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Created: 2004-03-07 18:27:49
Game: covenant
Faith: Leto


The kingdom of Aksala was established shortly after the Last Sin. Secure deep within territories ruled by practitioners of the Foret faith, the agrarian community flourished, relatively isolated from the ravages of the faithwars that continuously raged far away. The inhabitants of Aksala led simple, peaceful lives, devoutly following the precepts of Foret. Not a day passed that the inhabitants failed to thank Foret for keeping their lands safe from harm and providing for them.

However, this idyllic life could not continue forever with a war of faith spreading and growing in magnitude with each passing day. Though every preparation was made to defend the kingdom, the Aksalan borders were eventually attacked and breached by guilded followers of the goddess, Isonia. They could not stem the tide and were being pushed farther and farther back into the rich heartland of Aksala almost daily. And so it was, one fateful morning, that a marauding vanguard of Isonian faithful, bearing the sigil of one of her Guilds upon their shields, came sweeping down upon a small Aksalan town from the north, efficiently crushing the disorganized and slipshod defense the Aksalans had hastily erected. The slaughter was immense as the bloodthirsty Isonians skillfully dispatched the poorly trained farmers and craftsmen who had taken up arms to aide the local militia in defending their small town.

Zaratos Silverarrow and his brother Saronin, both seasoned officers and in command of the last remnants of the local Aksalan Milita, rallied the remaining soldiers and citizenry in the center of the town, where the thick, stone walls of the Foret Mission there provided the best chance to form a last line of defense. Zaratos marshaled a squad of bedraggled archers at the entrance of the square, where they loosed several volleys of arrows to slow down the invaders. Saronin hurried the women and children into the Mission, then ran to help his brother as the Isonian vanguard approached, moving much slower and cautiously now.

"Theyíre inside Zar. Now what?"

"One more volley, then we get inside and barricade the entrances. The stone of the walls and the iron doors are far too thick to break through, and they wonít be able to burn either. I haven't seen a single sign of sorcery. I don't think they even have a practitioner with them."

Another wave of arrows was sent hurtling through the air at the approaching Isonians, who managed to catch most of the shafts on their shields. Upon seeing Zaratosí men fall back, a great cry went up among the Isonians, who charged forward, weapons held aloft. The Aksalans piled inside the church, but as they tried to close the doors behind them, the frontmost marauders slammed into the other side, trying to shove them open. The Aksalans pushed frantically, trying to eke out every last bit of strength from their already bruised and aching muscles. But as more and more Isonians piled against them, the doors slowly began to open. Zaratosí wife, Nydam, darted forward and grabbed one of the bows dropped by the men who were now trying to shut the door. She fit an arrow to the string quickly and fired several consecutive shots through the crack. A scream of pain rang out as one heathen soldier had an arrow tear through his arm, and then died off in a wet, sickly gurgle as the next arrow took him through the throat. The pressure on the doors abated for a moment, and it almost seemed as if the Aksalans would manage to close them. Just as they were almost shut, another wave crashed into the doors, shoving them wide open and sending the defenders rolling backwards.

Reflexively, Saronin rolled quickly onto his feet, and immediately charged the intruders, his long sword slicing through the faces of the foremost attackers before they could regain their footing. Zaratos was quickly at his side, one of his knives deflecting an Isonian sword while the other darted through the heathen's throat. The rest of the Aksalan Miltia and citizenry, driven by desperation and fear, joined the two warriors, hacking at the invaders with their makeshift weapons. The Aksalans desperate and frenzied attack drove the Isonians back out of the Mission and into the town center.

