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Created: 2003-02-26 01:44:07
Game: guild
Faith: Angelique


From the personal notess of Lichten Vorwald, High Priest of HUMAN sent to the rulers of men and of elves, both young and old:


We have awakened as if from a dream. Slumber has passed from us and now we stare wide eyed into the future. We will now be faced with our most difficult challenge since the beginning.

Long ago when the founders first put forth their blood to ensure that the higher, more civilized races, would not be forgotten, that their power would forever be held high and that their ancestors would allways have a place in this world.

We put foot to mouth as it were back then and fought against death itself. We fought to ensure that we would not become drink for the vampires, or Goblin slaves, or Droben Fodder.

We fought a war under one leader, and we were victorious. Times have changed. Even some goblins have become civilized and allied themselves to our Human kind. But the powers of Angelique and Leto are truly strong. The influence of these individuals has stretched past the gods themselves it seems.

I write this because I fear that we will go down forever as traitors, but then who must we protect? Who have we oath by our very name to uphold? Human kind, and the Elves even the civilized goblins have grown strangely weak among the barbans. Though the massive armies of drobens, and vamps and other creatures of the night have passed, a darkness still envelopes our very beings. Ah but Barnabas, HE understands. It is for that reason that he called me. He called me to return ballance, to again bring our kind to a place of prominence.

No longer will we be content in our ways, victorious in battle, yet forgotten among our faithmates. We will rise. We will ascend our brothers and our sisters to the hight of prominence and... fear.

I would be lying if I were to say that I could touch a finger to the glorious reign of Lord Barnabas, but I am happy to be merely his servant.

Even now I look at the signatures which secure our allegience to The Noble Barnabas.

The Seal of Dancer
The Seal of Kaudri
The Seal of Galadrim
The Seal of Dark Horse
The Seal of Denigo
The Seal of Livewire

These have made the decision for change. These have heeded my calling. Now the question my child is...

Will you? Will you take up arms in the name of Man and Elves? Will you protect our alliance, our sovreignty,and our wisdom? If you will then kneel and recieve the mark. Join with us in our quest. The Revival Is beginning.


GM: High Lord
AGM: Regents
Squad Leader: Counts
Full Member: Nobles
Member: Sheriffs
Newbie: Barbarians


6th age for HUMAN/1st as Barnabas


Contact Revival of HUMANITY by EMail at Ardordere@hotmail.com

General Charter
Chain of Command
The Chain of command has been established from the beginning. It is
to be understood and adhered to by all members of the guild. It
consists of the six tiers of guild membership from the highest lord
to the lowest of the barbarian realms. An understanding of the chain
of command and an adherence to it is vital for successful running of
the guild.

A. Hierarchy

The hierarchy of the guild is as follows:

1. High Lord
2. Regents
3. Counts
4. Nobles
5. Sheriffs
6. Barbarians

The rights and duties of each of the positions is hereafter explained.

High Lord - The High Lord (Lady) is the highest tier of guild
leadership. The High Lord shall be the prominent political figure of
the guild. He shall be the final approval for any actions involving
War, Foreign Policy, and Internal Affairs. It is the duty of the High
lord to defend publicly the actions of the guild and its honor. The
High Lord shall set forth the image of the guild and shall do his
best to uphold that image. The High Lord should seek to be the public
incarnation of the guild and do his best to represent it properly.

Regents - The Regents are experts appointed by the High Lord as
experts in their field. The General areas of expertise are Defense,
Spirit, Dark Arts, and Diplomacy. The General duties of all Regents
is to keep the guild informed of their goals and desires by declaring
on the banner at least once every other day. Each Regent shall be
assigned their own space in the guild banner, as well as have access
to all other areas of the banner. The more specific duties of the
regents are as follows:

Regent Defense - It is the duty of the Regent of Defense to observe
the guilds which grow and multiply around his Guild and to choose
which of them is to be taught a lesson by our armies. It is also the
duty of the Regent of Defense to anticipate when we may be the
potential victim of an outside guild and to prepare us for any
immanent strikes. The Regent of Defense must be proactive and always
keep the guild informed and ready to be attacked and to attack at all
times. First and Foremost the Regent of Defense leads our warriors
into battle.

Regent of Spirit - It is the duty of the Regent of Spirit to Cover
the guild with fog and to pray for it's well being. The Regent of
Spirit must look at the realms within the guild and make sure that
they are at all times ready for the spiritual onslaught of the enemy.
All realms must be defended at all times. The Regent of Spirit shall
also be the one who leads the Sorcerers into battle. The Realms of
Sorcery are a vital part of the guild. The Regent of Sorcery must at
all times have their sorcerers ready to enter into battle with the
power of the heavens in support of our armies.

