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Created: 2004-03-06 03:58:38
Game: covenant
Faith: Barnabas



They have been standing since the beginning of time, rising out of the hot desert sands as if arms rising to reach the seats of the gods. One is black, jagged, absorbing the rays of the sun, the air around it wavering with heat and the powerful evil it emanates, the other white, smooth, shining, polished, reflecting light, goodness flowing from it.

They have come to be known as the monoliths of Tiavain and are the sole reason that the city exists.

Long ago, when there were more wizards in the world than today, there came a time when the mages fell to fighting over the magic nodes which gave them their primary sources of power. The drain on the nodes had become great and some had run dry. The mages’ and wizards’ power was dwindling. They were no longer the threat they once were. Many fell to the sword, unable to keep the blades from their doors, others fell to each other as spectacular wizard wars were waged over the few remaining sources of mana.

There were a few mages, powerful wizards and channelers, who decided that it was not in their best interests to participate in these wars. Instead, separately, stealthily, they spent their fading resources searching for new nodes, for their superior powers had shown that there were still untapped sources of mana in unexplored lands. They spent many hours standing over fire, water and powerful mixtures, sending their mind’s eyes searching for that which they sought. It was revealed to the strongest of them that there were two enormous sources of mana in the middle of the shifting sands of the desert, two monoliths, one emanating white power and one black. The mages set out to claim them as their own, travelling in disguise, trying not to use magic, so as not to be noticed.

The first to arrive was Miliardo Risetti, a necromancer and summoner of demons. He could feel the pull of the black monolith before he saw it rise on the horizon, the evil within it beckoning to him.

He walked, lured by the power he could sense. It was like a shadow, which extended itself over the world. Yet at times it was blinded by a power like vivid light, almost as if another power was fighting for prominence.

The sun burned on the slowly moving form. Sun so hated. So dreaded. Yet he continued on and on. The lure of power. Promise of a future. An end to the wars of sorcery.

The promise of a chance to fulfill what had failed during the wars. To form a bastion to research the powers of the ancients. The powers of other worlds. And to finally ascend to ultimate power.

Such were the thoughts as he finally crossed the last sandy hill. His eyes falling on the black monolith. It's raw power a promise of greatness which was thought to be lost forever.

It was then that his eyes fell on the second. A white monolith. The equal to the black. Lightning of power coursing between them seen by his trained eyes. His curiosity peeked.

Then he faded. Disappearing for months, years, as others came and a city formed. To reappear years later as patriarch of one of the founding houses, with ploys, plans well hidden, yet adding his power to the creation of the greatest city of all times, Tiavain.

Estovar Dovanucci was the next to arrive. Driven by his desire to continue to right the world, to restore balance, he had been drawn by the pull of the monoliths. At times he had felt out of control, as if a dark force was forcing him towards his destination. This, he did not understand until he saw the monoliths upon the horizon, the dark and the light, with an exchange of power between the two which rivaled the worst wizard war ever fought. The power, which drew him forward, was greater than any he had known in his life.

He dropped to his knees in awe at the site of the great white monolith. With such a source of mana it surely must be possible to conquer the force of evil, destroy the black sorcerors. His heart raced with the thought that he might stand victorious over evil, his feats forever sung by the bards and he himself revered as a god by the people. He made his home in the shadow of the white monolith, the emanating power which radiated as small vibrations constantly striking at his brain, convincing him that his way, the white way was the only possible good and that evil must be destroyed. It drove him mad in the end…but not until he had fought many fights, driven away many black sorcerors and even white, for fear that other whites would drain the power of the monolith…power which had been meant for him Estovar Dovanucci only.

The city grew. Not all of the wizards could be driven away and some managed to settle and fend off the attacks of the Dovanuccis and the rumored guardians of the black monolith.

