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Created: 2004-03-03 09:15:04
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Was the cry that echoed along the cracked stone walls of an enormous castle?

It was almost midnight, and the late night drizzle had just turned into a steady rain. The chains of
the drawbridge began to clank as the wooden platform was slowly lowered over the sewage infested moat, drowning out the steady dripping of the rainfall. The ground shook under the tremendous weight of the drawbridge, the sudden impact of wood upon stone sending out a huge crack which tore the relative silence asunder, and sent a cloud of birds into the sky from their nearby roosts.

Three figures on horseback galloped into the gatehouse, water running off their cloaks in streams, creating pools of murky liquid on the ground. They arrived at the keep, where a shivering young boy with wide eyes took their horses to the stables. The low rumble of thunder was now heard, partially muffled by the inside of the stone keep, a murmured portent of what was to come. The three figures entered, removing their waterlogged hoods. Each of them had a marking at the tip of their right eyebrow; one in the shape of crossed axes, another in the form of an open book, and the third with the sigil of a closed eye.

"It's about time!" Complained the one with the symbol of the book.

"We've been waiting out there all blasted night for you to let us in!"

The apparent leader of the three motioned with his hand for silence. "Calm down, Tryt," Said he, "They were merely preparing for our arrival." He turned towards the third, "We did come at an inconvenient time, did we not Balsuil?"

The one with they symbol of the eye replied, "My Lord informed me that we should arrive at castle Blackthorn at this hour, as to not arouse suspicion."

"Very well then" Spoke the leader, whose name had not been indicated. By this time they had made their way to the central staircase, which was rot infested and dripping with water from the ceiling. The torches cast eerie images on the cold stone walls, and the stairs creaked and groaned, like an animal in pain. Shadows danced around the edges of the group's vision, and every so often a stream of water found its way into a torch, making it hiss and splutter as if it were choked.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Said Balsuil, who was beginning to breathe heavily.

"What is the matter Balsuil?" Asked the leader anxiously.

They reached the top of the stairs. Balsuil closed his eyes and grabbed his stomach, collapsing on the floor.

"Balsuil!" Cried Tryt "Are you all right? What's happening?!"

"Get...out..quickly...." Balsuil gasped and panted "Get....out...hurry...not...much....time.."
Balsuil let out a long breath, which was his last.

"No!" Tryt shrieked.

Suddenly, a menacing voice came from within the room before the two.

"Hah hah ha! You pitiful followers of the false god Foret, thinking you could outsmart me!"
The leader drew a magnificent blade that glowed a brilliant gold color, with inscriptions of Foret carved into the hilt. Beside him, Tryt drew his glowing long bow and the two stepped into the room.
The King's body hung from a noose over the throne. Bodies lay strewn over the floor, some of them dismembered. They were the former royal guard - the elite of the army, now reduced to a mockery of their former selves, lying in pools of their own blood. A figure cloaked in purple, stood amongst the bodies.

"The justice of Foret will avenge these deaths, heathen" cried the leader. The two screamed a mighty battle cry. All that could be heard throughout the castle was the sound of a ferocious battle.
Thunder rolled over the hills of the countryside, lightning falling from the sky to strike a tower on the Southern wall of the castle. With a slow inevitability, the tower toppled and fell with a crash into the courtyard. And with that crash, there came silence...

The figure cloaked in purple thrust his blade at the group's leader, scratching the man's arm. The man collapsed to his knees at the light wound, and looked up with a shocked glare at his attacker. "Poison? Have you no honor?"

The purple figure merely smirked, and turned to throw a thin knife at Tryt, impaling the man through the forehead.

"Honor, you fool, does not come into it. Isonia will be pleased with what I have done here today…."

He held up his arms and in a flash of bale-purple light, was gone. Silence reigned for many hours, until a small figure emerged from underneath a table. It was the small stable boy. He had seen everything. Tears ran down his cheeks like raindrops, gathering at his chin until they fell to stain his shirt. He stepped over body after body, and made his way over to the glowing sword, whose glow was beginning to fade.