As the surprise at the ferocious Aksalan charge faded, the veteran warriors among the Isonian vanguard began to grasp the upper hand once more. The scythes and pitchforks used by the Aksalans were ultimately ineffective against real weaponry and were being neatly brushed aside by Isonian shields. Many Aksalans fell as heathen swords were driven deep into the unprotected bodies of the defenders. Saronin saw the tide of the battle quickly turning, and shouted for the Aksalans to retreat back into the Mission once more. Zaratos and Saronin were the most experienced and skilled among the remaining warriors and were the last to fall back, keeping the Isonian advance at bay. Saroninís sword traveled in wide arcs, his strength tearing through Isonian armor easily, while Zaratosí knives sliced and slashed at the wrists and faces of any who came near. They were outnumbered though, and soon both were bleeding heavily from various cuts and gashes on their bodies. A short sword had caught Zaratos a glancing blow on his side, causing blood to seep out heavily every time he twisted his body. A double edged axe took a slice out of Saroninís cheek while the tip of a poorly sharpened scimitar tore a chunk from Zaratosí nose. As they neared the Mission doors, Saronin saw that the others were ready to close them as soon as they were both safely inside. He shouted over his shoulder at his brother as he sent another attacker reeling backward with a viscious foot to the heathen's breastplate.

"Ok - on 3, we dive back inside!"

"Right! 1.. 2.. 3!"

Unfortunately, as the two broke for the doors, a quicker Isonian dove forward desperately and hacked wildly at Saronin, narrowly missing his back by a finger length. As the sword continued down though, it tore through Zaratosí right boot and cleanly severed his ankle tendon. He stumbled, a cry of pain on his lips as blood began to well out from the back of his boot. Seeing that his brother was not going to make it, Saronin hesitated long enough to grab Zaratos by the collar with his free hand and throw him through the Mission doors. The delay was costly to him though. Just as Zaratos landed in a heap of pain inside the church, another Isonian sword sliced deeply into his free arm from behind.

Grimacing in pain, he turned and jammed his sword to the hilt into one of the heathen's eye sockets. Before he could free it again, another Isonian jabbed a spear deep into his thigh. Through his agony he was able to glance back momentarily at the men waiting to close the doors as soon as he could get inside them.


Saronin ripped the spear out of his leg and yanked his sword from the Isonianís face, all the while dodging the thrust of another advancing soldier. His sword cut savagely, slicing the soldierís arm off as it went to parry another blow. Bellowing a battlecry to Foret, Saronin lunged forward into the Isonian advance, forcing them back yet again.

Meanwhile, Zaratos had managed to get himself upright on his left foot. He turned and peered through the narrowing gap between the half-shut doors just in time to see his brother being visciously clubbed from behind by a heavy mace.


Zaratos tried to run forward to his brother's aid, but the sudden flash of sharp pain from his right leg sent him crashing heavily to the floor again. He raised his head up and yelled at the men manning the church doors to help Saronin, but it was far too late and the men were already closing the doors, themselves knowing what Zaratos refused to accept. The doors were almost completey closed when Zaratos looked once more outside just in time to see an axe cleave itís way through his fallen brotherís head. And then the doors boomed as they shut, and an iron bar clanged into place across them. An incoherent moan arose from Zaratos' throat as he clawed his way across the floor. He scrabbled at the bar, but was unable to get to his feet to lift it. His wife quickly came to his side, as two of the other men hastilty grabbed his arms and held him up.

"Zaratos, donít... you canít do anything for him now... Iím sorry. Iím so sorry."

A cry of despair arose from his throat, and became a bellow of rage. Ignoring the pain in his leg, Zaratos lurched at the doors, forcing the men to drag him back and hold him down. Nydam sat by his head, stroking his hair and crying softly as he raged.

Eventually, his screams of rage and denial subsided and were replaced by a few tears, silently running down his face. The local healer was still alive and present. He mutely bandaged Zaratos' foot and rejoined the rest of the common folk in the center of the church, listening to the efforts of the warriors outside as they worked to breach the doors. And after hammering for some time at the thick metal doors, the Isonians gave up on trying to enter the Mission and chose to gather spoils instead. The boisterous sounds of the soldiers could be heard all throughout the night as they feasted on the livestock and divided up the townsfolkís possessions.

A Priest of Foret led most of the surviving Aksalans in prayer, asking for Foret to pour out his influence upon the marauding invaders and let them find contentment with what they had taken leave them in peace. Zaratos lay on a cot in the darkness and numbly listened.

"Honored Foret, hear our prayers. We humbly beg thee to deliver us from this evil. We put our lives in your hands, beloved God."

My brother is dead.

"We know that you are pure, without stain, and all-powerful. We shall not fear, though enemies surround us. For you are with us."

