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Created: 2004-03-07 21:36:43
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


Sanctum Officium

Invitation only.. do not apply unless asked to by the GM

His summoning call thundered across the virgin skies and shook the very earth with each syllable. Thus were his children brought forth. From the darkest bowels of the underworld they came, slithering and groaning their way up through the earth until at last the surface broke and they poured forth into the lands of Maxim. Hordes of demon-kind, each one moulding itself into a hideous obscenity, all of them growling and snapping at one another as they continued to spew out of the earth, each wave slipping and sliding over the last, their slimy trails glistening malevolently in the cold moonlight.

This went on for thirty days and thirty nights. When the final demon had been released from the underworld silence covered the lands. The mass of obscenities looked up at the heavens in total unity and bayed out as one, their terrible sound shattering the sanity of any living creature within earshot. The baying went on for what seemed like years; they were crying out for a blessing from their master, their father, the one true God. When Darden heard their cries a single solitary tear fell from his right eye and plummeted down toward the lands.

The Shadows of pariah, dread beings of pure living darkness that live in the realm between the earth and the heavens, saw the tear and swirled around it, probing it until one of them made a tiny hole through which they all slipped, instantly transforming the clear drop into a tear of purest black, purest despair. Great bolts of lightning forked their way through the skies, wrapping electric fingers around the tear until bands of white separated the black and the tear of Darden solidified into a huge dew-drop shaped mass of Onyx. Maxim trembled when the tear crashed into the ground and the demons formed a great circle around it. Each one of them knew what must be done and together they began the task. Huge claws and teeth scraped at the Onyx until it was hollowed out, releasing the Shadows of pariah who in turn created a great altar which they then sanctified as a place of worship.

This was to be an eternal place where only followers of Darden would ever be truly welcome and pretenders would be destroyed by the living shadows. This is the Onyx Temple.

Very well, though this is becoming rather tiresome, I'll explain it to you once more. If you still don't understand then I'll be forced to use.. other methods, are we clear?


Everything begins with darkness and everything will end with it. You were born and you will die. Such things are certainties, my dear. Light will always give way to darkness, be it an insignificant shadow that lurks in the corner or an overpowering blanket of pure night, one way or another the darkness will achieve its victory, make no mistake about this fact. There are none among your kind that can honestly say you are so devoted to the ways of goodness and light that you have never had doubts clawing into your mind like an insidious malaise, urging you to embrace the enticing melody of Despair. Perhaps you can fight such feelings, push them down deeper and deeper until they go away. The real question is, can you do this for the rest of your natural life? I see that you're nodding your head but we all know that no matter how far you push darkness away, it will return.

Give in to it. Let yourself feel the Despair, allow yourself one tiny sip from His bowl. One drop is all it takes for the dishonesty of self restraint to end. Then you will be truly free, then you will be yourself and not a hideous caricature of society's expectations. They say that beauty is skin deep and we know that this is true, tear away that skin and reveal the majestic beauty that lay beneath.

Demons, you say? Well, this is one of the names that we have been given, along with fiends and monsters. Hah! Do such names make you feel better about us? Does it offer a sense of superiority to be able to give us a derisory label? If you gave the name dryness to rain would it stop being wet? If you call the sky ground would you then be able to walk upon it? Look beyond the labels and you will see that even though some of us were just like you, we have evolved into something far superior, far more beautiful. Come now, take that first step and shed your primitive ways. Become enlightened.

Liars and tricksters? Oh come now, stop using these deluded terms that you all favour so much when speaking about us in hushed whispers. Why should we lie? What need can we possibly have for tricks? No, this term is borne of fear, your fear that even though our words go against everything you've been fooled into believing, they may actually stand up to scrutiny. You are the ones who weave webs of deceit, you are the ones who smile when stabbing a friend in the back, you are the ones who make promises and break them as soon as a better deal comes along. These ways are not ours, they are yours. Are you so blind you cannot see that your kind are the liars? You are the tricksters, my sweet naive one.

We have no need for lies when the truth is a much sweeter tasting fruit.

Hold your tongue, child, for I know what the next word that slips from it will be. Zealots, yes? I thought as much. Now, let's take a closer look at the meaning of this word. A zealot by it's very definition is a highly devoted follower of some ideal. In this case, the ideal is faith. Does it scare you that we actually believe in the things we preach? It's a far cry from the ways of your own priests isn't it? They say one thing and do another. We believe in what we say and we lead by example, my dear. If this makes us zealots then I will wear the label with complete devotion.