In the black city which had come to develop near the black monolith a mansion arose quite suddenly. Overnight in fact. The owner of it, a powerful wizard by the name of Malcolm Bainev, the First. He claimed he had in fact been there before any of the other arrivals, his mansion hidden by his own magic. The claim was a questionable one, but it was certainly no lie that the mansion had at least been hidden there for some time, for it certainly could not have been build overnight. Why he had chosen to stop hiding was another question arisen by many. Perhaps he had simply hidden at first to make it seem as though he had been around longer, but that of course was not the answer he gave. His claim was the he revealed himself because of his growing concern of the power arising in the white city to the south, with the arrival of Estovar Dovanucci. A brilliant orator, and perhaps also an excellent liar, Malcolm managed to rally many people around him in support to go against the Dovanuccis. The quarrels between the two families lasted for some time, with neither side accomplishing much. Eventually the two great leaders came to realize that there was a greater threat brewing. While they battled, other wizards had been coming, moving into the cities. They were all much less powerful then the Dovanucci and the Bainev, but there were many of them, and there presence was threatening. Seeing the futility of battling one another, Estovar and Malcolm joined their powerful forces to drive away many of the lesser wizards who also sought the power of the monoliths.

And so for a time the primary power was left with only the Dovanucci, the Risseti, and the Bainev. Others sought to claim the monoliths for their own but were either driven away or destroyed, the cleverest, allied themselves with one of the families. And, so the most intelligent, the most deceitful and the most powerful survived and settled around the monoliths. There was and still is, more than enough mana to go around.

Over the years the settlements grew, the white faction to the south and the black faction to the north, with feuds erupting between the two from time to time. They expanded, encroaching upon the land in the middle, which a few grey wizards had claimed as their own. The first of these had been the House Tarrant, which had slipped into existence without a great deal of notice whilst the whites and blacks had been busy with each other. The Tarrants quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the expanding cities, which were quickly becoming one.

The city at last united, not out of desire but out of need. The desire to unite was tempered by the all too many sinister under currents, vendettas and feuds amongst the mage families which had settled in Tiavain, a constant juxtapositioning for power. The need came because the desert was bordered by the followers of Darden and Foret, religious zealots, whose spies had discovered the city of Tiavain and the monoliths which contained such power and wished them for their own. There began a continuous chain of raids and full-scale attacks which forced the white and black wizards to unite to fend off, creating a common cause. The wizards stood together and drove the religious zealots back, and so it happened that they, who only revered magic, took up the worship of Isonia, if only to spite their attackers.

Because of their distrust of the raiders and foreigners in general, swords, blades and sharpened edges were outlawed for all but the military, and a few select others who are issued a license to own and carry a blade. This license must be carried upon one’s person at all times. There are strong wards in place at the gates to prohibit the bringing of bladed weapons into the city, which make it most uncomfortable for those who carry them and encourage prompt relinquishment of their weapons to the gate guards.

The city of Tiavain has grown through the years, expanding about the gigantic monoliths which give it’s residents their great powers. It is a city of intrigue, intricate politics and espionage. Nothing is what it seems. Magic is revered, only mages, wizards and sorcerors can rise to positions of authority. Children are tested early for magical powers in hopes they can be trained in the arcane arts and lift their family to a position of power…but so far, the oldest houses remain the most mighty, the Risseti, the Tarrant, the Bainev and the Dovanucci. They are the wizards, the Istari. They control the city, sitting upon a ruling council with the four houses next in strength to them, but, most importantly, they control the monoliths, the monoliths of Tiavain.


GM: Fanyare Istar
AGM: Arbiter Elegantiarum
Squad Leader: Val' Istar
Full Member: Thaumaturgist
Member: Jordain
Newbie: Citizen


The City of Tiavain celebrates its third age. It will not be their last.



The leaders of the most powerful houses in Tiavain rule the city. In order to become a wizard of Tiavain, the leader of the house you wish to join, must approve you. This means it is in your best interests to contact the house leader and convince him/her that you are worthy to join their house and in what capacity you will join. Your application will only be accepted if accompanied by an emailed, role played application stating which house you wish to join and why, your history in Tonan, and what you can offer the house and the city as a whole. Email all applications to Tiavain@dotfr.us. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the council and voted upon. Majority rules. Should you not get a vote of acceptance from the house you applied to, your application will be rejected.

The Houses:

House Dovanucci
Leader: Astavia Dovanucci
Art: Healing Arts, Control of the Winds and Summoning of Air Elementals
Alignment: Good

The Dovanucci Family considers itself the first family of Tiavain and disputes the claims of the House Risetti and House Bainev of the same distinction. They proved their might against the Bainev early on, under the leadership of Estovar Dovanucci. His descendant, Astavia, now rules over this, arguably, most powerful house in Tiavain.

