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Guild Name:

CHANTI (Chanti)

Created: 2004-07-14 08:59:05
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


Thick fog rolled down slowly from the hills towards the outskirts of Dorden. As it worked its way through the trees of the northern forest, the wreathing mist pulled a thick blanket over the cold carcasses lying on the small clearing. Death came quickly upon the city night watch to collect the loose souls of the guards - his fingers stroking in their hair, his mouth sucked on theirs to sip the last shred of their existence. Two dark figures were sitting on horses next to the bodies, with red fire slowly paling their eyes as the moon disappeared in the labyrinth of the nebula. One of the horses scuffled restlessly but stood back in his place as his rider whispered a word. Soft wind drove waves of milky haze through the field and silence ruled the night in the glade again - deadly silence.

The tall figure turned to the smaller one, his eyes glowing up in unearthly ruby colour for a second. Thoughts left his head and settled down in the other's mind.

"Our Lord is very gracious tonight. I still feel the metallic taste of blood under my tongue. My knife will give at least a dozen souls to Him by dawn."

The small figure didn't reply, she was busy cleaning her sword with a soft leather sponge. As she finished with it, she silently dropped back the mildly shining piece of metal into its scabbard. A small magical carving flashed up in the dusk, a shape resembling a rose in front of a dagger. She put her hand on the sword and the guild seal stopped glowing at once. The coming night didn't favour lone roaming people because the Children of Calamity arrived at precincts of the city to take innocent lives. Nature held its breath back for a minute, until the two dark elves took their way towards the sleeping city. A city dreaming about the sweet kiss of death tonight.


The maid took his headdress down with a tired sigh, and hurried down the stairway into the kitchen. The town clock had bid farewell to the midnight already hours ago and the landlord finally fell asleep. He had very bad dreams the last couple of days and the maid had to sit next to his bed with fresh water and sleeping herbs until he finally found peace among the huge silk-covered pillows. She was tired to death and hadn't eaten since morning. Yet she was happy because she would have some time to sit on her son's bed and crooning a lullaby for her sleeping beauty, her one and only joy in life. The girl sat down at the table and started eating the remains of dinner, chewing on the bones and scraping the potatoes caught in the pan. She couldn't listen to a bad word about her life, in fact she was quite happy with it. She lost her parents while she was a child in arms and spent her childhood in orphanage. She had a child with a liveryman when she was only sixteen and because she was handsome, a landlord took her into his house to serve his needs. She had to pay him with her innocence so this old lord could have his desires fulfilled, but since he got that ugly infection a couple of years ago, he didn't molest her any longer. Now she only had to take care of the house and raise her son. Sometimes dreaming about a prince rescuing her from her misery, she spent whole nights crying but she always derived solace from the peaceful smile on her child's face whilst sleeping.

She heard a soft thud from the first floor. First she didn't worry because her lord always had an uneasy sleep, but then she heard it again. She started to worry about the old merchant because if he died, she would find herself on the streets again together with her son. She stopped with her dinner and wiped her hand into her apron. She took the oil-lamp and started walking up the stairs. But she froze halfway as the icy hands of fear clamped her heart. Thin shadows were dancing on the wall of the hall on the first floor in the dim light of the fireplace. Her lungs already started to gather the air to release a scream but as a tall masked figure dressed in black stepped out the door of the sleeping room, her chest collapsed rattling. She couldn't see the figure's face, only his glowing red eyes which mesmerized her. Suddenly the stairway, the house, the whole world disappeared, only the two glittering points remained together with the flows of dread floating freely through her veins. She didn't notice as the lamp fell out of her hand and set the stairs on fire. She didn't feel the warm stream running down on her legs as her bladder gave up the fight with the pressure of the stomach muscles. She was completely lost in the eyes of death closing upon her. She could squeeze out one word before the furiously glaring sword would strike down. A word of death or salvation, a chant of curse or blessing, who knows?


Then it was all over.


The small boy awoke startled. He stood up and could see the hallway inflames. He started calling for his mother and jumped out of his bed quickly. He ran out of the servant room into the kitchen but the waves of heat from the fire pushed him back from the entrance of the kitchen. He was still shouting for his mother but he didn't get reply. Voices of crying mixed with the shouts and his lower lip started bleeding as he bit on it in his desperation. He tried to run out of the kitchen again and again, but the raising temperature wouldn't let him go more than two or three steps. Smoke diffused in the building and he started to cough as breathing became harder and harder. Then he saw his mother lying on the floor next to the stairway in flames. She was just lying there motionless as the flames danced around her. The sudden revelation of his mother's death wiped out everything from his mind, he started running to his mother screaming, right into the flames and surely into certain death if something wouldn't stop him. He ran into someone in the opening of the kitchen door as a stranger stepped into the kitchen. A heavy hand pushed him back to the stove, blocking the way out of the room. As the boy managed to sit up, he looked at the man standing in the doorway. The assassin wore a black leather dress and a thin silk cloak. His face was covered with a black mask of some kind; he could only see his eyes. He wasn't surprised that he saw a pair of shining rubies surrounded with a small corona of purple and red flames where a man has his eyes normally. His eyes met the man's and their minds locked into each other. He could see into the man and he could feel what the man felt. He sensed the pure black waves of anger and hatred, desperation and longing for death. He could feel that this man had lost every connection with his mortal coil and his only purpose in this life that remained was to seek out and face death. He would feel sorry for him but then pictures of his mother flashed up in his mind, showing her with a horrific expression on her face holding the banister. He saw the pure essence of dismay in her eyes, and he saw her mouth trying to form words. Then he saw the deadly strike on her neck and her blood shooting out and flushing her face. He jumped up as anger filled his little mind and charged forward to the dark figure with clenched fists screaming into the air: 'No!'. The next moment he fell and lay stretched out on the floor unconsciously like a sack of sand after the strike of a hand. The other assassin stepped out of the shadows of the door and raised her hands to finish the miserably life of the little boy. The man stopped her hand and turned to her.

