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Created: 2004-05-06 11:34:44
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We are seen, but not noticed. Dismissed by those in power as unimportant. Even when we are in the light we are shadowed by those whose hands we guide. Directly or indirectly events are made to unfold as we desire. Many times those that we influence are blissfully unaware of our hold. They move through their lives making decisions believing in their hearts that they have done so through a completely free will. This is not so. Others know that we advise them and freely take our advice believing it to be done with their best interest in our hearts. Sometimes this is true. But only when their best interest and ours coincide.

Those like us have always existed. People gaining favor and using it for their own advancement. In every facet of life there have been those who use whatever means necessary to advance their cause. Fortunately for those in power these people have never been focused into a cohesive group. Until now.

Throughout the years there have always been people that looked for hidden reasons behind actions. They tried to find a coherent thread of ideas behind the events that shape the isle. Thinking perhaps that some one, or some group, was acting with a hidden agenda. In every major event they cried conspiracy. They said look and ye shall find ways and means that make every action interrelated. They are crazy. To an extent. This is not to say that there have not been conspiracies. Rather there have been, but they have not been intertwined with a single overwhelming objective. Until now.

There are some, who either by chance or extreme intellectual fortitude have deciphered our doings. Take for example this letter intercepted from Baron Gorsel Ceral to his sister Marchioness Gariell shortly before his untimely demise.

"Dearest sister, I am dispensing with the normal formalities that one must associate with official correspondence between nobles, even those who are related. I am doing so for two reasons. First of which is that this letter is personal not official. Secondly is because I am afraid and do not wish for thine eyes to fall upon platitudes written by form only because that is what we are supposed to do. I am not afraid of the impending war with the mountain goblin tribes. No, of them there I hold no fear. Perhaps it is foolhardy to feel such, but I have the utmost confidence that Grand Marshal Scian has the army in all due readiness and shall be able to handle these filthy hordes. What frightens me though is far more insidious than any direct attack upon my lands or myself. I fear that I am losing control of my realm. That decisions that I make are not actually mine. That information I am given is at best half true, or at worst, completely fanciful. Perhaps I'm not losing control. Perhaps I've already lost it. Unbeknownst to all, even my closest servants, I began keeping a journal about a year ago. It was right after the mid-summers festival. My mind had been in torment at the loss of my betrothed and I thought that putting my innermost thoughts to paper would help me sort things out and think clesomeone is manipulating each of them. Of course there is one other possibility. I might be insane. I am certain now that you can understand my fear, either grounded or ungrounded, and will desire to help. Dearest sister I beseech you to send assistance. An unbiased observer who can attest to my sanity, or lack thereof, and if found sane, help me unravel this plot that has taken control of my realm. With a most sincere plea for help,
your loving brother,

The Baron combined surprising intellect with a bit of luck. Well, perhaps luck isn't the right word. Shortly after composing this letter, which, by the way, never made it to his sister, he died whilst hunting wild boar. No, most certainly luck is not the proper choice of word.


We come from all walks of life. From all ranks and stations. All races and backgrounds. Some of us are born into the Occulo Sodalis, others recruited, and a small number of individuals survive in seeking us. One thing that we all hold common is the belief that the core values of Foret must prevail. There must be Justice. There must be Righteousness. There must be Pride.

The world must be made Just or else all shall fall to chaos. This must not be allowed to happen or else the foul God Darden shall come into power.

Those in the world must be treated with Righteousness for if not balance will occur. Should this happen, the Goddess Isonia, who ignored all, shall come into power.

Those that follow the Pure path of Foret must hold Pride deep in their hearts so that they shall never lose heart in this most important of battles.

Ages ago the Angel Tal Beren spoke these words which are the creed we live by.

