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The Beginning

After the days of the Last Sin, the divisions of the people of Tonan were fierce, and they were solid. Sons fought their fathers, daughters fought their mothers, husbands fought their wives, and siblings fought amongst themselves all in the names of the gods.

After the time when each of the faiths held their own Immortal as supreme the Great Lord Oedipus, Follower of Angelique and the Bestower of Justice, called for all worthy and strong realms to come to his cause, to forever wipe the traitor god Barnabas, the fool's god Leto, and all who follow them from the face of Tonan forever, to create a land where Angelique’s blessed justice would forever bring peace and prosperity.

Oedipus had been given this mission by the Blessed Goddess herself, commanding him to swiftly and deftly crush her foes. Hearing that the goddess would speak to Oedipus directly, many devout followers – some even from Barnabas and Leto – seeing this as a sign, flocked to him. He used the converts from the realms of Barnabas and Leto to gain intelligence for his cause, learning more and more the sorry state of realms not under the influence of the Goddess' Divine Order. Some scouts brought reports of disillusioned Lords and Ladies holding onto Barnabas' arrogance and his false claim as King of the Gods, being manipulated into backstabbing others of their faith to gain power when the time came for Barnabas to claim the throne. Others brought reports of the Lords and Ladies of Leto throwing caution to the wind and doing whatever made them happiest, of lands torn through by anarchy. Most reports simply stated that these faiths were so sure that they were the one true faith that they lacked the defenses to back the claim. The Great Lord knew this was the time to strike.

The Formation of Omega Dawn

With these reports strewn about him, the Great Lord called all Lords and Ladies following him to a meeting. He spoke to them, saying, “This is the time, our time, the days and nights following this meeting will usher in a new era of peace beyond even that of the time before the Last Sin. Gather your troops and head out to the lands of the heathens, under cover of darkness and in small groups, lest the fools learn of any of these plans placed forth tonight. If you are asked why you are leaving the lands of Angelique, lie and say that she is a harsh and oppressive goddess, and that you are making for the lands of Barnabas and Leto to feel free again. Our converts say that this will appease any who ask questions. After four nights and days of travel, when you have made it to the place you will conquer, strike with full force right before the dawn, so when they awake at dawn in fear and drowning in the blood of their brethren, they will realize that their heathen life has come to an end. It will be the dawning of the end of Barnabas and Leto, it will be the Omega Dawn."

A Change in the Winds of Time

The followers nodded in agreement and left for their duties, and all came to pass as the Great Lord Oedipus said. The heathens were driven back, dying by the thousands to the well equipped and prepared followers of the Blessed Goddess. It was at this time that the voice of Angelique began to fade from Oedipus' mind, and he believed that was because he had fulfilled his duty. Battle after battle took place for years and years, until nothing but war was left in the land and the old Gods were all but forgotten as nothing more than legend.

He was wrong, for this was the time of the Abandonment, when the old gods seemed to have forsaken us and the new gods, in their quest for a never-ending bloodbath, came to be.

As this became more and more clear to The Great Lord, took the guise of Isonians so as to continue their fight, but he and a close few followers still clung to the faith of Angelique, hoping one day she would return.

His hope was not false.

The Return of the Goddess

Much later in time, after years of war for the false gods, The Great Lord received a scribe from an unknown source, saying that the Angelique, his Goddess, had returned, only this time clothed in mortal flesh, and that she demanded all of her former followers to return to her. Almost instantly Isonia worship was dropped by all of Omega and the temples redecorated in honour of the Blessed Mortal Goddess, Angelique reborn in the flesh. However, Angelique had other plans for her followers. They were to cross the ocean to Islan, and leave the decrepit world of Tonan, too battered to support her people, any longer. Those who came immediately to here were to preach the news to all who followed Isonia, as they would be most receptive to return to Angelique. Alas, the words were preached to mostly deaf ears, many Lords and Ladies stayed behind, too caught up in the bloodbath of Toran to care. The Blessed Mortal Goddess did not wish to forsake her people, but knew the time would come for them to also cross the ocean to Islan, and so her faithful set sail, leaving them to their devices till the time was right.

A Chance Meeting

While on his way to the docks to leave the land of Tonan forever, The Great Lord came across an army of Isonian soldiers, mostly Northmen, camped next to a mountain pass. Now Northmen are not generally thought as anything more than shock troops, great for cracking defenses in large numbers, and not as tacticians, but since they were here, and he was here, Oedipus decided that he would halt and take refreshment with the Lord of this army. While he was there, he would try to convert the Lord and his men, as he was commanded by Angelique to bring as many as possible with him.

