any rules, nor will they hesitate to report you to admin for breaking any rule of the game (ie: multi-accounting, etc., etc.).

Repetitive failure to follow guild rules will result in a member being permanently booted from the guild. Also, breaking any rule in what is deemed a severe disregard for said rule will result in your information being fed to heathen guilds; you will also find yourself never able to return to Duress.

Guild Hierarchy

1. Chieftain- The guild master. He/she is in control of all guild activities and is the final say in any decision made by the guild. The Chieftain has full guild rights and privileges.

2. Council of the Wise- Assistant Guild Master(s). They are second only to the Chieftain, and outside of any intervention of him/her, their word is law. The Council of the Wise have full guild rights and privileges.

3. Warlords- Highly trusted guild member. The Warlord is often left in charge of training and leading the Conscripts, Squires, and Peasants. Warlords have the fullest guild rights and privileges given to regular members.

4. Conscript- A proven and trustworthy Squire. The Conscript has more privileges than the Squire or the Peasant.

5. Squire- The basic class of guild member. The squire has a few basic guild privileges.

6. Peasant- A Squire in training. The peasant has no guild privileges whatsoever.

Loss of Chieftain:
Should the gm have the leave the guild for whatever reason, they will have the option to appoint a new gm. If the current gm does not appoint a new gm, or disappears before they could, the guild will vote and appoint one of the agms as the new guild leader.

Failure of Chieftain:
Should the gm fail in any of his or her duties a meeting will be held among the agm's. In that meeting the fate of the current gm will be decided, and several possible candidates for new gm will be decided. Those candidates shall be submitted to the guild for a vote, and the one with the most votes shall become the new gm.

Rules for guild acceptance:

Anybody wishing to join the guild are asked to submit the following information to one of the guild leaders after submitting their application to join. No application will be accepted until the leaders have the following information. This information will be accepted through the guild email contact (ResurrectedDuress@yahoo.com).

1. Kingdom name and number.
2. Email Address.
3. At least one (1) messenger contact.

Leader Contact Information:

Guild contact:
Yahoo ID: ResurrectedDuress
Email: ResurrectedDuress@yahoo.com

Chieftain: Wulfric
Icq: 39460627
Msn: Warlock_Roguewolf@hotmail.com
Yahoo ID: Captainrizzo
Email: Warlock_Roguewolf@hotmail.com