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Created: 2004-03-08 05:29:54
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


It has been said that if the gods did not exist, then it would be necessary to create them.

People find meaning in their faith... take comfort in their deities... give their lives direction with petty ritual. Without the gods, there would be no meaning, no comfort, and no direction. There would be only chaos.

At least, that's what the priest-hood would have you believe.....

* * * Annuit Coeptis * * *

"The gods were no longer content to remain thoughts. They were craving trueness. They were waiting to be born."

Gideon considered this sentence with mild amusement. He had never understood how so many people ignored the intrinsic hypocrisy of the Church of the tismad. All their lives they blindly followed their "spiritual leaders" - listening to their preachings with (undue) reverence, hanging on their every word and proclamation. Yet here - here within their own holy book, the truth was staring them in the face. Day in, day out they worshipped. They subjugated themselves before their chosen deity. They placed themselves at the very bottom of the hierarchy.

This, reasoned Gideon, was exactly why they were at the bottom. "The natural order of things" as a so-called wise man had once said, was Gods above, mortals below.

Clearly a falsehood, but a surprisingly popular one. To place oneself below another seemed wholly illogical to him - especially when logic clearly dictated that mortals were truly the masters of the gods.

"The gods were no longer content to remain thoughts. They were craving trueness. They were waiting to be born."

Waiting to be born.

Foret, Isonia, Darden - they had no control over this, and the Tismad didn't even bother to deny it. They lived only because mortals allowed them to live - through worship and sacrifice and bloody, bloody wars. Belief - raw faith - was what gave them life, and as belief grew stronger so their power waxed greater, or waned in times of doubt. Why did people do this?

Because, mused Gideon, people are inherently stupid.

He could not help but laugh out loud at this thought - the absurdity was it's absolute truth. People wanted to believe because it gave their lives structure. They were too afraid to make their own world, so instead they created the Gods to make the world for them. Of course he accepted the gods were real - only a fool could deny such a thing - but the fact remained that without mortal praise, they were nothing but an idea made flesh - utterly impotent.< /p>

They relied upon mortals.

They were controlled by mortals.

Inferior to mortals.

This was the natural order - mortals above, gods below. But not every mortal - no, far from it. Too many individuals lacked the courage or intelligence to realise the power they had. There were only a select few who had seen the truth, only a select few who had achieved this enlightenment...

...those who would come to rule at the end of all things...

...those who would lead In Extremis...

* * * Novus Ordo Seclorum * * *

Principal Beliefs - the Founding of a Heresy

The origins of the Order are uncertain - the organisation is ancient, and records concerning it's foundation and the founder members are few in number - that is, if they exist at all. What is known for certain is that it began soon after the event known as Creation. The Council had been selected, and all was ready - the Formation was upon us, and Foret, Isonia and Darden were granted reality.

The populous was jubilant - at last they were to have an outlet for their beliefs. Yet not everyone was at ease with this turn of events. Not everyone celebrated the coming of the Gods - and these few individuals certainly did not worship them.

After all, why should they worship inferior beings?

The council, the priesthood, the ordinary people of Tonan - it was they who had brought the gods into being - so why should they be the ones to kneel? They were masters of the gods - the strength of their faith determined the strength of the deities. Yet no-one saw this. No-one could see past their own pathetic need to be controlled. Why should they care? Their lives had structure and purpose now.

Those who opposed this point of view cared - because they knew they could be so much more.

In time the dissenters found each other as if drawn by some guiding hand. Quickly realising their shared understanding of the true Natural Order, they began to meet in secret to discuss how such revelations should be put into practice.


Only one individual knows the full extent of the Order's influence - the Supreme Chancellor of the Inner Council, who presides over the entire organisation. He (or she) is the only person with access to the original Principia Dischordia, and it is the Supreme Chancellor who is responsible for ensuring that the Order operates smoothly, and without detection. There is no direct contact with the Supreme Chancellor - except under special circumstances and emergency meetings of the Inner Council. Messages are relayed by way of a network of agents, and meetings between lords of the realm are rare except in times of war. It was intended that members of the Order make minimal contact with each other, thus preventing exposure in the event of capture or interception of personal communications.