As Oedipus rode up to the encampment, one of his entourage spoke up in dissent.“My lord, these are but filthy Northmen, they will only dam....” was all he could manage before his head was rolling along the grass. Oedipus hadn't even looked at the man as he had drawn and swung. He turned his horse to face his followers and asked “Does anyone else think that these men should not be allowed to dwell with the blessings of the Blessed Mortal Goddess on their hearts?” Not a word was spoken. “Strip him and burn the body. These are the words of Angelique,

'If any of my followers disrupt the expansion of the Faith, kill them and burn their bodies, strike them from the records, and speak of them only as a reminder of my judgment, for they are no better than the heathen scum slaughtered and burned in battle.'

Oedipus continued, “Her divine word shalt be obeyed.” The men moved quickly, and soon fire engulfed the body of the heretic.

Moving onward, the Great Lord's entourage moved through the ranks of the Northmen, coming to the tent of the Lord. “We come to speak to your Lord and dine with him tonight,” Oedipus spoke to one of the Sentinels guarding the entrance to the tent. “Aye, ah wull tell his Lordship tha he has goat sum visitors.” The Sentinel went inside the tent, and was out in a moment, “Ye can stay the night.”

The tent flap opened and the Lord stepped out. He was a large man, standing tall enough that he could look at the breastplate of Oedipus straight on while he sat on his horse. He was definitely built like a Northman, broad shoulders, a tree trunk-like body and limbs. The most striking thing about him though was his beard and hair....Red as natural grown hair can get. What was surprising was that he was spoke in the standard language, not the Northern dialect they had heard earlier. “Welcome, I am Lord Etri the Redbeard. I hope my encampment can be hospitable to travelers such as yourselves. Please join me at the table immediately.”

During dinner Oedipus learned a great deal about this large Northman. He was born to a powerful Northern clan that was annihilated by a Letite raid, and as a baby he was left there. A Lady passing through the area found him and took him as her son and raised him, which is why he didn't sound like his nearby brethren. After she died, he took her seat on the throne – though there was much unrest in the kingdom about a Northman taking control – and proceeded to unite all of these Northmen clans to his cause for Isonia. They were in this particular region because they were going to rid this mountainside of the Foret-loving Goblin hordes forever.

Oedipus listened carefully, and after hearing his life story, told Etri his strory, about the wonders of the Goddess clothed in Flesh, Angelique. Her miracles, her cause, and that any who wished to follow her to Islan would be living in a land of peace and prosperity. Etri looked at The Great Lord and spoke quietly, “Aye, I've heard the tales, I worshiped the old Goddess herself in the days of old, and if I could I would cross with you, but I can't leave my men. They can't live in a world of justice and order, even under my control. I swear sometimes they act as uncoordinated and chaotic as the Foretites in the mountains beside us. It wouldn't work for them, and I bound myself to them, so I must stay.”

Oedipus simply said, “Even in chaos there is order. When an avalanche occurs, the rocks falling are chaotic, yet they fall toward the same place. The same is true with men. We are all moving down the mountainside at our own pace, yet we all end in the same spot. Angelique just shows us the way.” And with that remark, Oedipus got up, summoned his entourage, and left Etri to think.

The Day of Sail

Oedipus and his followers made it to the docks without any further encounters, and all was set for the departure day. As he looked out onto the land he was about to leave forever, he saw a massive army approaching! “Get everyone off the boats and prepare for battle, we must protect this town before we leave!” he cried as a dragon swooped down to the shore next to the dock. “You can delay that order, aye, but you can make room for a new group of followers.” It was none other than Etri, and as Oedipus and he clasped hands he spoke again, “I told them that we would be flying the banner of the true Goddess Angelique, and one of my men hit me and said, 'Now tha's what Ah'm taking 'boot!' Seems that they were just waiting for me to come along.” As the two men laughed and clasped hands, a bond that would never be broken was formed, the bond of friendship.

Islan and the New Omega Dawn

After the arrival and initial settling on the lush new land of Islan, scouts were sent out and despairing news was unveiled: The damned Barnabas and Leto followers were on the new continent!