So then, what's it to be? Are you content to carry on living the lies that we have revealed to you or will you allow yourself to step into our truth? Will you tear away the shackles of deceit that your religious leaders have clasped upon your hands and feet? Join us, for we are the true faithful. We are the children of darkness and we conduct a bitter-sweet symphony of revelation. You have never been able to hide from us, so stop hiding from yourself.

Hmm? Yes, yes we did disappear for a time but did you really expect us to disappear forever? Can you honestly tell yourself that it is possible for us to slink away into hiding and remain there like frightened little children? If you can answer this with a resounding "Yes", then you have our pity. Such wishful thinking is for fairy tales and court jesters. We have always been here upon this Isle in one form or another, softly whispering our words into your ears, gently corrupting your loved ones with our sweet promises of seductive pain and animal lust. Every single one of you has a weakness, this is a certainty without exception. We pride ourselves on finding this weakness and exploiting it until your mind falls apart or achieves the final revelation that is Darden's despair. You prefer to look at what we do as monstrous and atrocious acts of inhumanity when we are, in fact, saving you from yourselves.

Never forget that darkness is constant, absolute. We are the chaos within the darkness. We are constant. We are Darden's chosen ones, His bowl spills out it's Despair upon us and for this we offer our thanks and praise. True faith is what we offer you all, open yourselves to Him and let his song reverberate through your spirit until the darkness accepts you as one of it's own. Come now, throw down your false beliefs and beg to sup from His bowl.

We are His Holy Office, His Sanctum Officium.


GM: Apostle of Despair
AGM: Herald of Darkness
Squad Leader: Cardinal of Atrocity
Full Member: Advocate of Torment
Member: Acolyte of Pain
Newbie: Seeker of the way


We have brought the dark melody of Darden to many across the ages.


Guild Rules.

1. Roleplay.

All members of SO will be expected to post roleplay twice a week.
These posts -must- be a -minimum- of 16 sentences, and links must be sent to the Herald of Roleplay every Sunday before midnight (GMT) as proof.
Even if you did the posts but didn't send the links then it will be counted as "failed to post"
Members are also encouraged to participate frequently in official guild roleplay threads...
if you want to roleplay in other guild threads,
that is fine, as long as you make an effort with official SO threads first.
If you do roleplay in other threads....
Let the Herald or Cardinal of RP know when and where.

This guild will be based heavily on roleplay, giving us a three-dimensional
environment of gameplay to enjoy.

If you are new to roleplay, that's not a problem,
we will help with your participation as much as possible.

Failure to stick to the rules of roleplay will result in the following.

Failure #1. A warning on the guild banner and in your email from either the GM or AGM of RP.
Failure #2. Demotion. This will be roleplayed in-thread (when possible) and a demotion letter emailed to you.
Failure #3... Guild membership WILL be terminated.

This may seem harsh, but if you stick to the rules, I guarantee that you will come to enjoy
rp'ing. (If you don't already) ;>

2. Activity.

There is nothing worse than watching a kingdom waste away due to it's owner not bothering to play it.

Everyone will be expected to regularly attend their kingdoms and turn up for war strikes.
(When possible... if you can't attend, let the GM or an AGM know why.)

This isn't a peaceful guild, so activity is important and crucial to our success.
Again... failure will be dealt with in the same way as roleplay failure.

3. Respect.

First off...... The admin. Alway's show respect to the admin. ALWAYS.
This is non-negotiable and failure to do it is inexcusable. Period.

All members will be expected to show respect to one-another. This works both ways...
lower ranked members will show respect to higher ranked members and vice-versa.

We are all one in Darden and our behaviour should reflect this.

If given an order by a superior, you will be expected to carry it out with the best of your

Some may be asked to martyr their kingdom to the cause.
This should be seen as a great honour and carried out with no argument.

The GM's word is final. AGM's will be treated with the same respect as the GM, and their
orders taken as the word of the GM.

If, however, there is a strong disagreement between an AGM and another member, the
GM will step in to resolve the matter.

All members will also be expected to welcome new additions into our fold, both in
roleplay and on icq / email.