The Order currently operates a number of "cells", presided over by members of the Inner Council, or other individuals selected from the hierarchy. Each cell usually consists of no more than 20 members, although this figure varies according to the wishes of the Supreme Chancellor, and has on occasion been known to rise to as many as 50 members per cell.

The Order consists, then, of three core sections. There are the novices, the initiants, the agents - individuals who have opened their minds to the truth - those who have realised their place in the true natural order - however, they have yet to prove themselves worthy of greater knowledge, or demonstrate the intelligence to understand the deeper secrets of the collective.

Above these are the Illuminati - the fully initiated members. They have freedom to peruse the records of the ancient Librarius Illuminatus, although not as much freedom as they may like to think. Promotion through the ranks of the Order is based more on wisdom, potential, and knowledge than material or martial prowess. Those who show true devotion to the cause and the greatest understanding of the ways of the organisation may eventually be granted access to the Inner Council.

The workings of the Inner Council are, unfortunately, not suitable for public viewing. Trusted members will eventually be granted knowledge of the organisation's workings at a higher level.


The purpose of the Order is not well defined. There are those that maintain that absolute domination of the world of Maxim is the ultimate goal, but this is probably not the case. Subtle manouvering of opposing forces, a word in the ear of politicians and kings, misguided counsel. These are not the actions of people seeking to dominate or subjugate, merely to control. The Order is a tool for influencing the course of the future and, ultimately, the balance of power in the heavens. Such politicking and heresy would cause the most devout of priests to fly into a fit of rage... so it is most likely a good thing that they are unaware of it. Of course, there are some in the priesthood who are less devout and a heretical word has been known to pass from their tongue on occasion. People listen to those who are closer to their gods than they, and are apt to do what their minister bids them, even if it seems a little strange. Besides, who are they to better interpret the word of their god (or the Supreme Chancellor...) than a priest?

Discord and confusion, indecision and procrastination. This is the immediate purpose of the Order and while the people of the world fight amongst themselves, it will rise above them all. Hopefully, the gods won't notice...


GM: Imperius
AGM: Emissarius
Squad Leader: Illuminatus
Full Member: Temperus
Member: Canonus
Newbie: Novus


Speak not of history to your neighbour, for he who understands history has influence over the future.


Due to the RP nature of In Extremis, those who wish to apply may like to consider how being a member of this guild would affect their character RP. Is your avatar a devout follower of Foret? You may wish to use an alternate posting character to act as an agent who can voice heresies that your main would not dare speak. If you feel uncomfortable with our storyline altogether, this probably isn't the guild for you.

Guild Contact Information:

E-mail: gh2656@bristol.ac.uk
ICQ: 74075444


Firstly, you must always follow the rules of Tempers Ball whenever you post. These are:

- Do not make an ass of yourself.
- Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC unless asked specifically by staff.
- Do not spam or post redundant messages.
- Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
- Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.
- Do not post links or advertisements to hate or Anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Additionally, follow the RP rules:

- You must post twice a week. We hope and expect that you will post more. Any member found wanting in this respect will be booted unless an extremely good reason can be given concerning the lack of RP. We will be watching you! Equally, if you feel we are not keeping up our end of the bargain, tell us.

- Posts must pertain to the game of Canon, the world of Tonan, the island nation of Maxim and this version of the game (Recondrite.)

- Each post must consist of at least 4 sentences in one paragraph (with a single topic) or 8 sentences if they are not in a paragraph. Anything less will be deleted. Not edited, deleted.

- Poetry, songs, letters, and speeches MUST include 4 sentences of introduction in addition to the poem, song, letter or speech. ORIGINAL CONTENT IS REQUIRED. Borrowed content should NOT make up the sole content of your post. Posts that break this rule will be deleted.

