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Created: 2003-02-25 01:17:30
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The time had come. The three faiths, Foret, Isionia and Darden were at war with each other. Using the mortals as their soldiers, as puppets in the final outcome.

It had not always been like this you see, once, once there were great fighters known as the paladins... The paladins were the most courages of knights. Their armor glistened with the power of true divinity. The large paladin order consisted of those from Foret, Isonia and Darden. They worked together, helping the sick and elderly. They escorted many who wished to travel the lands of the realm.

But alas, the Holy warriors disbanded as the war was breaking out. Each paladin going their seperate ways. Years had passed, many deaths were totalled. Farms and crops destroyed. People made homeless, and good was no longer a known thing. Good was only seen in the dreams of many a peasents, and in one man...Daniel.

Daniel was a fine man. A early joiner of the paladian order before the split that many people feared would end the holy warriors for good. He saw the attacks that commenced, how many died. He couldnt watch it, he was true to the blood. He knew his duty in life was to stop this war. He called for all the Holy Knights to appear before him, in a great feast. His land was located in the Northern part of the lands under Foret occupation.

The former paladin's of Isonia and Darden were either too scared to enter the lands, or had thought this as a rouse to have them slaughtered as they entered. Alas, the feast did well, better then Daniel had expected. Over one-third of former Foret Paladins had come to the feast. Daniel propesed to them, that the order be re-established, he said unto them, We must fight to end this war. We once fought alongside our heathen brethren, they choose not to fight with us this day. No longer does a true, holy paladin exist. Now, we shall show the new meaning of paladin unto all the lands. We shall see Foret rise above all. For he himself hath chosen us to fight with him".

And all the men and women stood, drawing the swords into the air, all shouting in unision,For thee order!" And so it began...


GM: Lord Paladin
AGM: Lost Paladin
Squad Leader: Paladin
Full Member: Templar
Member: Knight
Newbie: Squire


OLP is an old guild from the past.



-All faithful followers of Foret may join. We only ask, that you know the basic functions of the game.

-All races are welcomed. Race does not make a Templar...Honor does.

-You must play the game frequently. If your kingdom does not change, I will send you a message in the aviary. And if I do not hear from you within 2 days you will be removed from the guild.

-Must read the posted banner everyday, even if it seems like it hasn't been changed...there may be minor but important details changed.

-Do exactly what the posted banner instructs.

-Never, under any circumstances, attack without prior authorization from a superior.

-Report any attacks or scumming done upon you, the whole guild will be by your side to wipe out the offenders.

-Under no circumstances are you to give out information about the guild to an outside source.

-Must ally with the assigned people in your squad.

-Must save 25 turns for unexpected attacks in both defence and offence.

-NO CHEATING....if caught...person will be banished from the guild forever.

~-~-~Tempers Ball:~-~-~

-All the rules of TB must be followed. NO FLAMING OR SPAMMING.
-No posting kingdom names or kingdoms number.
-No personal threads
-No posting of bug reports


-Don't make an @$$ out of yourself in the TB.

-Make sure you donít break any of those rules...violation of any TB rule will result in being booted.


-It is good to have a contact on the guild banner.It is used so in a pop up war or if you need to get ahold of somone you can know how and where to get ahold of them.

-Try to get ICQ or AIM..

-Have a valid email address.

~-~-~Step down of the GM:~-~-~

-If the GM has to step down because of any reason...The Lost Paladin (AGM of war) will take the position as GM till another member takes over or the guild elects a new one.


-everyone starts out as a Squire. As you participat in guild war and guild chats you can and will be promoted. Everyone in the guild has a job in the guild. Rather it be allying with your allies or just scouted number, it is a job.And as you do your job and prove your self not only to your GM but to your faith then you will be promoted.

-Violation of any rules stated above will result in demotion or getting booted form the guild. If a member violates a minor rule and cannot be demoted any further then he or she will be booted from the guild.


-Lord Paladin...GM....Absolute authority. Final word on what is best for the guild.

-Lost paladin...AGM....Able to change banners and view members.

-Paladin...Aagm. Helps AGM out when needed. Often a squad leader.

-Templar...Trusted member. Proven to be worthy.

-Knight...Full member.

-Squire...Entry level. No privileges.