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Created: 2003-02-26 02:42:00
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Obelisk of Set

A battle-weary knight traversed the path of an ancient land accompanied by his loyal wife and advisor. The setting sun behind him perversed the tired horizon with an eerie effervescence, reflecting blood red on the knight's already stained armor. His horse had fallen many furlongs back, succumbing to the placant fury of the desert. Only the strong woman at his side kept him going as both no longer resided in the immediate consciousness from immense fatigue. Two souless phantoms quietly walked upon the desert sands.

A single step, than another and the knights knee fell to the ground with a metal clang. Surprised to the sound, he raised his head with final strenght as the woman descended by his side. An enormous stone plane stretched in front of him, with a foreign black structure adorning its center. The red light of the sun illuminated the black onyx tower in the most terrific manner, as its shadow pointed to peculiar symbols along the edge of the plane. As the knight gazed upon the glory of the monument, his strength began to return. He got on his feet, lifted his head, and straightened his shoulders as all the fatigue and wounds were forever cast from his body. His lady, stunned, only stared at him wonderously as she herself had not the strenght to comprehend the situation. He raised her to her feet and led her to the Obelisk.

As the spirits enwrapped her soul, she was struck with the sudden surge of a mysterious force through her body. As though the blood in her veins had been entirely replaced with adrenaline, she as well stood and gazed upon it. Visions of droughts, slaughters, sandstorms forced themselves into her head with nothing but ambivalence to greet them. The knight suppressed a faint smile knowing the transformation had begun as they stood hand in hand viewing the structure, enveloped in a corona created by the setting sun in front of them.

Hours passed. Days passed. Weeks passed. Travelers were drawn to the strange couple immobile in a curious trance standing before the Obelisk. Many could not feel its power and were disguisted and confused as they left the scene, but a few were chosen by Set, the lesser brother to the great Darden, to join the couple. Slowly, a force gathered upon that stone floor, in front of the Obelisk of Set. They referred to the couple simply as the Dark Sorceror and Sorceress as they two had not moved. One by one, each was transformed in the same way, hardened to the horrors of the world and trained to procreate them. The tower enfused havoc in those few travelers, fed them, built them anew.

The Dark Sorceror turned for the first time in thirty days.

'Set commands. The time is now. Let us spill new blood in the name of Darden.'

In quiet apprehension, the apothecaries of despair and pain began their travel among the realms of Canon. The Obelisk of Set had not taught them mercy.


GM: Pharaoh
AGM: Sphinx
Squad Leader: Vizier
Full Member: Ulma
Member: Warrior
Newbie: New Member


This is OoS's first age in the glory of Darden.


The Papyrus Scrolls


1. Pharaoh - The GM. Their word is law. They are the final word on deciding targets, scheduling war strikes, and diplomacy.

2. Sphinx - The AGM. Trusted members responsible for the various aspects of warfare. Keep close contact with the vizier who's in charge of whatever type of realm you are playing.

3. Vizier - Squad Leader. These people must be present in the war chat at all strike times. Always know who your squad leader is.

4. Ulema - Trusted Member. After the initial period, Soldiers are promoted to Ulemas and become regular members of the guild.

5. Soldier - New Member.


1. Wars are declared after a 5 day warning. During this period you must max out your realm, save elan, and keep turns so you have close to max when it is strike time.

2. Participation in the war chats is mandatory. These are conducted on IRC so make sure you have the proper software downloaded. mIRC may be acquired at www.mirc.com. Your attendance may be excused if you inform the appropriate superior beforehand.

3. If you are declared on, go to the war chat and ask for a target. Do no blindly stumble into battle without a scout.

4. DO NOT attack an unguilded without permission from a superior. Always scout before attacking.

5. If you are attacked by a realm that we are not at war with, message the GM immediately with the exact news of the strike, whether it is sorc, scum, or war.


1. Promotions are awarded based on merit and activity. Do not beg for them.

2. You are responsible for being in a squad. If you have not been assigned to one, message an AGM or the GM. If the target the squad leader provides is different than the one appointed to you by an AGM or GM, go with whatever the GM says and tell the squad leader to contact the GM.

3. Name your province name the same as what your alt in TB is. When you apply, inform the GM with the following information:

-ICQ #
-Your Alt (should be the same as your leader name)
-What type of realm you are playing

Forum Rules

1. Do not attack realms of guilds that we are not warring. Do not attack unguilded people without scouting first.

2. Do not break these TB rules:

-Do not make an ass of yourself.
-Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in the IRC room unless specifically asked by the staff.
-Do not spam or post redundant messages.
-Do not post realm numbers or names on the boards.
-Pornography, Piracy or any other illegal material is not allowed.

3. Listen to your superiors but do not be afraid to make suggestions or pose an intelligent argument.

4. Maintain dignity in the forum. This includes proper spelling, grammar and a polite tone. If you feel an attack on you, your guildmates, or your faith has been made, refrain from using vulgar vocabulary.

5. Enjoy the game.

Guild Rules

1. IRC and ICQ are mandatory. No argument. If you don't have both, do not bother applying.

2. Maintain activity in your realm, the guild forum, and TB. If you must go temporarily inactive, please inform the GM.

3. Think before you speak. Do not flame, do not mock, and most importantly, do not brag in the forum and war chats. Remain humble and you will earn respect.

4. The chain of power goes as such:

-AGM of War
-AGM of Scum
-AGM of Sorcery
-AGM of Diplomacy

If any of these people are unable to do their duties, they will be replaced through an internal promotion within the guild.

5. Have fun. If you feel the game has lost its appeal, please speak with a GM or AGM.

6. Just as in the forums, please listen to your superiors.

If any of these rules are broken, the following consequences may be:


2. Loss of land from your realm

3. Dismissal from the guild


Title Name Email ICQ
GM Ramses Harlequin018@hotmail.com 119122342