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Created: 2004-03-07 12:12:27
Game: covenant
Faith: Angelique


He was drawn, guided by an unseen hand towards an unknown destination. Many scholars have debated the existence of Free Will. For Hesketh there was no debate. There was no free will. At least, not in a conscious sense. Whether directed by the unseen force of a deity, or just the unknown drive of a hidden conviction Hesketh was compelled to walk his current path. City by city, village by village, individual by individual, he was driven to seek others of the same thoughts, desires and beliefs. Slowly, inexorably they came together. Bound by the common belief that Foret was the true light and that the usurpers must be either converted or cast down.

It was sometime after midnight, after the good people of the city had long since fallen asleep. In the basement of an abandoned inn they met. Broken shelves and shattered casks littered the floor. Quiet murmurs were heard from the assembled few. Snatches of conversation, occasional words, but no names were mentioned. Waves could be heard lapping the docks outside. Drunks shouted to one another, and in a nearby alley, prostitutes could be heard plying their trade.

Hesketh stepped forward. As he did, all present fell quiet. His head was bowed, covered by the hood of his plain brown robe. His silence was held for an uncomfortably long time and several of the younger in attendance began shift their weight in discomfort. Hesketh’s gnarled hands were clasped in front of him so tightly that the knuckles shown white, as if he were fighting a battle within himself. When he finally raised his head and began speaking, his mouth held a weak smile, but his voice projected forth in a strong low whisper that all strained to hear.

”Welcome brethren. Thank you for coming.” He paused, and gazed in turn deep into each of their eyes. “I’ve spoken with each of you and am convinced that you feel the same pull as I. The same internal hand guiding our actions and thoughts towards this meeting tonight. The same silent battles in our minds, that have led us all to the same conclusion.” He paused, letting the current silence lend gravity and strength to his next words. “The world is falling asunder. Being driven and torn apart through the inherent weakness of heretical gods and their followers. The decadence and strife that only befit the swine of Darden and Isonia have taken hold of the world that is rightfully Foret’s.

Pureness has been trampled. Righteousness ignored. Justice has become a farce. Honor is but the shadow of a word. This must change. For if it does not, hope shall be the next to die, and with it, any chance of salvation. Realize that the perversity that has infected our world is not the sole provence of the Isonians and Dardenites. The cancer that has manifested itself by destroying honor and valour is seen in all faiths. Those who profess to worship Foret have not been excused. It is because of this that we must hold ourselves to a higher standard. It is because of this that we must walk a narrow path. It is because of this that we, The Silent, must lead from the shadows by providing an example of honor and righteousness. And, when the times call for it, we must step into the light and lead our forces forth, regardless of the odds, providing a tangible reminder that honor and justice will not be allowed to become archaic words with no meaning.

Something that we must never allow ourselves to forget is that both honor and dishonor must be recognized regardless of faith. Should a foe act with honor we must rejoice in that redeeming quality and take it as a sign that all has not been lost. In this case praise should be given. Should a faithmate act with dishonor we must despair in that our lands have taken a step closer to chaotic oblivion. In this case chastisement is in order. Either way we must remain consistent to our ideals. For if we lose them then we are truly lost.

Justice is waning. This is something that we cannot, and shall not allow to happen. We, as The Silent, must act so that justice is not forgotten. Justice is not simply something for the worshippers of Foret. By its very definition justice must be equally applied to all. Should one group be unjustly treated we, as The Silent, must come to their aid. At times this will put us in the untenable position of judge, jury, and executioner. At times this shall make us unpopular with both friends and foes. Rather than allowing popularity to guide our decisions we must travel the course of justice.

Should we find the strength to hold true to our course. We will show through word and deed that justice has not been forgotten and that honor is still relevent. Only by doing so shall there be a chance that purity and righteousness can be restored. Each of us truly believe that this world is Foret's. We must act in such ways that when He claims it this world will be fit for him to rule.

Hesketh paused, holding the silence like a cloak. Fear and further unease had crept into most of their eyes. “Brethren. Do not despair. All is not yet lost. Though they dwindle in number, there are still some, who like us, have hearts and minds that are pure. They wage a bitter and brutal war in an attempt to stem the tide of the heathens decadence and deceit. We must stride forth, lending our hearts, bodies and souls to this just cause.”


