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Created: 2004-08-03 04:05:04
Game: covenant
Faith: Barnabas


(The reading below is under editing for this new age/new game we're in now.)

The Dream had come, there was no denying it and Maenas knew this. As she stared off into the blackness of the night, one thought came to her...she must find someone who could interpret her Dreams...the Coniecturae.

She'd only heard rumors of the Coniecturae's existence. Taking only the bare necessities, the Elemental stole through the night, resting only during the day. Maenas passed over the rolling hills and through the desolate valleys, moving through the shadows.

Each township and village Maenas rested in, she searched. After a day or two of inquery, local inhabitants would begin to treat her with suspicion, even the priests. As she walked the streets at dusk, she had but to catch someone's eye to know their minds, their thoughts. Each so very different, but all had a common thread..who was she and why was she here?

On rare occasions she'd come upon one who's mind only reflected back what her own would to such a touch, a piercing blindness, a clear message, Keep out; she moved on neither party needing to risk knowing what the other was, there was always a better time for things. Sometimes in varying villages, the Elemental would cross paths with a kindred. On all accounts, fellow Elementals were far more receptive of her than any others. Their thoughts would meet, in mere moments..exchanges made, one mind to another, each time, a new kinship born.

Her company grew, one by one Darden brought them together, all in search of the Coniecturae. For Maenas, this one represented peace of mind; she'd never have to guess what her Dreams truly meant again. For her company, they wished to follow the Dreamer; they believed Darden himself inspired such slumberous visions and would give their lives to serve Him.

These fanatical Elementals, who would fight alongside eachother, die for eachother, Maenas now called Cognatio..her Family. Never had she known such a Divinely-inspired group, they were as brothers and sisters of the same blood, and they believed, sought to follow her Dreams, to live and to conquer..the Cupitor Somnium.

The company grew in number. Some coming by themselves, others swearing their households and military in service of Darden and Maenas' search. Soon, news of their arrival preceded them. Surf and King alike watched from window and tower as dusk drew on..shadows glimmered..the Elementals, like an aparition, surfacing on the horizon. Hordes of Basilisks, the waning sunlight glistening against silver blades and their infamous cold, deadly gaze. The light-streaked sunset blotted out by the Demons in flight that watched over their masters from above.

Thus they came, the Elementals, village to village, township to township, searching ceaselessly. At times, they encountered unwelcoming places, inhabited only by Non-believers. These unfortunates met the Basilisks' ice-dead gaze, becoming literally pertrified, like old dead wood, as the silver blades ended their pitiful existence. The Demons feasting upon their flesh and bone. Entire townships..nought but ash in the Elementals' firey wake. On rare occassion, the Elementals salvaged a Sidhe from its raveged lands. These few Sidhe were so bound to live, they swore their very souls to the Elementals' protection..they were forever forth known as the Stigmatias. Of the Centaur race the Elementals had no need and ignored them completely, not allowing these creatures to be added to the Faithful fold nor did they take them as Stigmatias. A time would soon come that the Gods themselves would deem this race obsolete as well and none would ever see an army be raised again of the Centaur's kindred, much as would be seen of the Sidhe's future as well upon the Isle. On the final night of their journey, the group approached the last realm in site for miles in either direction. Expecting only the same..passing rumors of the Coniecturae's existence and a name, "Xagh Livix"..the Elementals would not give up, yet neither did they expect too much. A stark figure, all alone in the night, stopped them at the gates. The cowl of the hood hung low over its head, the fabric flowed down over him, brushing the ground about his feet. With the Demon's hovering soundly overhead, the figure held up its right palm, calling to Maenas. She approached, tentatively at first, a few vigilent, protective Elementals following close behind. The tall figure lowered the hood of his robes with a distant smile, a slow nod as he caught Maenas' tired gaze. His thoughts, clear in her mind, in an exchange that took only seconds, the full of both their memories raced between their minds as one. Xagh had expected her all along, when finally he spoke, he whispered to her, looking over the group proudly,"I knew you wouldn't come alone...Accepto Somnio.."

The Elementals and their Sidhe Stigmatias settled the lands surrounding Xagh Livix's own realm... They had found their destiny, and would live to see their will sovereign's Will be done.

In Darden's service and to His Glory, The Fides came to be an awesome force in the lands. Having come together with the first rays of light and the first shining of the stars in this world, the Faithful prospered and with their faithmates took Darden's name to all corners of the lands, Darden's Bowl outpoured and His name known and Feared by believer and heretic, peasant and King alike. The Elementals were not a single-minded race bent on war and Despair alone however. For truth, many of their kindred were battlehardened, oft times finding themselves living out of of tents from one battlefront to the next with nary a day of rest between, yet they were not simply death-blinded warmongers.

