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The sages of old once prayed here, atop the northern hills of Tonan. Their cries of unity amoung the Goblinic Tribez fell prey to the petty squablez that frequently tore them to bloodshed. Tribal factions clashed in consumed hatred of one another, time and again. These were the times of uncertanity, unrest, never was there a time remembered, that differed from this sufferage.

It was the lifeblood of the Goblin. Wake, War, and Rest. Slay thine brother in forgotten fueds that still fueled its seemingly eternal hate. From this, the Sect was destined to be born ~ From the Depths of its Depravity.

The Messiah was soon to come. . .


~Goblinic Pre-history~
The flames of War rose high, upon the death of the Emperor Bashar. The south now, much like its northern borders, raged from the lack of unity. Squables arose from the proclimation of the new Emperor, and rightful heir to the lands of Tonan, beloved Delan, first born to the Emperor. Within but a few harvests, the young Emperor was driven from the lands of the south, as the great houses fought for control of the plentiful Tonan. The once loyal armies of Bashar, now splintered amongst these despot that tore the kingdom of old to pieces.

Trade with the northern Goblin Tribez ceased, as chaos grew. The plight of Goblinz as a result, drudged deeper into the already enraged tribal wars that existed before. The days grew darker. . .

In despair, the young Emperor rode north with the small factions that still remained loyal to the bloodline. And there, amongst the hostile lands, did he truly become an Emperor of all. . .

Even though the Goblin Factions warred under Bashar's reign, trade was good. From this the Goblinz welcomed the young Emperor with open arms. From tribe to tribe, with words of sweet psalm, and words worthy of his Divine Blood, he gathered those of tunnel and hill. Promise of unity with the south, and the prosperity that was abundant in its pristine lands, brought together clans at war with each other since the dawn of time. An Order came from this, an Order, and a cause for which to fight under the banner of one.

"From the Holy Hillz of the Goblin North, shall the House of Bashar, and that of his chosen Son Delan forever remain whole."

Slowly they forged south. The battles raged, and land taken back. Its fight hardened all whom trudged through its bloodshed. Yet with each new brother lost in its peril, its call for justice grew in purity. No longer did the Goblinz fight for the call of prosperity, yet more for the call of a new nation. That born from the Might, of the Goblin Tribez.

And as the fight pursued, victory soon followed. Atop a steed fit for the most honored of Goblin Kings, before or since, Delan entered the Holy City from once he fled. Was said that not one goblin fell in the battle for its most treasured halls, and temples ~ the warlords fled in fear, and died in the trechery of defeat. Yet in a call for unity, the young Emperor restored the Great Houses which so recently plotted against him. This would prove to be his greatest proclimation, one for good, and one which once again, would shatter the calm of Tonan.


And time passed, and so did the fabled father. In the depths of night, his soul returned home to the Grand City of the Heavenz. . .

"Blessed be her Grace, Blessed be his place in C'HaraH. . . Home of the Gods. Blessed be thee, Blessed be thy strength. For Goblin shalt nae Forget thee, And nae Forget the blessed House which thee hath Chosen,
In your dying haste. . .
Go now, be one with the Goddess in Her Eternal Kingdom of C'HaraH."


~Call of the Goblin Tribez of the Holy Sect~

The new nation was born, and the Goblinz bestowed as its honor guard. From Her Grand Wisdom, they donned sword in common bond to brutalize all foe of his Reign. Unyeilding in Service, Most Honored of His Chosen Armies ~ Brutality was their call.

Deeds of the highest call were carried out by the Goblinz ~ now led by the Goddess Isonia. Across the Frontiers, they moved about through Tunnel and Hill. Emerging only to bring about the conversion of those tribez not yet under her Holy Reign. Isonia, dear Mother, Goddess of All. . .

Never shall we forsake thee, and may Time never see an end to the
Unity of the Great Houses, so be their Goddess Isonia, Chosen One. . .

And so the age of Isonia's reign was carried out.


The Great Houses lay fractured like never before. The alliances that held Tonan as one, peaceful no longer ~ clouds of the great war to come loomed high above.

And with these clouds, only Goblin Mourned, as others plotted. The Messiah was dead, and the only loyalty that still held any part of the Glorious past, was for the house of Isonia. The Goblinz, could side with no other ~ loyalty and honor of the Tribez demanded it.

"To be Goblin, is to Fight for Isonia!
Woe be those of our Kind that Stray from our Holy Path, and that of thine souls. . .
For your Disgrace to your Blood, never shall thee see the halls of C'HaraH, nor dine with the Gods within its Light. . . into the Damnation, into the eternal void with thee, lost soul,
For none hath pity Upon thee."

~Decree of Foreign Goblin Stature, Articles of the Goblin Order~


So here it begins. Armies amass like never before. The echos of war cast about Tonan, and the fire of its call spread far and wide. . . From its embers, those of the Sect rise in service, and gather as one ~ Pure in its commitment to her Majesty's Army. We stand as her Honorguard, We stand as her Strength.


GM: Golragh
AGM: Bakarah
Squad Leader: Takarah
Full Member: Jagah
Member: Dagah
Newbie: Sloth


History - a skewed view of the past or a warning for those in the present?


Goblin RP characters Only! You may run any kingdom race type.

Golragh/GM -BaronG and Tara, ICQ #8901528
Golragh/GM -Dux, ICQ #48173065
Bakarah/AGM -Treznor ICQ #1134599
{we will not accept anyone without ICQ, so please do not even
attempt to contact otherwise}

All Goblinz of the Order, must at all Times, in Post of Thread, be it in OOC forum, or RP forum, post as their Goblin self.

Guild membership will be kept small for our first age. Only those most loyal, and dedicated will be allowed the Honor of Serving in the Order. Past gaming with the "Goblinz" or recommendation/ invitation from such past members is required. Tight restrictions on participation will be enforced. Since we will remain small in numbers, all must be held responsible, without fail, in any duty called upon.

Ruling Council will consist of a trio of heads ~ GM, and AGM's From this council, all matters concering the guild shall be governed within. The various Packs shall consist of the remaining body of the Order.

*Everyone must have ICQ, and must speak with reps before any applications are considered.

*Failure of Duty, is forfit of membership.

*All are required to display guild banners in all IC post of thread.

**Failure to post in full dignity, is cause for membership forfeit.

**To post in weakness, is immediate forfeit of one's membership.

*Guild matters will stay guild matters ~ to leak internal matters to ANYONE outside the guild, will result in immediate termination.

Board Rules ~ failure to follow, is cause for termination. *Do not make an ass out of yourself
*Do not post accusations of someone cheating
*Do not post bug reports
*Do not post realm names or numbers
*No spamming
~Termination of one's guild membership, for any such reasons, entails the immediate termination of one's land under kingdom that hath serve the Goblin Cause for Isonia, without Mercy, and with Haste~

Sloth/Junior Members
*In case of Golragh'z absence, full command fallz to the Bakarah*