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Created: 2004-07-02 17:30:47
Game: covenant
Faith: Leto


To each of you a vision
To every one a path

These writings on the old stone were suddenly revealed as the torch flared up in the dark underground chamber. The excavators blinked at the strange noscriptallowedand somewhere else in the mind's eye of all those who feel the call, there was a vision. Which one did you see?

There is a Tree

Its branches extend into the Dark, strong branches bursting with green buds and leaves. From the Tree springs forth the Original Idea and from there it applies Superior Will. Behold the universe is created and it is awesome beyond imagining.

Touch the edged Sword

It sheds no light of its own. Designed for one purpose alone, it strips the life from the living. You dance on the edge of the Sword and you understand the consequences. Without the Sword, life has less beauty.

The Wheel is Endless and Eternal

You see beauty and power as it turns upon its massive axis. There is nothing without its spin, it is all Time and Energy, it is the Motion of the universe. You walk this Journey between life and death, the Cycle of Ages.

What is this intense power of the Heart

You are without control, fueled by the emotional fire of the living. You are capable of the greatest deeds of Love and you have committed the most horrendous crimes of Hate, nothing is impossible. You are a slave to raw Passion before you collapse to your knees under the soul splitting pain of Tragedy.

The Key in your hand opens many Doors

You see opportunities where others see none. Nothing can thwart your ambition, the doors in front of your push open effortlessly. Through the doorway you see even that which is yet to come. A secret path through the entangled web of Destiny.

Pages turning in the Book

You see a hundred Truths and you understand them all. It is a mighty Tome of all that has been, its Words indelibly inked onto eternal pages. You cannot look away for a moment, as you fill your mind with the wisdom of ages.

You have crossed into insanity

You knew it was always there, you were just never brave enough to jump before. The dice rolls, the dice rolls and the world is now full of your crazed laughter. It echoes into pain and terror and shrieking for it to change. Jump up and down. Jump up and down. You find yourself rocking back and forward weeping pitifully. There must be a way. There must be someone who can help me. But even Hope is a prayer for Chaos.

The Founding

Close to the eastern coast of the Isle of Covenant, there runs a low mountain range. Sharp gray crags and steep faces allow little more than moss to take root. Below the eastern face of the range there once lay flat grasslands grazed by herd animals, kept by a small seaside community on the eastern shores of the Isle. The villagers would have enjoyed as warm a climate as the western side of the range but for the cutting ice cold easterly winds that came in from the sea and the seasonal storms.

It was during the second phase of the red moon, in the Age some call Recondrite, when a small group of strangers arrived to ask about the caves along the bottom of the mountain range. Only the eldest among the local fisherfolk could recall that they had been finally abandoned a good many Ages before, by the last few of a once affluent culture. The caves were left alone now, considered dangerous in their disrepair, not to mention the suspicion of the humble fisherfolk as to the nature of the previous occupants.

This in no way deterred the strangers who set off once more towards the base of the rocky range, much to the concern of the locals. At the base of the mountains, omens were read and found favorable.

They carved Her form into the mountain. And it became a beacon to the Faithful of Isonia.

The Failure of the Gods

The rule of the Ministry had been steady and quiet during the Ages of Alpha. A fortified township flourished and its allied lands extended, defended by a stalwart and dedicated army. But when the miracles of Isonia faltered and failed, there was great consternation. The Matriarch brought down her iron hand to quell the panic but eventually her leadership or some say her mind faltered and like the Goddess she suddenly left the lands of the Ministry.

The Lords and Ladies of the Matriarch's Clergy regarded each other with suspicion when the leadership was vacated and were unsure who would move to hold power. But in their wisdom they came together to form a Council of Regents so as to best protect that which they had built already. They set upon the Throne a Child Prophet, a holy being revered in the Provinces and brought to the Ministry. Excavations deeper into the mountain complex continued once again. Mystical words were uncovered. And little known to all, a Prophecy was fulfilled.



GM: Council
AGM: Ordinator
Squad Leader: Guardian
Full Member: Seneschal
Member: Initiate
Newbie: Seeker


This is the First Age for the Ministry of Stone in the Lands of Covenant



The Ministry of Stone is a Guild that once existed upon the Isle of Maxim, the heart of which is situated within an elaborate and opulent mountain complex. A bustling fortified city spreads outside of the entrance to the mountain to the coast and is also considered part of the Ministry.


The Child Prophet is considered by many to be a holy being of unknown parentage that was brought to live in the Ministry. The mystical advice and blessing offered by the Child is widely sought after and the Child is heavily protected. Some believe the Child is linked to the re-emergence of the Archetypes. But now the prophet has gone missing, few know where or how. Some say that the prophet was left behind, others that the natives of this land took him in the night.. and others the he still walks the land, unable or wont return until the time of the Gods.

The Ministry of Stone is actually run by a Council of Regents. The Council may range in size from 1 to 7 Regents at any time. Each Regent has the charge over a power known as an Archetype and they each lead an Order sworn to protect it. They are also bound to protect the Child Prophet.

Should the Council of Regents be unable to continue their duties, they shall appoint new members of Council. If this is not possible, the next in rank shall be appointed to Council. The Ministry of Stone will not voluntarily disband until there is no-one willing to lead.


The Ministry of Stone is a guild for active players. You will need to be able to log in to your kingdom every day. You will need to communicate regularly within the guild. Roleplay will be strongly encouraged.

To Join

Along with your application, contact any or all of the Regents with the following information:


Child Prophet(Highest)
RP rank only, spiritual leader
no OOC role
Council of Regents/Regent (Rank 1)
RP rank and OOC Leadership.
Longstanding permanent members of the Guild voted in by Council.
Ordinator (Rank 2)
Full RP members with AGM responsibility
Guardian (Rank 3)
Full RP member
Seneschal(Rank 4)
Honorary rank for non-RP members including non-RP AGMs Initiate (Rank 5)
Full member
Seeker (Rank 6)
New member