A few moments went by, his curiosity overcame his fear and he reached out a small hand to grip the sword by the handle.

As he was reaching for the hilt he had a vision in his mind as if he was seeing it with his own eyes.

"My child...my brave warriors have fallen. This is your true god Foret, and those that have fallen before you were called Sandius Quitius, my holy guards. They were on a mission to save this king and his kingdom from the followers of the murderous false god - Isonia. They kill for no reason other than bloodshed, and they must be stopped lest we are next.

You must avenge my name and restore order to the shattered lands. I will give you this sword's power to go and find allies among my followers and unite a new order of powerful warriors and together you will bring death to the heathen foes!"

The sword began giving off an immense light, and the symbol of the crossed axes appeared at the tip of the boys' right eyebrow.

It is now 10 years later, and it is I who was the boy that was chosen by destiny. The call to reunite the ancient order of warriors of Foret has gone out - in Foret’s name, we fight to restore his light to lands blemished by the taints of the squabbling false gods. Join us, and help bring the word of Foret to those who need it most.


GM: King
AGM: Prince
Squad Leader: Royal Guard
Full Member: Knight
Member: Squire
Newbie: Peasant


This is SQ's 2nd age in Canon.


You can become a member of SQ if you are invited by a current member of the guild and the GM approves. If you haven't been invited and you wish to join you may still become part of the guild if you follow the below guidelines.

*Be very active - logging into your kingdom at least once a day.
*Obey all rules – this includes guilds rules which can be found below and Temper’s Ball rules.
*You must email the GM and include this information
-Player name
-Realm name
-Why you think we should accept you
-How much time you are willing to devote to the game and boards
-Current game experience i.e. (How long you have been playing, past guilds etc)
-Contact information (email, ICQ, AIM, MSN)

Once the GM has reviewed your email, he will contact you on a messenger to discuss your application further, or if all is well you will be accepted once your email is reviewed.

If you apply without being invited or emailing the GM your application will simply be denied.

A new member to SQ will be asked to read this charter completely until he or she understands it well and agrees to follow all rules.

ICQ/AIM or MSN is mandatory in the guild for communication purposes, any one of these will do, although most of the Canon community uses ICQ for game related things, so ICQ would be preferable.

Rules in SQ are pretty simple yet highly enforced. If you follow them you will be on the right path to promotion (more on promotions below). If a rule such as attacking a kingdom without permission is broken you will be immediately booted and forsaken to the enemy. But keep in mind attacking another kingdom without permission is not the only rule we punish this harshly to. Here are the rest of the rules, a description and a punishment to be handed out if the rule is broken.

*Be loyal to the guild - If you leave the guild without a good reason, you will be banished, never shall you be welcome to return, this rule is to prevent members from guild jumping to other guilds then returning.

*No cheating - If we find out you were cheating in any way, such as having two accounts, you will be booted and banned from the guild immediately without any warning.

*Be online for wars - If you cant make it to a war for any reason or plan on being late, contact the GM or AGM immediately telling him the reason why you won’t be attending. If you miss 2 wars you will be demoted and you will be warned, if you continue you will be booted, unless as previously stated you warn the GM or AGM of your absence or lateness.

Wars are announced on the guild banner, it is expected that you read the guild banner daily to keep up to date with current guild affairs.

