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Created: 2004-05-26 19:18:33
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Yyrkoon frowns, his smooth brow knotting together for a moment before he returns to his usual disinterested expression, reaching out a delicate hand to touch the object before him and suddenly withdrawing it with a hiss.

Sweet mother of Arioch and all the little orphans, that's bloody freezing!

Well...that's usually the quality one tends to find with ice!

Yyrkoon glances down to around knee height to shoot a glare at his acting second in command, the rightly feared (and rather more often than that, hated) "Revchu the fuzzy bringer of unimaginable destruction, insufferable pain and uncannily tasty carbonated refreshments". A moment of charged silence passes between the two before Yyrkoon shrugs and turns his attention to the block of ice they stand beside, blowing casually on his frozen digits as he contemplates the situation.

Well...he certainly doesn't -look- happy, would do you think?

I think that given his normal disposition, being frozen inside a block of ice can't have done wonders for his temper in the slightest.

True...of course we still have to get him out, more in case it defrosts on its own than anything else. Better to be the ones to thaw him out than face his wrath at leaving him in there for as long as possible.

Both of them look at each other for a few moments, as if considering the option of leaving the ice block to its own devices for as long as possible before shaking their heads in unison and casting their eyes back to the ice block that contains their leader, Dyvim Tvar.

Still, it is his own fault. We both warned him not to upset that mage after all.

Yyrkoon nods at his companions sage words, recalling to mind the event that had transpired several days ago in the main hall of Dyvim's palace.
It had been a talent contest, something gathered together by the evil underlings of the V.I.L.L.A.i.N empire to try and cure their overlord of his most recent vile mood swing. Things had been going swimmingly at first, Yyr was sure he had seen Dyvim almost crack a smile when one of the jesters set himself on fire attempting to juggle a flamming stick, but then it had been the turn of the travelling mage. As soon as he accidently froze, then subsequentally shattered, Dyvim's prototype Monkey and dragon hybrid there was always going to be trouble...most people had just assumed the trouble would be a string of venomous abuse from Dyvim followed by the slow and pointlessly inventive death of the mage. However life has a funny way of delivering a swift kick to the family jewels for evil doers it seems, and on this occasion the said boot was delivered in the form of a mage who wasn't accustomed to such caustic language being used against him. This, in turn, led to one very suprised (at least that's the assumption, it's hard to communicate with a human icicle) evil overlord and an organisation of equal parts relieved and confused underlings.

We won't be too popular for defrosting him you know.

Revchu shrugs, no mean feat for a creature that possibly doesn't even have shoulders, and waves a paw around in the air dismissively as he speaks

And that makes a change how? No I think we definately need to unfreeze him...but you know the only way we can do that don't you?

Yyrkoon looks down at his companion once more and a sly grin spreads across both their faces and they immitate Dyvim's favourite evil genius stance as they speak in unison,

We have to...TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Mwuhahahahahahahahaha-

Yyrkoon breaks into a fit of coughing that disrupts their maniacal laughter and Revchu sighs in resignation, rolling his eyes to heaven and giving Yyrkoons shin a swift nip to get his attention.

Of course we can't call ourselves V.I.L.L.A.I.N, Dyvim would have kittens if anybody else used his precious organisations name while he was frozen in a block of ice...which means we're going to have to come up with a name. Something cunning! Something clever! Something that captures the essence of V.I.L.L.A.I.N and all its inherent evil yet still gives us an identity of our very own...any ideas Yyr?

Yyrkoon chews on his bottom lip for a few moments and gazes in deep contemplative thought at a sparkly part of the ice that surrounds his brother and leader. Suddenly a thought strikes him and after the initial grimace of pain a smile spreads across his features,

It's so very simple...what about N.I.A.L.L.I.V?

Revchu looks at him in stunned silence for several long moments that threaten to run into hours, but thanks to a lack of patience simply stay as minutes, before he responds.

That is, without a shadow of a doubt the most bloody BRILLIANT idea you've ever had!