They put an axe through his head.

"The wicked shall fall in your presence, for they have not the will to defeat your purity."

My brother is dead.

"We cry out to you, great Foret, and take comfort in our faith in thee...."

"Your leg feeling better?"

Nydam sat at his side, and gently placed her hand on his.

"Itís numb now, so I suppose thatís better."

"Youíll be back on your feet in no time." She looked into his eyes. A tear rolled down her cheek slowly. "Iím so sorry..." She leaned down and held him close. "Iím here for you though... Iíll never leave you... Weíll make it through this."

He held her tight. Minutes passed.

"When we have children.. the first son.. his name will be Saronin."

Zaratos said nothing and continued to hold Nydam until both his wounds and his grief dissolved into the darkness of a troubled sleep.

The next morning arrived in stillness. An ominous silence had settled across the town. The Aksalans knew the Isonians were still occupying the town, but they had no clue as to what they were doing. The answer arrived all to quickly as an unearthly chanting began outside the Mission in a strange, foreign tongue. It rose in volume and depth with each passing syllable, gradually becoming louder and louder. The more educated among the townsfolk recognized it immediately.

"Itís a sorcerer! We must flee!

Before any of them could react to the revelation, a thunderous blast rocked the building to itís foundations, knocking most everyone to the ground in a heap. A massive sphere the size of a large boulder, burning with flaming amethyst hate and limned in crimson agony, had struck the Mission doors.The metal of the doors buckled inward and began to scream as sorcerous energy began to soften them. Superheated metal began to warp as tears of fire began to drop off in rivulets of molten steel. A second sphere followed, slamming into the weakened doors, collapsing the supporting walls around the door as it passed through and sped into the Mission. The fireball screamed with vitriol as it slammed into the wooden altar at the far end of the church, reducing the dry wood to ash in an eyeblink. The priest was caught in the conflagration, as were several others who had been praying with him. Their charred corpses fell to the floor in piles of smoking bones. Those Aksalans who were still standing hurled themselves against the walls in horror. A frigid wind came next, cooling the redhot pile of stone and metal that had been the Mission doorway. Zaratos, regaining his senses, dragged himself to his feet, wincing silently as he tried to put weight on his useless foot. He moved his wife behind him and grimly drew his knives. Then the first of wave of shouting warriors poured in through the hole. The screams began....



Zaratos awoke to the feeling of icy water trickling down his parched throat. He coughed and sputtered for a moment, then sat up, weakly looking at the elderly man at his side. Zaratos glanced around momentarily, taking in the sparse trees and brush that made up the forest that now surrounded him. The old man gently pushed him back against the tree trunk he had been reclining against and handed the wooden water bowl to Zaratos. He examined the contents for a moment before taking a great draught and falling away back into unconsciousness once again.


Honored Foret, hear our prayers. We humbly beg thee to deliver us from this evil...

The axe entered his skull, traveling through until it was embedded in the ground...

We put our lives in your hands, beloved God...

I saw the stuff of his brain begin to ooze out of the crack...

We know that you are pure, without stain, and all-powerful.

I saw them look at me, their eyes crying for help before they melted to ash in the fire. I can still smell their flesh burning....

We shall not fear, though enemies surround us. For you are with us.

They had Nydam and I surrounded... Nydam... my beautiful wife.. what.... happened?

The wicked shall fall in your presence, for they have not the will to defeat your purity.

I fought them... my foot gave out... she.. she threw herself on top of me? No...

We cry out to you, great Foret, and take comfort in our faith in thee....

Saronin cried out to you... They cried out to you... Nydam cried out to you... I cried out to you.

You didnít save us...

You are pure, without stain, and all-powerfull...

Were we not worthy? Were we not pious enough, or just plain pure enough for you?

The wicked shall fall in your presence.

We were in one of your Missions... we were SLAUGHTERED in one of your Missions... where were you? Where were you? WHERE WERE YOU? THEY ALL DIED!!! WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU? DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU! YOU COULD HAVE SAVED THEM!!

...I tried... I tried to save them... I tried... but theyíre dead... all of them... my friends, my brother... my wife... they're all dead now...

