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Created: 2004-04-19 10:49:48
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Wayr, a man of great honour found himself walking through the forests about five leagues from his small, humble village in the east. The wind was blowing and lightly ruffled the dark brown hair that adorned his head, his hair was long, about shoulder length, he had dark green eyes, piercing like the sword he carried by his side which he had got from the village blacksmith, his facial features were very standard but the women in the village found him to be quite an attractive young man. He was unshaven and bristly but had a sort of elegance about him.

He walked deeper into the forest, taking in the aroma of the pine trees and admiring the light green colouring of the large oak trees which surrounded him, he had always liked oak trees, the way they stood so tall and elegant, beating the tests of time yet bearing proudly the marks of it’s journey through time on it’s bark.

Wayr continued, admiring all the colours around him, deeper and deeper he went, the shrubbery started to become thick and the trees seemed so much taller, it was starting to get dark and he knew that he should probably start making his way back home. As he began to turn he caught a glimpse of something out of the corner of his eye, it was like a flash of lightning, bright and instant so he decided to take a closer look. He walked in the direction of the light, as he got deeper he started to see shards of light cutting through the darkness of the forest like a sword cuts through paper, he walked further, his curiosity taking the better of him. He looked around him and he became afraid, “That’s impossible” he said to himself, “How can this be, it must just be my mind playing tricks on me.” The forest around him had seemed to come alive, the trees staring at him, watching his every footstep through the wet leaves that covered the ground beneath his feet so evenly.

Wayr decided to turn around, it was dark, it was cold and the forest did not seem that inviting anymore and the trees were beginning to frighten him, even though it was all in his mind he was still afraid. He turned around and began to walk, yet everything around him seemed to stay still, his legs were moving but he wasn’t. Suddenly out of the darkness emerged a thin figure adorned in heavy black armour, his face was just bone, so to were his hands and feet the figure rode a black stallion, an eerie mist settled all around and the mysterious horseman started to speak.

“You are trapped” he started to say, “You are trapped in this forest, you wandered too far and now you are mine, I own you and you shall be my slave.” The rider began to laugh, just then, out of the shards of light appeared a beautiful woman, she wore pure white and by her side glistened a sword, bright silver which reflected the light in all directions.

The woman walked up to the rider and said to him “Be gone, leave this place and leave this man, his heart is pure and his mind is innocent, you will not have him!” with that unsheathed her sword and rose it in the air, light splintered off of it like a prism. The riders horse raised it’s front legs and turned, soon the rider took off and disappeared back into the darkness of the forest.
“There are many evils that await one in the forests, they seek souls to feed there eternal hunger, but do not worry, I shall protect you, stay by my side and come with me.”

The woman took Wayr towards the light that he was so curious about, he felt strangely at peace with this woman by his side. Within a short space of time Wayr was surrounded by light, but it was not blinding, it was a soft, saving light which was emanating from a large, magnificent waterfall, the ground around him was green grass with blue flowers dotted all around, dears and birds frolicked in the light, butterflies fluttered around Wayr head.
“Where are we?” Asked Wayr
“You are in our home, a refuge from the evils that haunt this forest.” Replied the white woman.
“Why did you bring me here?”
“You were in trouble, I have the ability to tell certain things about people and I could tell that you are an honest man whose heart is pure and we look for such people, we give them the opportunity to join our guild and fight the evils of the world.” “Tell me more about this guild”
“It was created by me many years ago, to fight that which threatens good honest men, I created a haven for all creatures. I created this place along with the first man I found stranded, He was a great warrior and he joined our small guild to serve me and to serve all those who require our help. We have fought wars together and we have enjoyed peace together. Our goal is to free the world of its evils and those who dare to oppress us, we accept all races into our guild as every person counts in battle. Take this scroll and read it, it contains all the details about our guild that you would need to know.”


GM: Commander General
AGM: Major
Squad Leader: Assasin
Full Member: Warriors
Member: Soldier
Newbie: Slave


This is the time where Isonia will reign over Foret and Darden



1) All members are to obey the Evernight rules to the letter.
2) All members are to respect the command of more seasoned players who are ranked higher in position within the guild and obey there orders.
3) No member may attack another player without the prior consent of the GM or AGM.

Evernight rules are as follows:

1) No Vulgarity or Profanity.
2) Do not make an ass out of yourself.
3) Do not post accusations of cheating.
4) Do not post bug reports. (email to bugs@evernight.com)
5) Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names.
6) Do not spam.
7) Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.


In order to advance in this guild you must prove your worth, Rank, Land, Armies and frequency of playing will be instrumental in you moving up in rank.
Players will be monitored and if a player is inactive for longer than five days without informing the GM or AGM of your absence will be expelled.
This guild will not tolerate slacking and each player must pull his weight.
Spies be warned, you will be dealt with extremely harshly.

The guild will have players broken into various categories, there will be the warriors (these are people who have large armies) and there are the sorcerers. Please inform the GM of your preference.


In order to be considered for a position in the guild please send a message to the GM explaining
1)your timezone
2)contact info
3)past experience

If you wish to contact the GM please send an e-mail to wayrz@yahoo.com

The structure of the guild is as follows-:

Commander General – The GM, will control all activities within the guild
Major - The AGM, will control activities when the GM is away and will be the GM’s link with the players.
Assasin – Will run all diplomatic missions within the guild.
Warrior – Will control squads and be the AGM & GM’s link with the squires.
Soldier – member who have to shown loyalty to be promoted again.
Slave – Lowest entry into the guild.

If the GM is away for some time, control will be handed over to the AGM, the same goes if the GM fails to do his duty.

In the event that you are attacked by another player DO NOT ATTACK THEM BACK, rather send a report (preferably copy and paste your news) to the GM and action will be taken from there, you may only attack a member who is listed in the banner, people who do not do this will be severely punished as you bring the guild into disrepute.