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KA TET (Katet)

Created: 2004-03-08 07:57:30
Game: covenant
Faith: Leto


Sit, my child. Clear your mind and hear my story, for it is good that the young learn from the old, as they have seen many things. You carry a proud and noble heritage, young one, full of warriors of great might and wisdom. Full of maidens with beauty so bright, even the sun runs to hide before them. Full of reverence and gratitude to the land who has given us her all, and demands our hearts in return.

Mine is the story of Chu'mana, the snake maid. Take heed , child, for she is the mother of us all.

Of all the women of the tribe, Chu'mana was foremost. She had the grace of the willow and beauty that rivaled the sunrise. She ran more swiftly than the deer of our valley and possessed more cunning than a mountain cat. It is said that a smile from her could lighten a heart so greatly, that the bearer could soar with the eagles. So fair, kind, and able was she, that all of the men of the tribe brought her gifts and begged for her hand. This angered the other women of the village. Filled with envy, they drove her out with stones and sharp sticks, cursing her, calling her witch and harlot.

Chu'mana was deeply sorrowed. She ran deep into the forest and across the plains far to the north. She ran until a great sea spread out before her. Here she sat down and began to sing. She sang her death song, calling upon the spirits to come for her.

"I have no family. I have no home. Never will I wed. Never to bear children. Come, Spirits, and take your little one away, for what life have I here, now?"

She sang and prayed for days, taking no food, no water and sleeping not. She sang and fasted to prove her worth to the spirits. On the fifth day, the spirits took pity on her. As the day waned, they came for her. Fair haired, they were, with skin that gleamed gold and silver in the sun. They carried long knives made of fire and great axes as heavy as a man. They came riding a great white winged swan, over the sea before her. They lifted her onto the swan's back and carried her from her dispair. With beauty unrivaled, grace unknown even to the fowl, and kindness beyond measure, she grew with the spirits. So loyal and loving was she, that one of the spirits took her for his wife. She bore him many children. Sons with strength ten fold that of the wild ox. Daughters enlightened with the needs of the soul. They lived well and protected each other. They dwell here still, watching over us.

Remember these words, child, when you face the others. We are children of The Snake Mother and the Spirits of the Hills and Seas. Remember this as you go into battle. Remember this as you rear your children in peace. Remember this always for it is your birthright.

Chu'mana, was rejected and attacked by those who feared her. Her salvation by the spirits, she named Ka-tet...Fate...We call ourselves the Ka-tet in her honor, for we too are rejected, Yet we find solace among the spirits and in the Arms of our Snake Mother.

Bring honor to the name always, child, for the name shall bring honor to you.


The Old man died in the winter of the deep snows. The boy held his stories dear, and through their teachings, grew to be a warrior of great courage, strength and wisdom. It was in the cold grey of pre-dawn, as he tended his fire, he heard a voice whispering through the cedars...Grandfather brought a message.

The Snake Mother is in peril. The Spirit of Mountain must be awakened from his slumber. Go to him, my son, Mountain will give you blades of flame. He will give you the great swans to ride across the black waters. Take with you all who will follow, for the time has come to return to the Snake Mothers home. Follow the guidance of the one called Darden the Trickster, my son, for he has shown promise in this land of strange gods and stranger folk.

You will find other descendants of the Snake Mother there. Take them under your banner and they will fight beside you. The Forces that threaten our Mother come in many forms and wear many colors. Be ever vigilant, my son, and keep your sword arm strong. Gather the people and go as soon as you are able.

He rose, and descended the ridge of the cedars in a dreamlike trance. As he reached the council circle he blew three blasts on his hunting horn, summoning the tribe. Within moments, throngs of descendants had assembled.

In his booming baritone voice he addressed the crowd of five hundred odd souls. All listened intently to the prominent warrior as he told of the Snake Mother's peril. When he finished his accounting, there was a moment of silence then muffled whispers grew to a deafening roar. They would follow him. They would defend the Snake Mother...every man, woman and child. They worked quickly and vigilently. Camp was struck within the day and the journey to the Mountain underway.

As he entered the Cave of the Ancestors, he heard a great rumbling... The Mountain Spirit had awakened. The rock in front of him crumbled to dust, revealing an ancient armory, of horned helms, great heavy axes, and strange, crimson tinted swords. The Warrior gingerly fingered the hilt of one...and the warmth permeated his entire body. The blood sung in his veins and visions of ancient battles and hulking fair haired warriors flashed through his subconscious. One of the dream warriors stopped before him and spoke in a tongue he did not recognize, yet understood all the same.

"Take these weapons, my gift to you. Wield them bravely and know that our strength resides within them. Follow the valley below, to the sea. The longships will deliver you safely to the homeland of Your Snake Mother. Defend her well as she is dear to me."

