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ESPIAL (Espial)

Created: 2004-04-19 22:46:49
Game: covenant
Faith: Barnabas


I relate this to you,

The darkness swept around me and the sounds were stifled as if by some magickal force. Then I heard it, the loan voice, soaring through the air around us.

“I have called you here. You will worship. I am Isonia! Fall to your knees mortal. You will love me as you always have.”

A brilliant flash of white light filled the stage; a feel of the Wild Magick eased over me. The time had come, it was nearly over, and I had not prepared fully for my part.

However the clapping of those around me indicated that they had. The play, for the most part had been an exercise in indulgence. Bad acting, bad costumes, bad writing, an indulgence in mediocrity laced with despair driven pessimism had all cumulated into the fiasco titled, “The Night of Her.” The smattering of applause was hollow and ended shortly. Thankfully I was not required to speak, to heap praise upon a one-time-student-turned-playwright as had happened on other occasions.

Sweet wind met my face as I opened the side door to the meeting-hall-turned-theatre and my mood was lifted. Tonight, war was forgotten, at least long enough to enjoy being a discerning critique in the newly found market of bad plays. I had more pressing matters in mind lately, matters that had a far more hefty sense of duty. It was of course my sense of duty that led my mind back to the path that had consumed me for months.

During the Creation and before the First Sin, many a novel and unique crafts were completed. Among them were travel systems made permanent by magick that allowed for near-instantaneous travel. The Sli-Nau rails were thought to have been destroyed. While the official history lesson was that the power had run dry, how could such a thing be when the same power that made them had only grown tenfold? It was with great anticipation that I received and investigated a Sli-Nau rail find in the southern area of Maxim.

Months later, days spent pouring over countless scrolls and digging through even dirtier libraries (what some could call libraries only in that they had numerous books and scrolls), weeks spent on foot or horseback searching – we had discovered that we could make it work.

With all great discoveries come the hitches of such an endeavor, normal bumps and bruises are for normal adventures and normal lives – we must lead the extraordinary, and to lead that we must surmount insurmountable obstacles.

The Sli-Nau rail we found was a station of Isonia’s making. While I have no long-standing love of Isonia, or of any of the other two gods, she has represented the fairest understanding of virtue during my tenure as Prophet. For that reason, amongst others of my own choosing, we will carry her banner as we move forward in our findings and diplomacy. I am not a warrior. Not one of such stature as many that are receiving this letter. Not one such as you most likely is. My age has come and gone and I fear with it my ability to rationalize such wild urges in myself have also. I do recognize the need for such actions, and with that need, the right people to do such things.

Warriors are not alone needed to nurture and entertain the search and promotion of reinvention. A revolution of invention requires great thinking, masterful craftsman, and those with a devious nature to help further goals when goals can only be furthered in the dark. We know the dark, you and I. And we both know it must be exploited, not ignored, if our purpose whatever that may be at any given moment is to be realized.

So ask all that you know. Let me say that again but with clarification, ask all that you know and can trust, to come and join me. If you are unwilling, please, I understand! Your response of no will not render you a friend less, but your response of yes, that you will and do understand the goal – will render you many a friend more.

I would be remiss if I did not spell out a number of details that must be followed. For my sake, yours, and those to come a structure must be followed and governance observed.

While at all times I respect those around me, I must request that this one thing be understood without fail or question. I am the Leader. Presumptuous and egoist of me, I know, but without this surely we would wander guided by to many eyes to see the goal that lay only within feet of our grasp.

Second and command shall be my Advisors. They shall be no more than three in number, you see three is the true number – siding is required in that number. They will have the ability to wage war for me, be our spokesmen, and master the artistry of all other needs. I of course trust them with my heart.

All others, except of course the newest Plebes, shall be trusted members of the search. To ascribe description less than they are worth would be what I attempt, so let me say simply they are my Friends. And my Friends shall not want for the Leaders, nor the Advisors attention. As surely as Intop rises every morning, shall the truth be spoken to them that I call Friend. And without recourse or fear should they speak up of any occasion or mention worthy of their tongues – for I shall hear it.

The newest members come only a few days, shall be named Plebes. They will earn the right to become a Friend in such a short time I can only say that flies will be jealous of your brief stop along your journey. You will have no say, no trust, and no love. Your language will be that of silence and your actions that of obeisance. But that shall pass and soon you will be embraced as Friend.

Should someone wish to join us, please inform him or her that it is simple. They must only send a scribe to me or any other non-Plebe and it will be given attention with haste. That message must only contain a way to respond and with that response a new Friend is only a breath of hope away.

I may not be here forever. Permanence is something we lack as a trait and we’re horribly cursed to replicate such a disease time and time again. Shall I fall, flee, or perish into an eternal nirvana; my Advisors will pick one to replace me. That replacement shall then be replaced and the cycle will continue.

Our message to the public will be expressed with freedom gained from introspect and meditation. When you speak, you must understand that for every syllable uttered you have put upon a canvas a stroke of color. How those colors interact and what others perceive of them may very well inflict precious movement upon our goals. So paint a picture with vivid colors, with a depth that tells the truth of your aspirations, and an epic style worthy of your thoughts.

I must include, at the urging of my peers, the inclusion of a short list of rules. Please read them and understand that I must abide by them. My integrity demands it.

You will of course understand fully, that should we disband, it is for our own good and that of the search we are in. Please find yourself in no position that you cannot defend to your family or those you consider friend now.

Say this to yourself though, that when you join me, my Friends, and my Advisors – you will understand that our pursuit of things lost, things hidden, and things better forgotten – you are forging history and shall see the light of a new understanding flush the darkness of betrayal, and of trickery from the lands of Maxim.

With regards,
The Prophet Decae
Founder of: Espial


GM: Leader
AGM: Advisor
Squad Leader: Friend
Full Member: Friend
Member: Friend
Newbie: Plebe


The First Sin creates history. We pursue it.