There were scholarly Elementals among them, those who enjoyed being part of the history of the Isle, their Dreamer having foretold their race alone would endure throughout all the upheaval and changes age to age, lifetime to lifetime and each new birth of races and deaths of others this fortune proved true. First to come was not a new race or people, but ones just showing their faces to the world, the Natives. And these the Elementals would learn to abide with and share much lore of the land. Also did they embrace the Droben when this race were but infants in the world, accepting these earthen creatures as brothers. For a short time the gods breathed live into elvens and goblins and humans, few of these remain and like the Sidhe and Centaur the future would not see an army raised by these races again though some of these creatures would yet exist in small numbers. The sooth soon took to seeing the coming of a new race in the night, one that would find its sleep within the earth during the daylight hours and when this happened the Elementals decided they would welcome them as they had the Droben and if they would not come and there was need of their talents as there had been with the Sidhe before them, they would be taken into servitude, but that was ages to come yet. Always the Fides grew in understanding and power. Long ages after there came another deep slumber for the Dreamer as the Lands entered next cycle of Darkness, one that lasted longer than any creature of the land could remember to date.

It seemed she had slept for Ages upon ages now. The last night she could consciously remember the Fides had gathered to celebrate the conquering of Tonan and the Maxim Isle in the name of Darden. The Gods had called for the Great Silence over the lands. During these months there were no wars, there was no murder, there was, quite simply, Nothing.

As time wore on, the people grew restless, heathen and Anointed alike. They prayed for the Gods to lift the Great Silence that had kept them all at a standstill for so long. Maenas had come to feel certain that only the utmost devotion would end this Darkness. She told her Coniecturae of a venerable ceremony, one of diligent devotion and sacred Faith. Xagh called The Fides to assembly and Maenas explained the ceremony. Once the new blood-bonds were carried out, each of them lay upon beds made from the bones of the vanquished. As Maenas' voice echoed softly through the room in prayer, they fell into a deep, trance-like slumber. Thus they remained until the Gods broke their silence and the Isle came to life once again.

Maenas woke now, grabbing hold of a slender wrist as the hand reached for her throat, her eyes flashed open and the face of a startled nymph came blurrily into view. She was told of a war meeting, read missives and news as if nothing had ever been different.

Long had the Faithful bled and died for the Despairing One. A stalwart ally their faithmates could depend on no matter the risk or consequences. But something grew amiss. Self-doubt and idleness had crept into the hearts and minds of Darden's people. It was the Fides' mission to bring Darden's Great Despair to all corners of the land, innundate the Isle with Darden's Power. Yet..the Faithful seemed alone in their hunger. Darden's people had begun to grow content with their place in the world, had lost their drive to bring the heathen to submission.

The Faithful would never lose that drive, that ambition to conquer all that which opposed them. They had grown beyond the bounds of Darden, for His people no longer understood nor shared Fides vision of elite greatness. As always, Maenas would leave the fate of their beloved banners to the Dreams.

The nymph came dutifully as always to rub the fragrant oils into the Elemental's skin, the dry leaves crackled and smoothed down under the nymph's gentle touch. Slowly Maenas sank into the welcomed oblivion of sleep.

The darkness of her slumbering mind cleared, she found herself walking through a deep forest in the twilight. Tonan's moons shown down brightly, streams of moonlight breaking through the thick canopy of trees. Laying down against the moist soil of the ground, Maenas smiled as her body welcomed the earth beneath it, the leaves of her skin fluttered against the soil, breaking apart, the leaves lay still on the ground, her form distinguishable yet the body gone. The leaves swept themselves up, stirring into the wind they took flight, circling into a clearing deep within the forest where her form came together again. Maenas sat down on an old, hollow tree, waiting.

His voice came to her from the moonlight. Clear and deep, welcoming. "Will you come to my fold now, Dreamer? You know in your soul the Despairing One seeks to destroy you from within. They show you their true colors every day, will you abide with the Demon of Tismad still? Or will you come to seek my Justice?"

Maenas stood up, startled by the words, from a voice she had never, ever, heard speaking in her Dreams before unless it was to mock of death coming to her people. She replied, "Leave me, thou art the Bastard God, I have no use for you. By the Faithful's hands you will be destroyed, Darden will make sure of it."

A laugh, like none she'd heard, filled the night, she glared back in defiance as He spoke again.

"Surely you aren't that foolish Dreamer. I've watched you, I know you. I know you've sought to bring your wayward, so-called faithmates together against My Chosen. What has it gotten you? Nothing. They will not follow you to victory Dreamer. They will wait on Me. They will serve as vessels to feed My Chosen because they will not act to stop us while they have time to do so. You've seen the evidence yourself. This night, your ally against My Chosen was taken from you by force, by your own faithmates. No. You do not belong there, you are better than that. Seek the Demon's word now, you will not hear him. He has left you. Where I have come. Ask your soul if My words are truth...."

When she woke, she gathered the Faithful and told them of the Dreams. The Coniecturae interpreted. They had been chosen to rise up out of the rubble the Darden faith fallen to and realize their full potential. Foret's Faithful they had become. In their changing of faith the Coniecturae decided they would not bring their slaves with them, nor would they be released to ever speak of their tenure as forced servants of sorcery. The race itself was dwindling considerably. When the time came for the Faithful to gather under Foret's banner, one of the Sidhe who had proved his worth above the others was offered to join the Fides under Foret with one condition. That he end the lives of all the Sidhe left in the holds and this he did. He would be reborn as only one other in their long history had been and become one of their own after his last task of death was done. Usually there were tales or rumors that sprouted with happenings but as it went, with so few Sidhe outside the Elementals' grasp, there was very little ever known or mentioned of the genocide, it was simply a mystery of the Isle. As was their way the Faithful under the Coniecturae's iron fist brought Foret's righteousness to bear from one coast of the Isle to the other.