The two of them smile (for very different reasons, obviously) untill a look of concern crosses Yyrkoons' face and Revchu glances questioningly at him.

Well, don't we need to pick a faith? I mean Dyvim always said it was a complicated affair that took years of dedicated research and philosophical thinking to choose which faith most greatly complimented an individuals ideals and moral code and could thus help them grow into a person...but he never had time for that sort of thing so he just had a lottery, is that what we'll do?

No Yyr, that's not what we're going to do. You see I've already given this alot of thought and the choice of faith for us is obvious, we're going to follow Isonia!

Yyrkoon smiles knowlingly and runs a hand through his hair casually.

Because--well--uhm--okay Darden I can do, Foret I can but why in the nineteen hells of all creation would we choose Isonia as a vehicle for our nefarious scheme?

Simple, because I already bought a job lot of uniforms for our henchmen and the wholesaler botched the order and gave them us in a horrible purple and they don't do refunds!

Ah...makes sense, but what about Dyvim?

The two of them look at the block of ice once more, checking it in vain for any signs of possible thawing before turning their attention back to each other as Revchu answers his companions query.

Well, it never hurts to have something to keep the carbonated refreshments cool!
Now you go and gather the lackies and I'll get the new jumpsuits and the personal injury waiver forms, I get the feeling we'll be needing alot of those signed before we're finished!


GM: Generic Lieutenant
AGM: Lackey
Squad Leader: Lackey
Full Member: Lackey
Member: Lackey
Newbie: Lackey


Hi, we're N.I.A.L.L.I.V. In no way are we an offshoot of V.I.L.L.A.I.N Inc, nope siree, not at all!



1.First and foremost you must follow ALL rules of Temperís Ball. These are as follows,

a. Do not make an ass of yourself
b. Do not post bug reports on the baords, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
c. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
d. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
e. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
f. Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

2. Obey your superiors at all times, you won't climb the corperate ladder and experience new opportunities to die in meaningless ways at the whims of the higher ups if you aren't disciplined!

3. Drink Vanilla Pepsi!

Failure to follow these three important rules will earn you three different punishments. The first offense will result in an official warning, the second offense will result in demotion and the third offense will result in you being stripped of your purple jumpsuit and placed into an ingenius, yet unessecarily convoluted, trap to meet your demise...or you'll be booted from the guild, whichever is easiest at the time.


Generic Lietenant - All evil organisations must have these, they are always the same, diffeering only in name and in N.I.A.L.L.I.V that happens to be Yyrkoon. He runs the guild and if he cannot perform his duties then it will cease to operate at all.

Lackey - These are also the same in every evil organisation that's ultimate goal is complete conquest. Think The Foot from TMNT or Storm Troopers from Star Wars and you aren't far wrong. As a Lackey within N.I.A.L.L.I.V you are expected to obey without question and in return you can expect only two things:
1. To be constantly fearing for your life.
2. A spiffy purple jumpsuit.

Gaining rank in the guild is pretty easy, you apply, we accept you, you become a lackey, we mistreat you as all good evil overlords should do with their subordinates...it's like working in a bakery, but more evil I guess.


To obtain membership to the guild you need only have a willingness to obey orders (of varying degress of questionable integrity and soundness) and the ability to click the "join" button next to the guilds name. We were going to be stricter but...well you don't get good lackies by having entrance exams, you get them with an open door policy and free jumpsuits, which we have so sign up now and live the dream!


As you may have noticed, there is nothing even slightly serious about this guild. If you hold rank within game and dignity on the boards in high regard then there's a very good chance we aren't the guild for you...in fact we really aren't even the guild for ourselves but sometimes sacrifices must be made!


The Generic Lieutenants of N.I.A.L.L.I.V can be contacted in the following ways should you ever need to negotiate ransom, or discuss guild affairs...whatever.
ICQ: 35013520
email: dyvimmy1982@yahoo.co.uk