I died. I died?

They pulled Nydam off of me... they held me fast while they raped her, then killed her...like a common animal.... they slit her throat and I saw her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes, go dark... and then all I saw was a sword blade...

Foret didnít save them. He didnít save Saronin from the axe through his skull, and he didnít save Nydam from the knife slitting her throat, so why should he have saved me? I would have rather DIED! WHY SAVE ME? I WANTED TO DIE!!

Maybe he didnít save you.

No... if I were dead, Iíd be with my family in the afterlife.

Are you sure about that?

Yes. Let me die. Now...

Were you a faithful follower of Foret unto your last breath?

....he didnít protect them....

So... you gave into your despair, and cursed him as you died.

...he abandoned us...

Thatís right. He did.

*sobbing* They all died..

Would you like to be reunited with your family?

...yes. More than anything.

It will not happen. Foret did nothing to save them, their souls are not his and are not with him. But you, my poor Zaratos, have been saved - just for seeing the truth.

The truth?

Yes, the truth. The truth that the world is now full of pain and suffering unending. The truth that Foretís vision of purity has become erroded by his desire to conquer his siblings. The truth that in his quest to mete out his 'justice', his Ďrighteousnessí, and his first-born Ďnobilityí....Foret has forgotten the very thing that gives him his place in power. Foret has turned away from his devout and pious followers. He long ago turned his back on the idea of a perfect, happy, moral world when one of his very own followers was deceived and murdered an innocent purveyor of Darden's belief in the First Sin.....all for vanity.


No...I am not Darden. But yes, Darden is my patron.

Then who..?

I am your chance at salvation.

But how can I see my family again?

Before the First Sin, before Foret betrayed you, the world was happy and free of strife. There was no war. All souls, after their death, spent eternity in a pre-ordained afterlife of peace and harmony, forever content. Now, while the war rages between the gods, the souls of those who die are held in limbo, separated until the conflict ends. Only after the war ends, then all spirits will once more reunite under one deity. Thus shall the world return to how it was in the beginning. This is your purpose now: to lead the peoples of Tonan into the caring, righteous hand of Darden, by any means necessary. Once this task is complete, you will be reunited with your family.

...by any means necessary...

I donít want to kill..


Screams filled the air. The axe cleaved his head in two. The children screamed as they were gutted. The priest writhed helplessly as he was incinerated. Her limp body lay broken in a widening pool of blood. Pain exploded in his head. The screaming never stopped. Screaming and screaming and screaming and screaming and screaming and screaming and screaming and scr-


I thought so. Now, return to the world, become Darden's Archangel, and remember - Foret has failed in his quest for purity. You must return righteousness to the world, and save the misguided heathens from themselves. Once the world is cleansed of sin and suffering, the Old world shall return, and you will be reunited. Do you understand?

As the last echoes of the screams faded, anger and despair swept over Zaratos. A faint amber glow encapsulated his body.

Then he awoke. And he awoke enraged.

He was kneeling in the windblown ashes of the town he once called home.

You are not being sent back without the strength to fulfill your task. Behold, you will be given gifts of magick, charisma, wisdom and cunning. But the greatest gift of all Archangel......immortality. Your flesh can fail, but it will no longer bear the burden of age.

Immediately, agony shot throughout Zaratos' body. Bones began to shift and reform, muscles stretched and careened. A scream of pain was ripped from Zaratos' mouth as the skin on his back split and tore along each shoulder blade. Amazingly, great wings began to slowly unfurl from the torn flesh.

As he twisted and writhed in pain, his body began to further change. Muscles strained as tendons tore themselves from their bones. His internal structure was reshaping itself. Within the span of a few short moments it was over. Zaratos tried to push himself up to his knees, and nearly blacked out. Steeling himself, he slowly stood up... and was somewhat surprised to find that his wounds were now healed.

Most surprising, though, were the great wings spreading out from his back. He found that with only minimal effort, he could flex them. Flight seemed as if it would be possible, felt strangely natural even... but that would have to wait. There were more important things to do just now.