The Dovanuccis have always stood for right, justice, order and the destruction of evil. As such, they have been in a constant state of disagreement and feud with the houses of evil alignment, although these fights have taken a more devious approach now that the city has grown. Sabotage is the preferred method of operation against the evil houses. The Dovanuccis befriend many of the lesser white and grey houses, to gain support and more strength against the enemies of the Dovanuccis. These lesser families are usually so flattered by this attention, they do not realize they are being used. Astavia does not consider what she does as wrong, for it is in all that is good’s best interests. She will not hesitate to use anyone to bring white magic and herself to power over the blacks for good must triumph over evil and therefore, she is right.

The Dovanuccis have a vendetta against the House Risetti, which has been passed down through the generations. Astavia’s ultimate goal is the destruction of the House Risetti, thereby rising to supreme power in Tiavain, and to put strict control upon the use of black magic, if not eradicating it entirely.


Follow the path of right and good without wavering. No black arts are to be practiced whatsoever, punishable by either banishment or death depending on the spells invoked. Act with the honor and nobility befitting a member of this most prestigious house.

Uphold the reverence of white magic as supreme and be devout in worship of Isonia even though her worship falls secondary to the arcane arts.

Follow the rules of the city without fail. We are the white, the good and as such must always present ourselves as the most upstanding of citizens, defenders of the maligned and enemy of the unjust. Appearances are everything.


House Bainev
Leader: Malcolm Bainev IV
Art: Illusionary Magic (a black magic)
Alignment: Evil

The Bainev family was one of the earliest powerful families to come to Tiavain. In fact they were surely there before it became one city, and according to members of the family, they were actually the first to find the black monolith in the desert. Whether this is actually the case, is unknown, but considering how near the Bainev mansion is to the black monolith, it does seem to be a distinct possibility.

Members of the Bainev family are know for being gentlemanly and polite, especially Malcolm VI, but of course like most things dealing with the family this is illusion. It is well know that under their shining exterior their intentions are anything but kind and gentlemanly, and those that cross them often find themselves in the most unpleasant of situations.

Ability with the dark art of Illusionary magic runs in the Bainev family. All those with such blood in them are quite adept with it, although none so much as Malcolm. But with this great ability comes a marked lack of other magical talent, none of the Bainev bloodline have ever been able to perform so much as a single spell in any other sphere of magic. In the case of those in the city allied with the family, but not in its blood line, they are all taught to use the magic of illusions, and are strictly forbidden from the use of any other types of magic.

Rules of the Bainev Family:

Disobedience will not be tolerated
Obey your patriarch.
Do not besmirch the name of Bainev.
-Always show the utmost courtesy to others; even those that should dare cross the Bainev family. Such individuals are to be dealt with in private.
-Speak with intelligence and tact.
-Maintain self control.
-Always look your best.
-Obey the laws of Tiavain and the commands of the council.
Never practice any other art of magic but Illusionary.
Do not go against the wills and goals of the Bainev family and its patriarch


House: Tarrant
Ruler: Milabar
Expertise: Enchantments
Alignment: Neutral

House Tarrant was founded upon the ideals of neutrality, for it was in the mind of Milabar, that all things would be better if the world would just give up their ideas of good and evil, and walk a path of both. Upon reaching the magical city, Milabar soon found himself in debate with others, though nothing like him, each preaching of good and evil. After many years of hearing these debates, the other great families’ started their 'houses', filled with followers of their different learnings. Milabar, in his wisdom, decided that it would be best to keep the balance, and started his own house, with his last name, Tarrant.

After many ages, Milabar and House Tarrant has grown into one of the major factions in the city, keeping the peace between the two other houses with his expanding experience of enchantments, not only on items but on people. This is how he keeps the peace, and so far, no one has really noticed that they are enchanted in such a way, and he plans on keeping it that way.

Rules of House Tarrant:

~1. You shall abide by all the main rules of the City. Anyone that is found disrespecting the City rules will be banished from the house.

~2. All members of House Tarrant shall be expected to listen to their House Ruler at all times. While we are not the strongest of the houses, we have the most influence, having both the Black and the White coming to us for advice.

~3. Members are expected to keep in contact with other members of their House. Communication is very important when it comes to running a house, for knowledge is power, and with knowledge, eventually, everyone will follow the path of neutrality.


