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Created: 2004-08-03 22:42:33
Game: covenant
Faith: Leto


Few stand to witness this scripture. Your readings attribute to our beginnings and help in our continuation across the cosm. Reluctance speaks at no width in the pains of war. We ride for the might of Darden, our passions in his image.

Lifting his head in silence he gathered the surroundings about him. Listening to the world and its echoes through the sand and mud, the sweetest things came from the Earth. He had decided that a long time ago, after he lost her. Now this path, broken and ruined, is moving like the wind from host to host, area to area. There is no anchor for the timid beast.

His eyes fluttered as he doze some more, whirling these thoughts like a storm.

Memories were only pain now, distant light echoing in the reason of all griefís path, chanting in purgatorial stillness. Just like lightening, crashing into the realities of today from past tomorrows. Each beating and cracking like a whip whose intent is bent to destroy, lashing the fleshes with molten anger. Scars heal but sorrows and suffering stay with men who nurture them.

We all nurture-

Lies are broken wounds that heal in still relief to the passion of our futures fruits. This like no other; in his eyes no less then a path whose journey seems not to end. No more then this still relief. In fragrance all beauties fund.

He moved finally, minds eye swirling to the breeze of eternity. Soft glare, sugar against the skin's call. Little voices and the hopes. All the natural burdens of mortalities snare.

An army of long ago, or now? He doesn't know. But still in the sky like a pillar of Elysian dust, a cloud. The voices of the many. A collective. Hatred. Still to his sides and all around thousands. Millions. All warriors; all beasts. All awakening at the same time. To his feet a cliff's edge.

The millions begin to stand. Raising themselves from the sand. In his eyes like many others simplicity, understanding, and terror. His arrival is forgotten. There are no weapons but one sword. Stuck in the stones at the cliff's ridge. They can all see it. They are all equal and able to grasp it. Yet none move.

The cloud of majestic moves closer. It is the terror. Deaths final ditch. Not a heaven, nor the hell. Just a collective hatred. Nothing could be like this? Dream's are blinding. He finds it hard to check this reality.

"Is this real?" He asks, and they all heard.

His eyes again drifted to the sword, and an echo heard throughout. "It's our weapon." The cloud of darkness was no longer majestic. His eyes focused on it. Its movement quickened. His heart began to glide and life had already ended. The focus continued and still not another soul moved.

It would be him.

He began to run, catching from within all the memories of the life he had lived. Thinking to himself that this was a dream, he would always wake... he would always wake and this wouldn't have happened. The two worlds memories and there clouded sins. His mind turned this to torture for his lies that had been.

He reached the sword which seemed to be already in his hand, finishing his run with him. There journey at the edge becoming a rush of air as the wind passed around all sides. His fury to the hatred and final answers untold. The nameless solider who wouldn't fold. What other memory would the masses pay to him?

A slight relief of life takes the blade as it cuts through the cloud of darkness. His life is destroyed upon the immortal touch of the cloud. Lifeless the body falls, its mind only to join and be a sacrifice, the way it seems to work out. It would be he. The tears fall hard like rain again. Nothing will ever change.

The Cloud of Sin whispers to him, "Welcome to my mind." It allows the screaming to begin.

So to be the first Harbinger was created and born in the world of Tonan.


GM: Harbinger
AGM: Luminary
Squad Leader: Cleric
Full Member: Slayer
Member: Rogue
Newbie: Guard


Each Harbinger rises to the leadership of his age. This like before but not like the rest.


Have Fun: This is only a game. Often we allow our emotions to get the better of us. There is no need to damage friendships and make personal enemies.

Activity: You must be an active player to become a member we require that you play your realms at least once every two days, if not more.

Posting: Maxim is a role play intensive game, we require you to post at least twice a week, again, if not more. You are of course required to post twice a week in the Maxim game.

Respect: Don't make an ass of yourself. You represent the guild in all expanses of the Canon game. Remember the golden rule: treat others as you expect to be treated.

Attacking: Do not attack without being ordered to do so. We are a team, in this sense everything must be determined and known. We all must work together.