After constructing a small memorial in the rubble of the Mission, Zaratos walked out into the world, never looking back. For several years, he covertly assembled a collection of fighters who had also come to see the same truth. Some of them had lost everything, as he had, while others simply had never had anything in the first place. The one thing that united them was their rage against what the world had become.

They became a ruthlessly efficient force, and in time found the will and the means to replace the hypocritical ruler of their own land. Once the matters of court politics and governmental structure were in place, they turned their sights to the world outside. The time had finally come to purify the world. And the night before the campaign was to begin, Zaratos, who had now taken to being called only Archangel, called the others together.

"Now begins the era of righteousness... let us go forth into the lands of the corrupt and purify their murderous souls. From this moment onwards, we will be known as the Warguard of Rage... and we will save this world, if not by reason, then by blood."

Mission Statement:

The Warguard of Rage rises in righteousness to march in holy war to purge the land of all heathen faiths. And to realign the people's hearts and minds to the caring and clever wisdom that is the core of Darden. If despair and domination are the tools required to complete their mission, the Warguard will not hesitate to use them.

Bound by blood, bound by duty...the Warguard will die, one and all, before it will fail.


GM: Captain
AGM: Lieutenant
Squad Leader: Guardsman/Guard Commander
Full Member: Swordsman/Swordmaster
Member: Warrior/Frontliner
Newbie: Conscript/Recruit


The Warguard marches on, ever vigilant. We fought in the beginning, so shall we fight till the end.


Maxim is by definition a role-play environment. This means that in order to play Maxim you are required to post at least twice per week in the Maxim Forum in Temper's Ball or be penalized when the AGM of RP checks for posting on Sunday. If you feel you cannot meet this requirement then read no further, WoR is not for you. If you feel you can honor the requirement, then please continue to read.


The Warguard of Rage is structured around two very simple principles. Respect and Discipline. In understanding one you lend yourself to the other. When either is compromised, the other will ultimately fail, and when principles in practice fail, WoR fails. This simple philosophy in practice demonstrates how vital it is that respect is nurtured and thereby discipline maintained. Together, working from this base, there is nothing that can tear WoR apart.


1. ALL members are required to possess both ICQ and mIRC. If you do not have one or both you must obtain them to become a member of WoR.
2. You must be an ACTIVE player. If you are currently under a posting penalty, you will not be accepted.
3. If you're an a-hole, don't bother to apply.


1. Unless previously arranged, failure to participate in Guild activities (meetings, wars, posting, etc) will result in disciplinary action.
2. Posting requirements for Maxim are one roleplay posts per week and must be in any Guild endorsed thread. (usually listed on the Guild banner) Not posting during the week will result in a scribed warning, greater than that is a disciplinary review that could lead to an unconditional boot.
3. ALL members are required to maintain and build their kingdoms on a frequent basis. Any kingdom found to be dormant for more than 3 days will be subject to review and possible expulsion.(Unless prior arrangements are made)


1. ALL Tempers Ball Rules are to be adhered to without personal interpretation. This means that each and every rule is to be taken literally, no exceptions. A more detailed explanation of the items listed below may be found here
2. You must post at LEAST twice a week. Fore mentioned posts must be of substantial length and quality.

3. Posts must pertain to the game of Canon, the world of Tonan, the island nation of Maxim and this version of the game.
4. Poetry, songs, letters, and speeches MUST include 4 sentences of introduction in addition to the poem, song, letter or speech.
5. ORIGINAL CONTENT IS REQUIRED. Borrowed content should NOT make up the sole content of your post. Posts that break this rule will be deleted.
6. Do not use emoticons (smiley faces), shadow text, or glow text in your roleplay posts.
7. Only staff may start OOC threads.
8. OOC lines in your posts may only be three lines long. Want additional communication, email it or send it by ICQ. If you god mode or speak in a language other then English, your post will be deleted.


Captain - (GM) The Captain's duties include Administration of all Guild activities from, and including, wars and meetings. ALL promotions and demotions are approved by the Captain only. Ultimately, his word is the final word on everything. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Lieutenant - (AGM) There will be as many Lieutenants as are deemed necessary or who earn the position. There will, however, be only two who will qualify to run the Guild in the GM's absence. These will be the First Lieutenant and the Second Lieutenant respectively. The duties of the Lieutenant include the administration of a single Division (up to 3 quads) and their Guard Commanders beneath them. ALL information from anywhere in the Guild will filter through designated Lietenants to the GM.