House Risetti
Leader : Never Solis
Art: Demonic and Undead
Alignment: Evil

The roots of house Risetti are shrouded in the dark mists of the past. Rumors speak of dealings with the malign. Of dealings with the devil. Never proven, yet truly feared.

Behind every disappearance in the night, the people can feel the hand of house Risetti. Their name echoes in every crying moan going through the dark halls of the sky. People almost can see a sacrifice done in the dark halls, which are standing in the shadow of the Black Monolith.

Risetti. A name bringing almost as much fear to the simple superstitious people as the name of the Devil himself. As much as the promise of hell to the damned.

It was true that Risetti had allied itself long ago to the world of demons, far below. That to call upon them, to work their incantations, life sacrifices were brought. And that the lords itself had trifled with both the schools of Demonry and Undead.

All this was carefully kept secret though. For the more Risetti moved in the darkness and in the shadows, the more its grasp upon power reached over the city.

Those who joined the house, those who served, were well versed in those arts, and had the clear goal of using them to the farthest limits to bring power to house Risetti, and to the city of Tiavain.

The leader of house Risetti was possibly hidden in even deeper shadows then the real dealings of the house with the world below. If that could be, at all. Some said he was a thousand years old. Some said he was a youth in the flower of age. None knew the truth. Rarely was he seen in public.

Once more Miliardo Risetti is rumored to have disappeared into the depths below his House. In his absence, chaos has ruled and civil war broke out within House Risetti, due to Never Solis proclaiming himself their new leader. He remains leader to this day and will remain so, until he is either overthrown, or Miliardo returns.

Rules of the Risetti Family:

Don't break the rules of Istari d'Tiavain.
The word of the Patriarch is law.
Do not bring failure to the house.
Know when you join the house of Risetti, you will never be allowed to leave it again.


House: Nim'Ostas
Ruler: Aranor Shadow
Expertise: Healing Arts, Augmentation, Stealth
Alignment: Good

This House has had a long and winding history. Originally it was led by the Rienko family. Macai Rienko was the last of his family and when he died, he left no blood heir, a strange occurrence indeed. Instead he passed the House on legally to Sephrenia Wingrider whom he had taken under his wing, upon her arrival to the city.

Unfortunately, Sephrenia was battling amnesia and in her need to capture her memories and her past, she has left the city upon a journey to do just that.

The House, which had become known under Sephrenia as the most devout House in it's worship to Isonia and active in it's duties to protect the citizens of Tiavain from the factions of evil doers, was passed on to Aranor Shadow.

Aranor and the members of the House have renamed themselves, House Nim'Ostas, House of the White Defenders.

Rules of House Nim'Ostas:

* Any may join the House, so long as they are devout in their worship to Isonia. If a member's allegiance is in question, they may be removed from the House.

* The rules of the city are also the rules of the House. Anyone found to be acting outside of the rules may be removed from the House.

* Members of the house are required to follow any instructions handed down from Aranor immediately, and to the full extent of their ability. Advice is always welcome, but it is expected that orders will be followed. It is only through harmony that our stealthy tasks may be performed efficiently.

* Each member of our House is required to keep in contact with the other members. Communication is crucial


The Society
Leader: Tiamat
Art: Dragon Riders, Shapeshifters, Druids
Alignment: Neutral

The Society, a secretive House under the White Monolith, once led by Dusty, a distant relative to the Dovanucci’s has recently been left leaderless. Under great secrecy one of their members, has been researching and exploring the tunnels and caves that lie below the city. What he has discovered there, has led him to come forward as new leader of The Society. Due to the nature of his findings, he has changed the alignment of The Society.

A new power emerges in the grey area of Tiavain.

When our intel is more complete on The Society, we will inform you of more.

Rules of The Society:

*Refrain from public altercations with other Houses, save for those circumstances with which Dusty has declared there be need.
*Failure of any task within The Society is fatal, and should not be allowed to happen. This applies to everything, including 'advancing'. Do not fail, or you bring dishonor upon The Society and will be asked to end your time in The Society and your life.
*Obey the rules of the City



The Istari d’Tiavain are living and creating a story, one which will be recorded in Tempers Ball. As such the following rules must be followed without exception when recording our history in said hallowed halls: