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Created: 2003-02-25 11:27:50
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ManiacMax awoke with a start as his aide ran into his tent screaming at the top of his lungs. "Calm down Arimachus. What's wrong?"

"Mi'lord the Darden's are attacking in full force along our northern frontier! I don't know if we’ll be able to hold them!"

ManiacMax sighed and wondered if this incessant violence would ever end. Foret was the most powerful; his legions would never fall. The people of Foret were charged with a sacred mission, bringing justice to those obnoxious heathens following the false gods. As he strapped on his silver armor he wondered just how long these heathens would persist in standing against his legions. Stepping from his tent Max was amazed at how large a force the Darden's had thrown against his walls. Truly they must be intent on wasting their forces. Max mounted his horse and galloped to the battle ensuing just outside his bastion's walls. Suddenly lightning bolts rained from the sky as Max was thrown from his horse into the dust that was now thrown about over the battle-scarred land. Max looked up in awe as the next bolt struck his steed throwing the hapless beast onto his chest and knocking him unconscious.

Awaking with a start Max looked around to see his army all about him slain by the Darden's. "How could this happen! What has happened to birthright of our lord Foret?" he exclaimed to the now silent plain. Thoughts swirled through his head as he wondered how such a thing could be possible. How could his mighty army's fall? Such a thing was not possible just a few hours before. Suddenly realizing the horse on top of him had been moved, Max looks skyward and saw a hand extended out to him. Confused, Max reaches up and grabs the hand and is pulls to his feet. Quickly, Max braces himself being uncertain of who has helped him, until he realized the person doesn't have his weapon drawn, so he relaxes and gazes up at the stranger, whose armor is coated in gold. The stranger extends his hand, and introduces himself as Bane. Seconds later, the man known as Bane, reaches back and places his hand on his comrade’s shoulder, and announces him as MaCloud. Overwhelmed, tears filled the eyes of this once proud war leader. Bane begins to speak, "We have spared you, Lord ManiacMax, as we feel your despair, we feel the same pain that you are filled with, and we would like to create a union with you." Downward the tear's flowed collecting in the dirt of the bloodied battlefield. Gold-looking mud formed where dust had been only moments before. Glancing downward a strange sight grabbed his sight; Max's once silver armor had been turned gold by the blowing dust of the battle. He looked as if he was a soldier of Darden. Other survivors slowly stood up around the battlefield, all in this strangely dust-altered armor.

Suddenly a voice rang above Max, a voice of the gods: "Foret has deserted you Max, there is but one-way to turn. Turn to me as I have turned your armor and the tears you shed today for your lose will become the tears shed by our enemies. Turn and follow your true destiny. Together we will put despair in the hearts of those who would stand in our way!"

With a start Max realized that this was Darden speaking to him; he, and the few with him, had been called to serve a higher goal, the goal of Darden. Turning to the last of his comrades Max exclaimed, "Onward my few, my proud! Today we spill blood for Darden!"


GM: General
AGM: Colonel
Squad Leader: Captain
Full Member: Lieutenant
Member: Sergeant
Newbie: Private


This will be Tears' first age with Darden.


1. You must have ICQ or AIM to be a member of this guild.

2. First strikes are a very important part of wars, if for some reason you cannot be at a scheduled attack you must let the GM or an AGM know ahead of time!! Failure to let the GM or an AGM know may result in demotion if it becomes a habit.

3. You must be willing to do anything your GM or AGM says. The entire guild must move as one unit.

4. Random attacks are not permitted. You hit only the targets on the Banner. If you are attacked or burned you are to save your news and send it to the GM or an AGM ASAP.

5. It is expected that each and every member of this guild get to know each other, share ICQ numbers and talk to each other even when you are not in a war chat or doing Guild related business at the time. A guild is only as good as the members in it, and they have to know each other in order to fight well with each other.

6. All races are accepted into this guild as are all that apply but failure to meet the rules of the guild or unwillingness to learn well mean expulsion from this guild.

7. The rules of Tempers Ball are to be followed. Here are the rules:

  1. No Vulgarity or Profanity
  2. Do not make a fool out of yourself
  3. Do not post accusations of cheating
  4. Do not post bug reports
  5. Do not post realm numbers, realm names or account names for ANY games.
TB rules for the Guild:
RP is not a requirement BUT it is heavily encouraged. We would like to see the whole guild getting out and RPing in Guilds RP and in War threads in Guilds OOC. What isn't permitted is making the guild look like an ass on the boards. That means staying out of OOC threads that have no bearing on our faith or us in Guilds OOC. In war threads you will be respectful to others that are trying to RP or have done nothing to you as far as flaming. If you are flamed you may flame them back. Always defend your guild mates or faith mates. You will not discuss faith problems or strategies on the boards nor will you bash a member of the faith on the boards. If you have any questions about these rules or if you are not sure about a post you are making then talk to the GM he will be happy to help.

They will be given out as needed so do not bug the GM or AGM's. We have a set number of AGM's, and we will look for replacements as we lose them. Showing up for Guild attacks and being a VERY active member in the guild are some of the fastest ways to earn the trust of the GM and AGM's. Promotions will be given to those that show they can be trusted and are willing to sacrifice for the guild. Hint: showing up for attacks goes a long way to that.

What to do in the case the GM becomes inactive? The SiC will take over the Guild.

General: Has full command of the guild.

Colonel: Is the AGM of the guild. May edit guild banner and declare war. In the absence of the GM may also act as the GM in situations that need immediate attention.

Captain: Has most of the powers that an AGM has. May edit guild banner and declare war, but cannot represent the guild unless told by the GM or an AGM to do so.

Lieutenant: Squad leaders, may view member list and have control over there squad

Sergeant: Slight powers. Can see guild list.

Private: Has no privileges. Will be moved up when it is decided that they have proven themselves to the guild.