Wars will generally be ran in IRC, it is a good idea that you get this program. You can get a IRC client from http://www.mirc.com

*Obey all Temper's Ball rules which can be found at the below URL:


1) Do not make an ass of yourself
2) Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
3) Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4) Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
5) Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
6) Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

Also obey all Guild forum rules:

a) Do not claim that threads are closed to the general public. As long as people are adding to the thread and not spamming or stalking then everyone is welcome in every thread.
b) No excessive vulgarity. As long as its part of the general post its acceptable, but when your swearing just to swear it will be edited.
c) No revealing Voice alts.
d) No Shadow Guilds. (Shadow Guilds are groups of at least four people allied together for the purpose of combined strikes)
e) Do not post personal recruitment threads. There are faith threads created for that purpose.
f) Do not do anything that you or the Voice's think is unwarranted or in bad taste.
g) All posts in this forum are considered in character. If you would like to traditionally Role Play with your character please add (RP) or (RP Invite) for Role Play or Role Play Invite only to the end of your thread title.

Note: These are subject to change or be modified by Evernight staff, they are just a basic guideline.

As a result of one of these rules broken, you may be banned from Temper's Ball, or even banned from Evernight Games, you will be demoted immediately and reviewed by the GM and AGM to see whether or not you should be allowed to stay in the guild.

*If you leave for a few days let the GM or AGM know - Tell him how long you will be gone and when you will be back. It is useful to know this incase of wars and such. If you fail to report your absence you will be demoted temporarily and the GM or AGM will await your explanation. If something along the lines of being sick, having to leave in a hurry for something and other things like that, that is no problem, upon your return you will be given your previous rank.

*Read the guild banner – This is what you see below your kingdom information, higher members of the guild are able to edit this to add news for the entire guild to see. By reading this you will be able to find out when we are going to war and much more (All guild affairs). It is very important that every member reads this daily to keep up with the current status of the guild.

*Have fun - This is expected to be followed by everyone, this is a game, its purpose is fun and entertainment, I also like to see members with a good attitude, the rules are in place to be able to maintain a good functioning guild that poses a threat in the game. :)

As a member of SQ you are expected and required to follow and obey all these rules and guidelines.

The ranking format and system in SQ is simple. below describes the name and description of the rank.

(King) This is the GM of the guild, the leader. He controls and runs the guild. If at any time the GM disappears/dies/quits or is not running the guild correctly, members may vote on a new GM.

(Prince) This is the AGM but without GM tools. The one with powers and the one without sometimes switch rank so the other can have the GM tools during the GM’s absence. He or she has the most say in the guild other than the GM.

(Royal Guard) This is a well trusted member, this rank makes up the bulk of the guild because being an invitation guild, most invited members are well trusted and extremely capable members.

(Knight) These are trusted members, given a bit more time they will be promoted.

(Squire) This is a normal member, still in the process of proving themselves.

(Peasant) This is a new member. Not yet trusted by the GM. If they are active and perform well they may become a Squire (Normal member). But keep in mind this may not be a quick process.

To get promoted to a higher rank in SQ you must do the following, any breach of this will result in you not being promoted.

*Follow all the rules.
*Be a very active member, this includes attending wars and such.
*Have a good attitude towards other members as well as the GM.

From time to time the GM and AGM reviews each and every member and make sure they have done all of the above, and then you may get promoted.

But DO NOT request a promotion, if you request a promotion you will only end up staying at entry rank twice as long. If the GM feels you deserve a promotion you will get it.

If a member from another guild is caught within our lands doing ANY offensive actions, such as attacking, sorcery, burnings etc. We will give a maximum of 24 hours for the leadership of the acting guild to contact us, on a messenger or Temper’s Ball. If this time is surpassed, we will immediately react to this by simply destroying the acting kingdom, no matter how little or big the severity of the action was.

However if we are contacted we can easily work out something to make everyone happy and prevent the decimation of the acting kingdom.

For your convenience the contacts to the leaders of SQ have been added. (see below)

Here are some contacts of guild staff including me the GM and the AGM, feel free to contact any of us if you have any questions.

Jin-Tah - GM
ICQ: (169241370)
AIM: Vortx420
MSN: the_great_ktulu@hotmail.com
Email: hebertl@vianet.ca

Dreamskull - AGM
ICQ: (8455016)
MSN: naval_lint13@hotmail.com
Email: naval_lint13@hotmail.com