New members will remain at the rank of Seeker
until a one month trial period has passed
Then promotion will be given under the following conditions
1. Active participation in guild roleplay.
2. Active participation in war.
3. Showing an ability to think for yourself is a must. ;>

Please don't flood my icq or email with promotion requests.
Everyone will be noticed by the GM or an AGM... who will then put you up for promotion.

Once you have been put forward for promotion,
the GM and AGM's will vote on whether you should recieve it.
(This is merely a formality that will be roleplayed in-thread.)

5. Names.

Please enter into the spirit of Maxim.. it is a medievil world and as such, leader names like
"bugs bunny" , "tasmanian devil", "starship trooper" and the like, will not be accepted into the guild. ;>

6. Enjoy Yourself.

I mean it! Enjoy yourself!
Failure to do so will result in a wedgy from the Apostle and Heralds;>

7. Tempers Ball.

Here is a list of the tempers ball official rules.
Read them.
Learn them.
Follow them.

Do not make an ass of yourself.
Do not post accusations of cheating.
Do not post bug reports.
Do not post realm numbers
Do not post redundant messages (no spamming).
Do not post links regarding to pornography or illegal material
Signatures are to be kept to 4 lines only.
Do not try to impersonate Admin or Voices
Images are NOT allowed in signature lines
OOC Threads may contain a maximum of 80 posts
Roleplay Threads may contain 60 posts
Max of 3 images may appear in the same thread
No posting Kingdom names without permission.
Breaking these rules is a punishable offense and you will be removed from the guild.

8. Communication.

In order for us all to communicate, having icq is an absolute must.
With this tool we can synchronise attacks to perfection.
If your computer doesn't like icq, then we'll try to find a way around it.
Otherwise, if you don't already have it...get it!

The Ranks Of Sanctum Officium.

Apostle of Despair..... (GM) Guild leader.
The Apostle of despair is a master of all pain.
He has taught it to become his ally.
The song of Darden sings deep within his soul.
The GM's word is final.

Herald of Darkness ... (AGM's ... War, Sorcery, Scum, Roleplay , Diplomacy and Training.)
Heralds are experts in the arts of pain,
both mental and physical.
They have learnt every note of Dardens melody.
Second only to the Apostle, can edit banner,
issue war orders and in case of a prolonged
GM absence, all AGM's will vote on the new leader.
AGM's will be held responsible for
their particular office, and are answerable only to the Apostle.

Cardinal of Atrocity..... (Second only to AGM)
Cardinals are experts at inducing physical pain.
Whilst they have yet to learn some of the
finer arts of mental pain, they are a vital instrument to the fold.
A Cardinal will liase with
Heralds and Advocates.
Each Herald will have one
Cardinal as his/her liason officer.
Cardinals will also attempt to convert the heathen
by active participation in other guild roleplay.

Advocate of Torment....(Squad Leader)
The Advocate knows the value of Dardens song.
Sharing the word of Darden with all that they meet.
This is an invaluable member of the fold.
Experts at organising attacks against the heathen.
The Advocate knows no fear.
Responsible for the actions of their sect,
an Advocate will report to the Cardinals.

Acolyte of Pain
..... (Full Member)
Acolytes understand the concepts of pain, they experiment with it regularly,
slowly learning the song that Darden has placed within them.
An Acolyte can quickly climb the ranks of
Sanctum Officium with a little effort and a strong dedication to the cause.

Seeker of The Way...... (New Member / Entry rank)
The first step has been taken. Joining the cause and acknowledging the song of Darden
Seekers have much to learn.
They will be tutored in the arts of torture until they become full members of the fold.
Seekers will be watched closely,
achieving the honour of becoming an Acolyte by actively roleplaying and taking part in at least one war.

Sanctum Officum understands that this is only a game,
and as such it should never overtake real-life responsibilities.
If, however, those of a higher rank.... (Herald... Cardinal)
cannot fulfill their duties, then they will be asked to stand
down and make room for a member of the fold with more time to spare...
this isn't a punishment, just common sense.

If the GM goes missing without notice...
(missing means not around for at least two weeks without prior warning ;> )
Then the Heralds will vote on who is to become Apostle.

Want to join?

Due to problems in the past
The Officium is now invitation only
Please do not apply unless you have spoken to Maledict on icq first

We will perform our holy office with strength and faith in Darden.

Let the pain begin.