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Created: 2004-05-23 13:22:52
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The earth began to dry as the sky became a red hue. The water that once moistened the soil became lava, and the air soon acquired a sulfuric stench. The Ghitral Citadel was last remaining form of resistance. On a hill not far away, an army of Tanariíri demons were waiting as their four leaders were discussing the final assault. One of the leaders was a twelve foot humanoid, with dark red skin, huge wings, and fire surrounding his being. His was the breed most feared among the Tanariíri. The focus of the discussion was of razing the Ghitral Citadel. If it fell the entire region would fall into the Abyss, and that's what the balor wanted.

The discussion soon terminated, and orders were spread among the squad leaders. The army would march upon the citadel, but then the unexpected arrived. An army of celestials fell upon the Tanari'ri, led by several angels and a solar. The Tanari'ri were caught unawares, and the first wave of attacks by the celestials proved devastating. The balor immediately knew his only option., defeat the solar or fail in his quest. He took flight in the direction of the solar, killing several celestials along his path. The solar noticed this, and pressed to attack in turn. Mystic weapon fell upon mystic weapon, magic blast upon magic blast.

The battle lasted many moments, when suddenly a blast of cold struck the balor from out of nowhere. Seeing his chance, the solar struck the balor a mortal wound in the left side of his head. The balor teleported away from the battle, and returned to the abyss, leave the war to the whims of the solar. The Abyss lord, taking not of the events, banished the balor's soul into a soul gem, both to save his life and punish him for his failure.

The soul's time in the crystal seemed an eternity, and as the days passed it's despair grew. As it's despair grew, so did the volume of it's cries for release. Eventually it's cries were heard and answered.

"Why should I release you?" The voice was strange, but the demon knew it to be voice of Leto.

"I will fight with your colors, honor you like no demon have ever done"

"Why should I believe you demon? Your race has never given allegiance to any god! Why do you need me now?"

"I could use your strength to unite my minions, grow stronger, gather more to your cause, and kill my enemies! Despair will grow on my passage and more souls will come to you!"

"I will trust you for this time, but be forewarned, should you fail me you will suffer a punishment far worse than the one you have just served. Now go, and gather unto you those of like mind to fight for our cause."

And thus the balor's soul was returned to his body. The balor returned to the abyss, from whence he came, and set about gathering his army. He gathered to him the souls that could be corrupted by his causes, and his army continued to grow.

After gathering a sizable army the balor came upon a vampiric half-breed, who was at the heart of a battle for the land which they found themselves upon. The balor jumped into the battle and propositioned the half-breed to join his army after the battle was done.

The balor and the half-breed tested each others skills and strengths, and after several moments of discussion that followed afterwards the half-breed agreed. Where there had been one, there was now two, and both ventured further into the abyss to find more souls to corrupt to their cause, to corrupt to the cause of Fallen of the Awakened Abyss.


GM: Balor
AGM: Marilith
Squad Leader: Glabrezu
Full Member: Vrock
Member: Cambion
Newbie: Mane


This will be our first age with good players.



1)Activity Ė You must be active. A strong guild will grow fast from active people. You must log a minimum of once per two days.

2)Attacks - Only attack targets posted by the GM or the AGM. If you need a unguilded target, just ask.

3)Banner - The banner is not there for fun. Read it. Important things and news will be posted on it.

4)Cheating - Any form of cheating wonít be tolerated. We will boot any members found guilty of cheating and they will be banned from ever returning.

5)Communication - Communication is an important function in an active guild. Success cannot be obtained without communication. You must have one of these: MSN, ICQ, Yahoo or mIrc.

6)Fun - The main purpose of the guild is to have fun. After all, this is just a game. Winning is a great sensation, but when you have a winner, you have incontestably some losers. If your on the winning side, respect the others. If your on the losing side, cheer up, we will get them next time.

7)Reports - All forms of scout, sorcery or attacks must be reported to a GM. Do not retaliate. Wait for orders.

8)Respect - All we ask is that you respect your leaders. Why? They give a lot of their time for the members to have fun. Leadership will always respect the members as well.

9)Role play - This guild is intended for fun. Role play is a way of having fun, so Abyss will be a guild that will like to see it's members posting some RP when they have time. This is not an obligation, but would be nice.

Any violation of these rules will result to in a warning the first time. In the case of a further offense, the member will be booted from Abyss.

Temper's Ball Rules:

1. Do not make an ass of yourself

2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.

3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.

4. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

5. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.

6. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

7. Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards.

Guild Hierarchy

1- Balor - The guild master. The Balor is in charge of the guild. All decisions are made by him. He is the leader of the armies.

2- Marilith - The assistant guild master. The Marilith is there to help the Balor in his tasks. He has control over the minions, but must respond to the Balor.

3- Glabrezu - The squad leader. The Glabrezu has a small amount of troops under his control. He is under the control of the Marilith and the Balor.

4- Vrock - Trusted member. The Vrock is a member that has proven himself to be a good warrior.

5- Cambion - Member. The Cambion is a warrior that has fought many wars, and has proven his loyalty.

6- Mane - The entry rank. The mane must prove that he his worthy to be in Abyss


Promotions can be earned from one of several factors, they are:

- The member is very active.

- The member has shown devotion for their guild/faith.

- The member is there for every war chat.

- The member posts regularly in Role Play threads.

If the GM disappear, goes on vacation, is sick or for any other reason, it will be the other GM that will take the lead. He will use the AGM to help him. If for some reasons he canít take the task, the AGMs will work together until a GM returns.

Contact information

GM information: Black Knight

E-mail : sword36@hotmail.com
Icq : 43061850
Msn : sword36@hotmail.com
Yahoo : mathieumbeaulieu