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Created: 2003-02-26 04:52:46
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It started with the Simple Sin, a single death of a Darden follower. The battle that took place soon thereafter was everything but spectacular. After the Battle of the Gods, the War of the Followers began. The Council collapsed and with it took most of the organization and unity any city had. Now, instead of cities, there were kingdoms; with a single ruler at the head. Many kingdoms formed together to create guilds, which were hierarchy in structure. This guild in particular, Torn, was formed recently, with the downfall of civilization.

After the Last Sin, Tismad was effectively in ruins. Torn, a man named after the separation of faiths, rallied together some of the Foret followers. And he formed a tribe, thus the name. The tribe Torn was the first to rise up in the name of Foret, making them role models for those who called themselves followers of Foret.

Torn chose Foret, as a poor family had raised him; and he was taught that justice always came to the ones that deserved it. Darden, Torn thought, fooled his believers. Torn was an ordinary man, yet he could see through people, right down to their intentions. Also, Isonia was also out, because even though he believed in equality, with her beauty, she could not truly stand for equality.

After many ages of fierce battle, Torn began to come of age. Torn?s two sons, Rob and Horndog, assumed leadership from their father. They were both young men, Rob the eldest. Rob is a powerful warrior in the tribe. He showed many leadership skills at an early age. Rob led many battles for his father in his later years. Rob was a master of the sword and axe. He always knew right where to hit the enemy, and knowing his leadership and battle skills his father knew that he would be the able one to lead the troops of his tribe. Horndog on the other hand, was tactical genius and always knew how and when an enemy would attack. He also knew how to come up with new engineering to defend the tribe against the heathens. Rob got the muscles and battle skills and Horndog got the intelligence and tactics that their father used for many ages.

Soon, Torn fell deathly ill. Torn knew he was dying, as did his sons. His last commands were to make the tribe public and fight for Foret in his name. They agreed this and took command of Torn?s tribe. Soon thereafter Torn marched for their first battle under Rob and Horndog?s sole command.

The enemy was Isonia. It was not an easy victory, but they had won nonetheless. After Rob received the news of victory, Horndog entered the room with a saddened expression. Rob knew what had happened before Horndog could tell him.

"I know what you have come to say, but say it anyway to settle my mind," said Rob.

"Our father is dead," Horndog said, simply enough.

Rob looked deeply troubled by this. He then sighs loudly. "I knew this day would come, however I prayed that father would receive news of our first victory before passing."

Horndog had a slight smile on his face. "He knew that we won, I had sent a message to him before the battle even started, announcing our victory."

Rob had a brief flood of anger on his face, and then he was calm. "But what if we lost, brother?"

"Then he still would have died proud of us, with honor in his eyes," stated Horndog with dignity.

And now this brings us to the present. Horndog and Rob declared themselves Hellraisers, able to destroy in their father's name. And in the mist of every battle, Horndog still has a message sent to their father's resting-place...news of their recent victory, to be read aloud before Torn's grave marker.


GM: Hellraisers
AGM: Spiritual Leader
Squad Leader: Hunter
Full Member: Tribesmen
Member: Gatherer
Newbie: Grunts


TORN is the reincanation of the guild RoT.



The guild has adapted a tribal model for its hierarchy:

HELLRAISERS (GM's): The public faces of the guild, they are responsible for overseeing all aspects of the guild's day-to-day operations and making important strategic decisions, such as war and peace and the manner in which the guild will assist allies to ensure victory for Foret and their allies. If either should fail, the other will assume full command. If both should come to fail, the current highest ranking officer will be chosen to fill their shoes and fight in the name of Torn.

SPIRITUAL LEADERS (AGMs): Leaders in vital areas of guild operations. They are the closest advisors to the Hellraisers. Their functions will be assigned by the Hellraisers.

HUNTERS (junior AGMs): As the guild grows, additional officers will be appointed.

TRIBESMEN: They have demonstrated to the Hellraisers that they are trustworthy and have superior hunting skills. They are often squad leaders.

GATHERERS: Relatively new and up-and-coming members who have recently demonstrated a modicum of success.

GRUNTS: New members who have yet to prove that they have any gathering potential.


The leader of the guild for this age is:

Lorenc : 164473453

Killer : 168923183


Our guild will offer a player a chance to have fun, but also a chance to win. We want to succeed, but we also want our members to be happy. However, the following conditions must be adhered to:


2. Be loyal to the guild and to Foret

3. Do not discuss internal guild matters with non-members

4. Do not discuss inter-faith matters with enemies

5. Obey orders from guild officers

6. You must act in a mature manner when in Tempers Ball (TB). The following specific guidelines are mandatory per the Evernight terms of service

a. Do not make an fool of yourself

b. Do not post accusations of cheating

c. Do not post bug reports.

d. Do not post realm names or numbers or any Evernight account names.

e. Do not post redundant messages (i.e. spamming)

f. Do not use profanity or vulgarity For a more detailed explanation of these rules, please see

7. You must have ICQ or AIM in order to be a member of this guild. A Grunt will be given 2 weeks to acquire either. If the new member fails to do so, he/she will be expelled promptly.

8. No multiple accounts. If you are found to have multiple accounts then you will be expelled instantly and the authorities notified. No ifs, ands, or buts. Make every effort to behave courteously in all communications with friend and foe alike. Do not taunt or make unprovoked insults via aviary, ICQ, AIM, TB, or any form of communications. Never resort to namecalling.

9. You may only use your vacation for a real life absence. If you are found to be a coward and use your vacation to dodge an attack or something of that nature, then you will be disciplined.

MEMBERSHIP AND PROMOTION First, this guild is open to all. We welcome new members, including members of the fairer sex. No prior experience required. However, this is a cutthroat tribe and we ask that you apply only if you are serious about being an active participant in guild affairs and spending significant time networking with your fellow guildmates.

You shall be promoted as we deem fit. If you have a problem, or feel that you deserve a rank better than what you have, contacts us and we shall work it out.

If you were in ROT in the other game, please contact us. We will arrange to have your application accepted automatically and given the rank of Gather. Otherwise, you must send an email to Natedog154@hotmail.com containing the following information:

1. Your real name.

2. Your Kingdom name and Leader name.

3. Your history in Monarchy and Canon (past guilds, how long you have been playing, etc.)

4. Why you would like to join us (just a quick explanation)

5. Instant messaging information (ICQ, AIM)

6. The times when you tend to play.

If you apply in-game and do not submit this information via email, your application will be summarily rejected and you will be blacklisted.

Applicants who are known to guild officers, may be recommended to start off as Gathers by the Hellraisers.