'No. He has the gift, we will take him with us.'

They were running in the streets the next moment, with the boy under the cloak of the man. They got what they wanted and were assigned to do, and a bit more. A young promise to become their successor and hopefully their killer in the future to bring death.


This happened forty years ago and this is how Querion got into the shadow guild of assassins and thieves dreaded in the four corners of Droben. He gave the killers of his mother what they wanted a couple of years ago: swift death. He killed them during an assassin assignment, but he didn't feel satisfaction or relief. The picture of his mother's face and her surprised eyes widening at facing death, her memory would haunt him as long as he was part of this misery called life.


GM: Conspirator
AGM: Royal Executor
Squad Leader: Assassin
Full Member: Assassin
Member: Assassin
Newbie: Initiate


Chan'ti had a couple of starts in the past. We hope to differ this time around.


Guild charter:


Chan'ti is a full scum guild and accepts only scum kingdoms. Everyone can join the ranks of the guild, scum experience is not a mandatory but is preferred.

Conditions of membership:

An applicant will have to be a recognized Canon player, Chan'ti will not accept either beginners or people who don't live a social life on Tempers Hall. Sponsorship by two members of the guild is normally required; there can be exceptions in some situations of course. An applicant also has to have a valid Email address, which he checks at least every other day. ICQ is strongly recommended but not mandatory. There will be occasional checks on member activity within the guild and if a member doesn't reply to the aviary within48 hours, he will be booted immediately due to inactivity. Exemptions under inactivity are accepted only if the member notifies his superior prior to his absence.

Ranks within the guild:

There are no ranks within the guild. Each member has a title called Chan'ti. There are differences however in duties a Chan'ti will hold. One of the members will have guild master responsibilities; two or three trusted members will have assistant guild master responsibilities according to the task they are to deal with. Most of the guild members will have entrance responsibilities as long as they proved their worthiness to step forward. This includes one full game serving the guild.

Guild rules:

Chan'ti doesn't adopt any kind of rules regarding game play beyond what is set forward by the administrators of the game (i.e.: no cheating and multiple accounts). This means we do not adopt the community prohibition of gangbanging, multi-faith alliances, OOC spying, faith jumping, scum killing and such. Chan'ti is a company of thieves, assassins and villains acting always on their behalf. Every member is obliged to obey guild wide orders. If a member of Chan'ti acts maliciously on his account at expense of the guild, his kingdom will be offered to the offended party and he will be booted from the guild. Chan'ti encourages nefarious actions, but does not condone actions that pose a threat to the whole guild.

Social conduct:

Each member has to obey the Tempers Hall rules, which are the following:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself
2. Do not post accusations of cheating
3. Do not post bug reports
4. Do not post other players numbers
5. Do not post redundant messages (no spamming)
6. Do not post links regarding to pornography or illegal material
7. Signatures are to be kept to 4 lines only.

In absence of the guild master, the assistant guild master will take over GM responsibilities and if the GM does not appear within two weeks without notice, the AGM is obliged to disband the guild.

Promotion within the guild is fully arbitrary and is based on individual performance.

Demotion or removal is also fully arbitrary and may happen without any further notice.

Additional rules:

1. Roleplaying is not mandatory but is encouraged in the spirit of the guild. Chan'ti will try to set foot on the field of dark roleplay and encourages its members to participate.
2. Mixing IC and OOC is strictly forbidden, if a member gets into an OOC dispute with an other member of the community, he will be prohibited to make any public statements regarding the issue and will be ordered to settle his conflict via private channels (ICQ, Email etc.).
3. If a member violates any of the Braggart Hall rules, or his posts pulls OOC revenge on the guild, he will be removed from the guild roster immediately.
4. All action of the guild members, both in the game and on Tempers Hall will be strictly monitored and applying rules enforced.

Those, who wish to join Chan'ti, should contact Querion at a.daroczi@con.hu or at 30663056 UIN. Those, whom he cannot recognize from the game or from Temper's Ball, or those, who are not sponsored by one of the members or whom he trusts, will be rejected without further notice.

Purpose of the guild:

Chan'ti was founded to give scumming pleasure to Canon players and to provide a special environment for the dark role-play aspect. Any action of the guild should be treated as strictly IC action for other guilds. If an OOC matter arises, the issue will be resolved according to the charter rules.