True power does not come from wielding a sword. Rather it comes from influencing those that do.
arly. For the first couple of months I committed nothing but personal matters to its pages. As this method was seeming to have a positive effect on my mental status, I began writing matters of state in its pages. One week ago I sat down and reread my journal from its inception to its last entry. What I found at first confused me then when I realized the implications, chilled me to the very core of my soul. When I compared what I wrote at the time I first considered each decision with what I know now I realize that something, or someone, has been at work undermining my very thoughts. I found a consistent pattern of guidance that changed my decisions. Unfortunately upon deeper examination I found that either all of my advisors are working together to alter my thoughts and decisions or else


GM: Paladin
AGM: General
Squad Leader: Ambassador
Full Member: Knight
Member: Soldier
Newbie: Slave


Isonia has help us a lot. Now is time for us to serve her


General Information

AC follows Isonia and is devoted to bringing his light to the world.
To apply with AC one must apply in game and send an e-mail to staizs@yahoo.com In this e-mail please tell us a little about yourself. Just make sure to include:

1) Kingdom name and leader name

2) How long you have played Canon (or Monarchy)

3) Which guilds you have been a member of and any rank therein

4) Method of communication (icq, msn, aim etc.)

5) Why you wish to become part of Occulo Sodalis.

6) Additionally, please provide either an rp sample or, much preferred, links to some current and past rp threads.

Realize that past experience playing Canon, while a plus, is not a necessity. We welcome new players openly. After all, we were all new at some point.

Guild Rules

1) Have fun. Simply put this is a game and we are here to have fun.

2) Be active. This is important. We need people who are able to play their realms at least every two days. Every day is preferred. Like anything else, the more you put into something the more you shall get out of it. This game is no different.

3) Communicate. Talk with your fellow guildmates. Whether it be through icq, aim, msn, any instant messenger or email. Scribe cannot be your only method of contact with the guild. Communication is vital to the guild's success. It also makes the game a lot more fun.

4) Teamwork. Anything can be accomplished if we work as a team.

5) Cheating. Don't do it. If you do, not only will you be booted from the guild you will be turned in to the Evernight administration. Cheaters have no place in this guild nor this game and shall not be allowed.

6) Code of conduct. Do not whine on the boards. Follow all rules of Temper's Ball.

8) As the premise behind AC is exerting influence from the shadows each member must have a character that does so. Some examples are advisors, ministers, soothsayers, information brokers, etc. Your guild roleplay character is not the real kingdom leader, it is the one pulling that leader's strings.

9) Additionally each member must develop what, or who, they are influencing. Examples are their in game realm, a fictitious realm, a merchants guild, thieves guild, etc. The possibilities are nearly endless. If you need help on this don't hesitate to contact our leadership.

Temper's Ball Rules

1) Do not make an ass of yourself

2) Do not post accusations of cheating

3) Do not post bug reports

4) Do not post other players numbers

5) Do not post redundant messages (no spamming)

6) Signatures are to be kept to 4 lines only.

7) Pornography, piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.

8) Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Internal Guild Ranks

Rank one - Paladin - The Paladin is highest rank within the guild and is the guiding force behind the AC.

Rank two - General - The General lends assistance to the Paladin and helps guide the guild. Any and all tasks may be within their purview, at the discretion of the Paladin, of course.

Rank three - Ambassador - Ambassador are chosen due to their devotion to the gameand their willingness to assist in the day to day operations of the AC.

Rank four - Knight - Knight are members who have proven themselves true anddevout followers of Isonia.They have no official duties, but can be relied on by the guild to help perform whatever tasks prove necessary. To be promoted to the rank of Ambassador, a Knight must begin and maintain a thread detailing the kingdom, or organization, they are influencing and how they are doing so.

Rank five - Soldier - Soldier are trusted members who have showndevotion to the AC. To be promoted to Knight a Soldier must show that they are good at certain thing.

Rank six - Slave - Slave are yet unproved members who are being given a chance to prove their worth and devotion to Isonia and the AC.

Order of Succession

If for some reason the Paladin is unable to fulfill their responsibilities the General shall work in the Paladin stead until such time as they return. Should the Paladin disappear or abdicate, the General alongwith the Ambassador shall decide together who shall be the new Paladin.


Promotions will be given on the basis of activity and loyalty.Members who are active have a higher chances of being promoted.Nagging or incessant asking about promotions will not help matters. In most cases this will serve as a hindrance.

Contact Information