Communication: Communication is a must; we are a team as stated above. We need to speak over an IM of some-short to keep lines of open communication. Your guild mates are also your friends. Scribe is not enough.

Follow the over all site rules and TB Rules:

- Do not make an ass out of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in the IRC room unless specifically asked by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post realm numbers or names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Charter: The Charter and its rules are set in stone for all the ages. No Harbinger, Luminary or Cleric may change it, re-order it, or alter it in any way. We are the Order, divine and forever, like the oceans of all the worlds.

Applying: Just apply. Yes it would be nice to hear from you, ICQ, or MSN, but once you are in the gates we shall contact you and expect response from you. Without response, you will be ejected. Before ejection, the Order allows a time span of 36 hours to contact the GM's. We try our best to keep our members, however, members who fail to contact GM's at the start will not stay longer than the time alloted.

The Banner: Read it please, it is around for a purpose. All information that is current and important will be placed on it. Please keep up to date.

Ranks & Status:

The guild follows Order. Thus is part of our name. Because of this, the ranks are laid out quite well; there is a place for everyone. The guilds leadership roles work like a military force. Added, the Harbinger and Luminary's are the only ones who can hand out priv's.


Harbinger: The Leader of the Order. Forge to the Immortals, and keeper of the Tower. He/She is the final say of the Order. The Harbinger may be replaced at any time, and in case of the absence of the Harbinger, a new leader will be decided by willing leadership and able memebers to step forward.


Luminary of War: Put in place by the Harbinger, the Luminary of War may be changed when the Harbinger is changed, or a new Harbinger is set in place. He/she conducts all matters close to war but does not decide wars. Wars are decided by the Harbinger. It is also the duty of the Luminary of war to decide squads.

Luminary of Scum: The Luminary of Scum can be changed at any time, but once this position is held by a player it is kept. It is the duty of the Luminary of Scum to keep the guilds interests in his or her best interests throughout the age, or throughout his or her length as the Luminary of Scum. A new Harbinger may not replace the Luminary of Scum, he/she may only step down, and then the Harbinger must replace him/her.

Luminary of Sorcery: The Luminary of Sorcery can be replaced at any time by any Harbinger. This position is determined of the playerís ability. This player must also have the ability to put together a small four man squad of sorc players for war times.

Luminary of the Prophet: This is the diplomacy Luminary. It is natural for the Harbinger to elect a Luminary as his/her voice. This can also be the second in command, above the Luminary of War.

Clerics: Keepers to the souls, care givers of the guild. The Clerics watch to make sure everyone is posting, as well as give tips on building, and are generally willing to help out wherever they can. Clerics can be handed different responsibilities and be labeled different titles for the purposes of the various Harbingers.

Slayer: Slayers were previous Rogues who have shown great skill in their specific domain (scum, war, sorcery). They were extremely active and helpful in battle. Slayers are also required to help the Cleric with any duties they may be overwhelmed with. They also help out Rogues or Guards to get familiar with the ways of the Order, and make them feel welcomed amongst us.

Rogue: After proving much skill to the Order, Guards are moved up to Rogues. They are required to be very active in battle, and also help protect the inhabitants of the Order. They have proven to be active and very involved with posting. Rogues show great skill in battle it whether it is in war, sorcery or scum.

Guard: Newcomers to the Order begin with this rank. As a guard, their duties include simple tasks. Being active, posting, and coming to as much aid as they can to their peers. They are also known as Gate Keepers. They guard the gates of the Order and ensure the inhabitantís safety.

Promotions: Promotions are made when users are posting, playing, and are general active in the guild. You are showing willing support, and doing your part, as well as more. We are a tight unit, and a team. No promotions will be handed to hero's or try-hards.

Demotions: Demotions are given out when users are not following the rules of the game. If so choose a Harbinger may even demote you because of events on Temperís Ball. Demotions will be automatically handed down at the discretion of the Harbinger, or when rules are broken. No exceptions, accommodations, or regrets.

Ejection: This is left up to the situation and Harbinger