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Created: 2003-02-26 01:17:28
Game: guild
Faith: Leto


Flame and lightning poured from the skies, consuming all that man had made. The earth, steeped in blood, laid barren. And where peace had once been known, brother slew brother. Yet, even in that land where all hopes had been abandoned, there was still a sect of faithful warriors; ones who had not turned themselves over to becoming savage beasts. They who would still climb the great mountain, bringing their prayers to Leto's temple. Nor would they allow the heathens to enter, for they were guardians to the secret of this place.

He was there, his kind was always there. Long after the darkness had descended upon the world, he had been conceived deep inside the mountain. And as the ages passed by Leto's temple, he grew to feel pity for the faithful. Their blood continued to be poured out by the evil doers, as a living sacrifice. As they continued to suffer, pity drove him to become a mediator for his people. Though many craved access to the more sacred secrets and the power from being at the religious center, these were unlike his goals. No, his was a more noble destiny, a higher path. For he had been there when the Tismad Scroll's had been unsealed. And the vision he had had at that moment, promised salvation for the people. Devoting himself to that vision, long years of arcane study and political maneuver were to pass, before his work began to bear fruit. Longevity of his kind had allowed him to see those vows through to fruition. For Au'Ptore (that was his true name) was a Dragon, and rare even among his own kind, a fabled Gold Dragon.

So it came to be, Au'Ptore was now one of the Counsel of Leto. It was here he learned the most powerful magic. And if it had been considered folly or even pride by the practitioners of light, he now began the unimaginable. He would perform the Rite of Cleansing, he would heal the Great Lord, and he would empty Leto's Bowl of Despair. Made whole again, Leto would bring the peace that the mountain faithful no longer remembered. And thus, Au'Ptore would fulfill the prophecy of that long ago vision.

Preparing himself, Au’Ptore undertook the Ritual's of Purity. Only then, did he begin the spell's that would annihilate the evil that was the Demon Tismad. Slowly, the filth of Leto's Bowl began to drain, but what started as a trickle, became a torrent. Emptying as a broken Dam that can no longer hold back the river flood, the blackness of Leto's heart consumed more magic energies than he had thought. Until finally, Au'Ptore could not stop the chain reaction that he had set in motion. Overwhelmed by the tide, he was entombed in a pit of blackness and sealed away inside the mountain. Though dooming him and his kind, a dawning of new hope was nevertheless wrought.......

For a time, none would approach the mountain as seizures continued to grip it. But the faithful could not be restrained. And upon that holy place, the people built a new shrine to Leto, in the name of the dragon priest/prophet/martyr. Generation's passed in peace with permanent dwellings built, cities raised and mines dug. But in fact, the spells were incomplete. And only a temporary condition to Leto spirit had been brought. Once again blood and war came to the people and so did the guardians ride out to protect the mountain shrine and it's secret's.

But for the faithful, the prophesies remained unfulfilled. The Gold Dragon's would return, and with them, the long awaited endless joy of peace……


GM: Dragons Mount Servitor
AGM: Guardian
Squad Leader: Knight Raider
Full Member: Guards Watch Dragoons
Member: Dragons Eye Light Lancers
Newbie: Royal Gold Hussars


This will be CADRE's 6th age.


CADRE member's follow a Code of Honor, The Way of the Golden Warrior.

A: Gold Warriors are humbled by the awesome responsibility of their life. Not only do we honor our commitment to the guild and our fellow's, we embrace the notion that what happens to you, happens through you. This means that if the guild fails, the failure was yours. I didn't communicate enough. I didn't attack in a timely manner, etc. In this manner we recognize that another person's time and energies will be wasted, because of our failure to make the extra effort.

B: Gold Warriors are not ambivalent. We make the hard choices and stand by them. We attack superior opponents at every opportunity. We treat fellow member's with respect.

C: Golden Warriors do not abandon our allies, tho they may abondon us. We support the faith, even if the faith does not support us.

D: Gold Warriors have lost self-importance and ego. We do what we can to advance the team (giving cash, excepting an attack position that may not bring personal glory, etc). Leader's, we are trusted servants pledged to bringing victory to our guildmates, and the faith. That means we take the extra time for the little details that help make a victory for the team.

E: Gold Warriors do not wish to offend the power's that be by voilateing these following principles, though it be our nature......

1) Do not make an ass of yourself

2) Do not post accusations of cheating

3) Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.

4) Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.

5) Do not spam or post redundant messages.

6) Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.

7) Do not post links or advertizements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

8) Signatures are to be kept to 4 lines only.

9) Do not claim that threads are closed to the general public. As long as people are adding to the thread and not spamming or stalking then everyone is welcome in every thread.

10) No excessive vulgarity.

11) No revealing Seer/Voice alts.

12) And finally, do not do anything that you, the Voice/Seer's or guild leadership think is unwarranted or in bad taste.

Rank 1 (GM & Officer): If there is only 1 GM, then the title of the GM will be. "Keeper of the Mountain Secrets". If there are 2 GMs, the title of the second GM is "Keeper of the Platinum Hoast". If the GM/s disappear, the War AGM (rank 2) takes over the guild. If refused, and there are no more AGMs to fill the place of GM. An AAGM (rank 3) may accept the position, by majority vote of the officers. If there is otherwise still no leadership, the guild is disbanded.

The Gm/s have sole authority for guild entry and privledge offerings.

The GM/s will have access to the DB

Rank 2 (AGM): Knight Servitor. Must be promoted from within the upper ranks first.

Must activly RolePlay in TB CADRE threads

Rank 3 (AAGM): Knight Crusader - Must be promoted from within the guilds upper ranks first, working down untill accepted. This position is allowed to know and see the guild kingdoms.

Must activly RolePlay in TB CADRE threads

Rank 4: Knight Initiate - Dedicated guild member.

Consistantly performs scum actions unseen.

Proven active partcipation within the guild, by scribeing and chatting with fellows.

Rank 5: Lieutenant Bannerman - Honored Member, consistantly able to perform at a high skill level, with minimal supervision. Doesn't attack, without direction.

Proven active particpation in war chats.

Will recieve privledges within guild.

Is not allowed to see guild kingdoms

Rank 6: Golden Warrior - Regular Membership Level. Will be given gaming instruction under direct supervision, with assessments made on performance.

Regular attendance will be a constant gage, for those wishing to be promoted.

Flaming or just plain being stupid in TB, no matter how well deserved, will delay promotions.

Breaking of the guild rules, may result in demotion. Serious violations of the rules will result in removal, and all heathen guilds being notified that you are unguilded.