- Do not use emoticons (smiley faces), shadow text, or glow text in your roleplay posts. To some extent these are allowed in your sig-line, but be sensible.

- Only staff may start OOC threads. You may only post OOC messages in these threads.

- OOC lines in your posts may only be three lines long. If you want additional communication, email it or send it by ICQ.

- If you god-mode or speak in a language other then English, your post will be deleted. I feel that you should be able to use other languages as part of role-play, but if you do this then you must include some form of translation. Do not use this as a cheap way of expanding your posts!

Application procedure for In Extremis:
This application procedure is very specific. Please follow it, or your application WILL be rejected unconditionally. The only circumstance in which this application procedure does not apply is if you have been invited to join.

We will require an email (preferably directed to me at gh2656@bristol.ac.uk containing the following information:

1. Leader name.
2. Kingdom Name.
3. Contact information (ICQ preferred but optional)
4. Some idea of what you want from InX, what you can offer us, and why you wish to join. "I roxxor and joo need me" is not sufficient. Roleplay reasons? Background? It doesn't have to be long, but make sure we have a clear understanding of why you picked.

In addition, there will be RP initiations on the Maxim boards of Tempers Ball. These are a requirement of the guild and may be used to determine when you will be promoted from the rank of Novus.

The ranks within this particular cell of the Order In Extremis are as follows:

Imperius - GM, operationally responsible for overseeing the cell. Absolute power, though reports to the Supreme Chancellor.
Emissarius AGMs. Can view members and assist the Imperius. Usually members of the Inner Circle
Illuminatus Enlightened Temperus or Canonus, assistant to the Emissarius.
Temperus - Often a squad leader.
Canonus - Fully trusted member.
Novus - Newly recruited member, yet to prove themselves to the Order.

Rank Descriptions

Imperius - The Imperius is the master of this particular cell of the Order In Extremis. He or she is responsible for directing the actions of the other members based upon the counsel of the Supreme Chancellor and the decisions of the Inner Circle as a whole. The Imperius himself is also a member of the Inner Circle. Should the Imperius be felled in combat, assassinated, forced to take leave of the position or otherwise become unable to continue his duties to the cell, the divulging of wisdom shall pass to the next senior Emissarius. If there is no Emissarius or the next incumbent is unwilling or unable to fill the position of Imperius then the decision shall pass to a committee of the Illuminati, who shall choose from amongst themselves. If the position remains unoccupied, the cell shall be considered broken and the Supreme Chancellor will disolve it. All knowledge of its existence will be stricken from records and denied.

Emissarius - As the name implies the Emissarius is responsible for relaying instructions from the Imperius and assisting in the direction of cell actions. In the absence of the Imperius, word of the Emissarius is considered law. While usually the case, it is not required for the Emissarius to be a member of the Inner Circle. If both the Imperius and the Emissarius are members of the Inner Circle, only one will be present at a meeting at any one time. Upon promotion to the position of Imperius, a holder of this rank automatically gains entry to the Inner Circle.

Illuminatus - An enlightened member of the Order, one to whom the wisdom of the Natural Order has become clear. These elevated members, while not normally involved in the interpreting of the word of the Supreme Chancellor, make valuable contributions to the enactment of the greater plan and have usually been involved in some great feat of political intrigue that has proved their worth.

Temperus - An agent of the Order who has shown the ability to influence and direct others, usually a person of great charisma, guile, or both. A Temperus will normally be responsible for leading squads of the Order on operations of vital importance, often in times of war.

Canonus - An ordinary member of the Order. They have proved themselves worthy of entry, and withstood the great mental torture of the initiations. Only those of a strong mental will and great intelligence may gain entry. [OOC - rank usually attained after RP initiations]

Novus - An initiate. Someone somewhere has deemed this individual worthy of the entry, or perhaps they have come to realise the truth of things of their own accord. The latter is rarer, but often much more valuable. However a Novus must still prove himself or herself to fellow members.