Regent of Dark Arts: It is the duty of the regent of dark arts to
use any and all methods to gather intelligence from the realms of the
heathens throughout the lands. The Regent of Dark Arts should in
times of peace strive to update the intelligence halls of the faith
with fresh and new information concerning the state of enemy realms.
During the time of war it is the duty of the Regent of Dark Arts to
lead our thieves and drow into battle against the enemy. Our realms
of darkness shall be called upon to wage war against the enemy using
all means possible when at war, and sometimes even when… {Something
was once written here, but it has long been blotted out} Above all
it is the duty of the Regent of Dark arts to ensure that our Thieves
are well prepared at all times and are as invisible as the wind.

Regent of Diplomacy - The Regent of Diplomacy is in essence the
mouthpiece of the High Lord. It is the diplomat who is responsible to
negotiate treaties terms etc., and to report them back to the High
Lord for approval. It is also the job of the Regent of Diplomacy to
help the High Lord set foreign policy and to announce it to the
world. The Diplomat must be shrewd and must always think with the
best interest of the guild in mind. There are many wars which can be
better fought with words than swords.


The count is the highest of the promo table positions. Counts are
experts in their fields and are chosen by the hierarchy as advisors
to the Regents in their specific areas. Counts are usually squad
leaders, and are generally involved in the training of new members. A
count is the highest rank in the guild which can be held without an


The Nobles are the workhorse of the guild. Nobles are proven members
who have earned their promotions by working hard and proving their
abilities time and time again. Though the nobles have little say in
the actual running of the guild they may at times be called to lead
squads, and are highly involved in the training of novices. Nobles
are also privileged to know information about the in guild realms.


The Sheriff is a member who has proven their faithfulness and
activity. They have met a standard requirement and have been voted
for promotion by their superiors. Sheriffs are workhorses who follow
orders blindly and faithfully in order to better serve the guild.
Sheriffs who are active and eager will be noticed by their superiors
and be put upon the docket for promotion to nobility. Sheriffs are
only privileged to see the realm information of their own squads.


The Barbarian is an entry level rank in which there is no trust, and
no responsibility. They do not know thir guild mates, they merely
know that they want to follow Humanity in its path of enlightenment
in the light of their god Darden. The Barbarian must prove his
activity by participating in a war and managing his realm noticeably
at least every other day in order to earn promotion. But if the
Barbarian is faithful and meets his requirements he will soon find
himself promoted.


There are two types of positions held in HUMAN. The First is Earned,
and the Second is Appointed. Those who gain rank by appointment are
Regents. They are specifically chosen by the High Lord for their

The Earned positions are Sheriff, Noble, and Count

The promotion to Sheriff is gained by simply meeting two
requirements. The first is to prove activity. That is managing a
realm noticeably for a week. The Second is proving worth in battle.
This is preferably done by participating in a war chat, however if
war chat has not been done and a Barbarian wishes to gain promotion
he may ask for an unguided upon which to prove his handiwork. In
order to gain promotion to Sheriff it must be applied for. When one
feels he has met the requirements he must tell a Count or a Regent
who will bring it up, and a vote will be taken by the counts regents
and High Lord, and a decision given to you by the Regent of Foreign
Affairs. of diplomacy. In the Voting for promotion to Sheriff, the
Counts Regents and High Lord each cast one vote. The High Lord vote
counts twice, the Regent vote counts three times, and the Count vote
counts once.

The Promotion to Noble is gained when a Count, Regent or High Lord
notices your performance and calls forth a vote of the leadership. In
this vote the same rules apply as with the vote for promotion to

*Note: The promotion to Noble IS NOT applied for. It is given by the
hierarchy to deserving guild members.

The Promotion to Count is given when A Regent or High Lord sees that
a noble is a EXPERT in an area, and that their talents would be
wasted were they not involved in some way in aiding the Regent in
their field. In this case the noticing Regent or High Lord calls for
a voting session. During the voting session for promotion to Count
the rules are as follows. The High Lord's vote counts three times,
and the regent's votes count once. Upon completion of the vote the
decision will be handed down by the Regent of Foreign Affairs.

All Voting meetings will require at least 4 guild hierarchy members,
and two Regents. Any Leader not attending the session will not be
given a vote, however they may request a review which will be called
to vote by all regents and counts and high lords with each vote
counting only once. Should this occur and the prior decision be
overturned the Regent of Diplomacy will hand down the decision along
with the reasoning behind it. All voting sessions will be logged for
open review to any guild member above the rank of barbarian.

Should the GM of HUMAN go MIA the regents shall vote for either a new GM or guild disbanment until the GM returns.


To join merely apply, and respond within 24 hours to the greeting form the AGM of diplomacy.

In Game rules:

1. Have fun

2. Follow Guild Charter

3. Follow all TB rules

4. See number 1

TB Rules:

- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.
- Signatures should be no more than 4 lines