The aparition vanished, leaving the young warrior standing amidst the otherworldly arsenal. He slung a sword across his back, placed a horned helm upon his head and took up a round iron shield. He returned to the people, and bid them arm themselves with the gifted weapons.

As he led them to the sea, the warrior swore a he heard a thousand voices lifted in a battle cry in that ancient tongue, echoing up the valley behind them.


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


This is the second age of Ka tet upon this isle.


Ka-tet is a guild in Service to Darden.

Structure Of The Guild

The guild is composed of 5 ranks. Only ranks 2-4 have a vote in council.
The ranks, in order of Precedence are as follows:

Sachem- (GM) This person is responsible for all aspects of the guilds well being. The Sachem is a servant of the guild in every respect and if the guild feels he/she is derelict in their duties, they may hold a council and remove him from his position by majority vote. They must then elect a new Sachem from among the Pipe Keepers. This must also be by majority council vote.

Pipe Keepers- (AGM's) There will be three pipe keepers.These are the ranking leaders of the Societies within the guild, Warrior, Hunter and Shaman. The Society the Pipe Keeper originates from is of no consequence in their ultimate responsibility. They have the power to declare war and shape guild policy in all areas in concert with the Sachem. They may divide these responsibilities amongst themselves through mutual agreement.

Dog Soldiers- (Squad Leaders) The Dog Soldiers are directly responsible for the members assigned to them. They are trusted and proven battle leaders who have the ability and loyalty to follow the direction of the pipe keepers and the intelligence and strength to direct their warriors in the heat of battle Pipe keepers are chosen from the ranks of the Dog Soldiers.

Painted Shields- (trusted members) These are the backbone of any guild. It is through their effort we grow strong. It is for them that the Sachem, the Pipe Keepers, and the Dog Soldiers must remain ever vigilant. The Painted Shields will be assigned to a Dog Soldier. They are to remain in REGULAR CONTACT with this leader and to report any issues, problems or concerns through this person. It is from among the ranks of the painted Shields that Dog Soldiers are chosen.

The Unblooded- (unproven members) The Unblooded are valued and are the future of this guild. They will also report to a Dog Soldier. Advancement comes quickly for those who show a willingness to communicate and work for the betterment of the guild. Removal from the guild is just as swift for those who wish to be carried by others and put forth no effort.


Length of Service is not important. Activity, communication and dedication are the keys to promotion. Post on the boards and meet the requirements. Show up for wars and chats as requested, and play your turns for the betterment of the guild and the faith and you'll advance. Fail to do these things and you'll be demoted or booted.


Communication is VITAL!
We mainly use ICQ and will occasionally require participation in a private chat (Dog Soldiers and Above). While not required, the use of ICQ is strongly encouraged and will enhance your chances for promotion.

Code of Conduct

Faith, Guild, then Individual Kingdom. That is the order of Precedence. We may become involved in actions against the Heathen that have a low percentage of return... (ie battles we know we won't win, but are necessary for the betterment of the faith.) While the Pipe Keepers and Sachem will do all in their power to avoid these situations, the leadership must have faith that all members are willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the Faith and Guild when necessary. Rest Assured, your Sachem will be in the forefront and will never ask of anyone what he/she would not do themselves.

There will be no unauthorized attacks on ANY realms, guilded or unguilded, without specific direction from a Dog Soldier or above. Likewise, we will have specific hunters and scouts so unauthorized scouting is also prohibited. Too many times, wars are started over hung scouts...Our "Hunters" will provide money and appropriate land targets as needed.

Temper's Ball and Posting

Maxim is a world of Roleplay. You are required to post twice a week and to report your posts as follows:

Unblooded - report post locations to your Dog Soldier. Painted Shield - Report Post locations to your Dog Soldier.

Dog Soldiers - Report your Posts, and those of members assigned to you, to any of the Pipe Keepers...If your squad members aren't posting, YOU WILL feel the heat and risk demotion.

Pipe Keepers - You are responsible for your own posts and those of everyone under you. If the requirements are not met by anyone ranked below you, YOU are accountable and will be expected to rectify the situation.

Sachem - Expected to make a minimum of one post in each guild thread (but no less than 2 per week). These threads will be listed on the banner and open for everyone to post in. The Sachem is expected to go above and beyond the RP requirement however possible. If members are having difficulty "getting in to posting", the Sachem is expected to create a thread that fits their comfort level. The Sachem will RP in ANY and ALL threads where any member requests his/her presence.

The rules of Temperís Ball are enforced. The rules are as follows:

Do not make an ass of yourself.
Do not post accusations of cheating.
Do not post bug reports.
Do not post numbers or reports of other kingdoms.
Do not post redundant messages. (No spamming)
Mission Statement

Faith and Guild before Personal Gain...