GM: Boring Old TaterHead
AGM: Who is dis wench?haha!
Squad Leader: Bootie Fondlers
Full Member: Trailer Park Raiders
Member: Hood Rats
Newbie: HomelessPotatoFarmers


We have served Foret for the past two ages.


General Information

The Cacophony of Silence follows Foret and is devoted to bringing his light to the world.

To apply with The Cacophony of Silence one must apply in game and send an e-mail to talberen@hotmail.com or tarawenchie@yahoo.com. In this e-mail please tell us a little about yourself. Just make sure to include:

1) Kingdom name and leader name

2) How long you have played Canon (or Monarchy)

3) Which guilds you have been a member of and any rank therein

4) Method of communication (icq, msn, aim etc.)

5) Why you wish to become part of The Cacophony of Silence.

6) Additionally, please provide either an rp sample or, much preferred, links to some current and past rp threads.

Realize that past experience playing Canon, while a plus, is not a necessity. We welcome new players openly. After all, we were all new at some point.


1)   Have fun. Simply put this is a game and we are here to have fun.

2)    Be active. This is important. We need people who are able to play their realms at least every two days. Every day is preferred. Like anything else, the more you put into something the more you shall get out of it. This game is no different.

3)    Communicate. Talk with your fellow guildmates. Whether it be through icq, msn, scribe, whatever. Communication is vital to the guilds success. It also makes the game a lot more fun.

4)    Teamwork. Anything can be accomplished if we work as a team.

5)    Cheating. Don’t do it. If you do, not only will you be booted from the guild you will be turned in to the Evernight administration. Cheaters have no place in this guild nor this game and shall not be allowed.

6)    Code of conduct. Do not whine on the boards. Follow all rules of Temper’s Ball. Remember, even when you are not posting in the maxim forum you are still a representative of the guild. Post with the courtesy and respect that you wish others to give you.

7)    Maxim is a role play world, and Cacophony of Silence is an rp guild. You MUST post two times a week. The first week you do not you will be demoted. A second week without posting will result in you not being part of the guild.

Temper’s Ball Rules

1)Do not make an ass of yourself

2)Do not post accusations of cheating

3) Do not post bug reports

4) Do not post other players numbers

5) Do not post redundant messages (no spamming)

6) Signatures are to be kept to 4 lines only.

Internal Guild Ranks

Rank one - The Unseen (GM) The Unseen is highest rank within the guild and is the guiding force behind The Cacophony of Silence.

Rank two - The Shadows (AGM) The Shadows lend assistance to The Unseen and help guide the guild. Any and all tasks may be within their purview, at the discretion of The Unseen, of course.

Rank three - The Arcane (ast. AGM) The Arcane are chosen due to their devotion to the game and their willingness to assist in the day to day operations of The Cacophony of Silence.

Rank four - The Veiled - The Veiled are members who have proven themselves true and devout followers of Foret. They have no official duties, but can be relied on by the guild to help perform whatever tasks prove necessary.

Rank five - The Hooded - The Hooded are trusted members who have shown devotion to The Cacophony of Silence.

Rank six - The Hidden - The Hidden are yet unproved members who are being given a chance to prove their worth and devotion to Foret and The Cacophony of Silence.

Order of Succession

If for some reason the GM is unable to fulfill their responsibilities the AGM’s shall work as a team to fulfill the requirements until such time as the GM is able to resume their duties. If the GM disappears or abdicates, the AGM’s shall decide together who shall be the new GM.


Promotions will be given on the basis of activity and loyalty. This includes both in the game and on the boards. Promotions will be determined by the GM with recommendations from the agms. Privileges handed out according for merit and for the members willingness to actually do “work” for Cacophony. As stated previously; this is not a reward for joining Cacophony, but must be earned. Friendship and longevity in the game are irrelevant. Nagging or incessant asking about promotions will not help matters. In most cases this will serve as a hindrance.

Contact Information

GM Info: talberen@hotmail.com - UIN: 62060404
AGM Info: tarawenchie@yahoo.com - UIN: 8901528