Time changes and there came a time in their history when they'd done all that could be done in Foret's service. His name they'd seen become the most powerful, His faith undaunted, His countenence praised with more souls to his keeping than either of His rivals and He allowed His Faithful to rest. Maenas was a student of the lore and wisdom of the land and the Gods that birthed it. Even while the Faithful took their rest again, she and a few of her brothers along with Xagh traveled the lands and kept themselves aware of its needs. Long ago scrolls discovered in the bowels of Tismad told of the truth of the gods, of the peace they'd once sought, and the wars they'd waged when they themselves were on the very brink of death. They needed war, in fact situated their followers to do their bidding and bring these wars against eachother such was their need for souls rendered unto them in battle for as the scrolls stated each new soul gave more power to the god who claimed it. The Elementals had seen the land itself come under attack by a dreaded Ooze and the battle that ended it finally, yet now was another battle of a different kind. Some of the Isle's followers had started to believe a true peace could be acheived in this world and was right to work towards. Did they not know what this would mean to their Gods? Wars were what the gods were made of and depended upon for survival and their own wars amongst themselves beyond the sight of their creations would see only one of them survive in the end. The land was in jeopardy, if a peace was seen amongst all the faiths, the gods would cease in all memory and thought and being. The land was calling its Elementals forth once again.


GM: Coniecturae
AGM: Accepto Somnio
Squad Leader: Cupitor Somnium
Full Member: Liberorum Somnio
Member: Stigmatias
Newbie: Poena


Of the First gathering of guilds on Maxim, after times of sleep and wandering, a new land calls.


Elementum ab Fides (Fides)

Contact Info:
GMs: Xagh Livix & Maenas (Baron G & Tara), Email: Baron G - hhg@post.com; Tara - tarawenchie@yahoo.com. ICQ: 8901528

GM (rank 1): Coniecturae
AGM (rank 2): Accepto Somnio
Trusted Soliders (rank 3): Cupitor Somnium
New Comers (rank 4): Liberorum Somnio
The Slaves (rank 5):Stigmatias
The Punished (rank 6): Poena

Rank Descriptions:
Rank 1: Coniecturae. Directly and solely responsible for the guild and its actions, both 'in-game' and in the Maxim forum. No wars or treaties will be made without his express approval. The GM (or one he specifically allows) may accept new applicants, promote/demote/remove guild members, alter this Charter, or Disband the guild.
Rank 2: Accepto Somnio. Also responsible for the actions of the guild, answering to the GM. May make binding treaties/ceasefires and order war or peace at her discretion and with the approval of the GM.
These first two ranks are keys in the story and held by 2 people Xagh and Maenas.
Rank 3: Cupitor Somnium. Aid the Accepto Somnio in the workings of the guild. Is also responsible for the active RP environment of the guild.
Rank 4: Liberorum Somnio. Those who are new to Fides will be placed here until thier worth is determined
Rank 5: Stigmatias. Plainly, these are slaves to the Elementals (see story above). They are responsible for doing whatever the guild asks of them or they will be executed.
Rank 6: Poena: This is a punishment rank in this guild, not an entry-level rank.

Tempers Ball rules:
- Do not make an ass out of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in the IRC room unless specifically asked by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post realm numbers or names on the boards.
- Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards. E-mail or PM one of the administrators with details.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Account Bannings: You will be given 3 warnings for excessive violation of this rule. Keyword, excessive. After that third warning, you will be banned. It may be for 24 hours, 48 hours, a year, a month, 5 minutes.

COPPA Compliance -
You must be over the age of 13 years old to register an account with Evernight Games. If you are not over the age of 13, you must have parental consent which consists of a written agreement by your parent mailed to us.

Roleplay Rules:
Roleplay posts are to be at least four full sentences.
Abbreviations. Such as :), ;) etc. Don't use them. Don't be lazy-write it out.

Booting threads is not allowed.

Do not re-edit your post after a Staff member has edited it.

Promotions Procedure:
Do not seek promotion in this guild. When you prove yourself through battle, prove yourself to your guild..you will be promoted. If you seek your own promotion by words alone, you will not get what you ask.

Application Procedure:
We have sought the ends of the world of Tonan for the best warriors. Depending upon the current environment of Tonan there are times that the Faithful will accept wandering souls and test their worth. They will either be accepted as one of our own, or they will be set loose in the unguilded lands.

"Disappearing GM":
In the event both Co-GMs cannot be reached, the War AGM will be solely responsible for the guild. The remaining AGMs will meet and decide upon a new Guild Master from amongst their ranks. No one below the rank of AGM shall assume the Guild Master's role.