Guardsman/Guard Commander - (Quad Leaders) The duties of the Guard Commanders are primarily the administration and maintenance of Division Quads. These duties may also include training, instruction, and/or dispensation of discipline from their superiors. ALL Guard Commanders are assigned to a Lieutenant and answer to that Lieutenant only in all matters.

Swordsman/Swordmaster - (Alternate Quad Leaders) The duties of the Swordmasters are varied and include making sure that all Quad-mates are fully informed of all that is required of them. Also, any problems any member may be having with anything should be handled by the appropriate Swordmaster. Frequent reports on the status of a Swordmaster's Quad is expected to be given to designated superiors on a regular basis.

Warrior/Frontliner - (Full Members/Soldiers) The duties of the Frontliner are to follow all instructions from their superiors to the fullest of their abilities. Constant contact and communication with quad-mates is paramount. Helping novice members is looked upon positively and often lends to quicker rise in rank.

Conscript/Recruit - (Novice/New Member) The duties of novice members are few. A new member is reviewed often to establish their worth to the Guild. If anything is felt to be unacceptable or correctable, the Recruit's direct superior will offer appropriate aid. Posting is crucial for Recruits.


1. In order for ANY member of WoR to achieve a higher rank the first and foremost item that will be reviewed is the posting. Quality and quantity are of prime importance. Not everyone is a great speller or possesses supreme grammar. Posting efforts will be reviewed based upon individual merit, not on a group curve.
2. Recommendation by a Lieutenant and/or a Guard Commander is required. The GM may not require one in certain cases, but one must be officially given nonetheless.
3. NO promotion will be handed out for repeated violation of Guild Codes. So, it follows, adhering to the rules and following ALL instructions is to the benefit of members.
4. No expression of loyalty is more powerful than that of sacrifice. If anyone is forced, or ordered, to sacrifice their kingdom for ANY reason and without complaint, they shall be noted as worthy of review by the GM for all appropriate accolades, including promotion.


1. ALL members are expected to participate in ALL wars.
2. Failure to follow instructions during wartime is cause for instant and immediate booting.
3. Everyone is expected to read the banner and attack according to posted instructions. NO "prima donna" activities are allowed.
4. NEVER scribe an enemy unless authorized to do so. ALL enemy scribes are to be copied and sent to a superior for review.
5. NO "rogueing" (going unguilded or faith switching) is allowed. ALL members will fight as WoR members or they will not be WoR members.
6. Refusal to follow direct orders will result in immediate disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.
7. No members are allowed to build during war unless given approval by a superior.
8. There is only one rule for attacks. NO MERCY.
9. Unguilded targets are open for attack by any member at any time.
10. Members may not delete their kingdoms until approval is given.


Any member that is subject to disciplinary action will find it a fair and equitable process. Depending upon the nature of the offense, judgement may come swiftly, or after an Officers Tribunal to assess and discuss the nature of the crime. In any event, the best way to avoid a problem is to not create one. Follow common sense and posted guidelines.


1. In the event that the GM is unable to fulfill his/her duties, or is missing for an extended period of time, the First Lieutenant shall assume the duties and powers thereof with the Second Lieutenant assuming the duties and powers of the First.
2. NO unauthorized scouting by ANY member is allowed. Period. Should anyone need unguilded targets for land, etc. they may ask a superior for them.
3. ANY member creating a disruption within the Guild will no longer be in the Guild.
4. When do you get promoted? When you do not ask for one, and work to be as good a member as you can be, it will happen. Rank is earned. It's an honor and a priviledge, not a right.
5. Remember, it's just a game. It's not "real life". Play it in the spirit in which it is intended and everyone will have fun.
6. How do I apply? In order to apply to the Warguard of Rage one need only contact ICQ #17380554 and click on the "join" button.


GM - Archangel
ICQ - 17380554
Email - nhatfiel@gmu.edu

AGM - Lithia
ICQ - 20958563
Email - jsagl1@uas.alaska.edu