“Damnit, we're running out of ground, more and more Letites keep flocking to the shores” Oedipus cursed. “Don't tell me you think that this is the end of Angelique.....Your banner may be tattered, but it's not burnt up yet,” replied Etri, leaning on a nearby tree, “You can't possibly think this is the end.” As they were speaking a messenger arrived with a scribe for Oedipus. The messenger read it aloud, “Oedipus, Bestower of Justice and the Omega, you have been called by Angelique to return to the land of Tonan and bring back more of her faithful. However, She wishes that the Omega, a symbol of one of her greatest legions, remains on Islan with a competent, strong ruler, not because you have failed, but because your success is an inspiration to her followers. She blesses you and promises your journey will be fruitful.”

"I shalt do the will of the Blessed Mortal Goddess,” spoke Oedipus, “but who to give the title of Omega to...” He looked at his friend, “You've been defending our people well from the heathens under the Omega banner, and I've no doubt you're strong and capable.” He took the blue dye from Etri's belt that all Angelique Northmen wear into battle and drew the Omega on his friend's shoulder pad. “When we first met, you showed how loyal you are to those you follow and who follow you. You follow Angelique, and she needs your loyalty now. I will send you as many followers as I can, but hopefully, they will not be needed. Make the heathens wish they'd never see another dawn. Make them pray that when the sun sets, it never rises again to see Angelique's Omega riding over the hilltop, bringing them their Omega Dawn.” Etri smiled and clasped his friend and comrade's hand,“Aye. I will not let you down, just get back in time to help me finish the job.”

So with the departure of Oedipus, the Great Lord and Founder of Omega Dawn, Etri the Redbeard, the New Omega, creates his own legacy.....


GM: Omega
AGM: Omicron
Squad Leader: Phi
Full Member: Delta
Member: Xi
Newbie: Alpha


5th age of guilds


Omega is a fun guild, we play to win, but we also play for what the game really offers: a great community, both in the guild, and in Temper's Ball. Omega is about community, with a side dish of heathen-whipping. Old or young, veteran or “newb”, all are welcome to join this guild, and if any training is required, we will gladly get you up and running in no time at all.

After sending a request to join, all that I (Etri) ask is that you send me an email with the following:

  • Name
  • ICQ/MSN/Email Information
  • How long you've been playing (like I said before, we take all skill levels, I just came back an age or so ago after 3 or so years and needed a big refresher to loosen the rust, so if you're new, just tell me so and I'll get you started up!)

  • If you do this, you will automatically move up a rank in the guild.

    Guild Rules:

  • All members must have fun, or we'll beat you until you do :)
  • All members must try to get to know the rest of the guild, after all, it is a community of players.
  • All members must be loyal to Angelique, Omega, and to the principles of loyalty, justice, and honour for which it stands.
  • All members must present themselves with the self-esteem and dignity in Canon and in TB. We don't whine, we get even.
  • On that note, all players must obey TB rules (see below).
  • Speak your mind at all times on TB and in scribes, don't be afraid to let me know what you're thinking.
  • All members must remain active players.
  • All heathen activity must be reported to the squad leaders, and other leaders if ordered.
  • All members may only attack targets authorized by an AGM or GM.
  • Temper's Ball Rules

  • Do not make an ass of yourself.
  • Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
  • Do not spam or post redundant messages.
  • Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
  • Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
  • Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.
  • Do not post accusations of cheating on the boards.
  • Violation of these rules will result in an appropriate disciplinary action.

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    Each rank in Omega Dawn is given an Insignia in the form of a Greek Letter. Each letter is symbolic of how tied the Lord or Lady given it is to the Faith and to the guild. These are the ranks:

    [ Ω ] The Omega (GM)- Once in a great while, someone who can control their abilities in all the arts of warfare, diplomacy, & leadership are given the rank of The Omega. This feat bestows upon the individual the power of subjugation. This person is thought to be closest to Angelique above all through their abilities & devotion to the cause. They are the gate to Her Divine Word.

    [ Ο ] Omicron (AGM)- The rank of Omicron is bestowed onto those so loyal to Angelique, the Omega Doctrine, and to their comrades, that no other goal is a priority, they are empty of all distraction from the cause (hence the Letter Omicron, an empty circle). They now have mastered most if not all of their abilities. Each Omicron has channeled his/her energy into a specific field, and is unmatched in that area. Omicrons are responsible along with The Omega for guild diplomacy.

    [ Φ ] Phi - The rank of Phi is given to members that have truly begun to understand what it means to be a member of Omega Dawn, but still require work to empty themselves of all else for the cause (hence the downstroke in the Letter Phi). By showing that they have begun to master their abilities, they have proven themselves to be members of the guild's elite and are therefore allowed to lead a squad of Deltas and Xis into battle.

    [ Δ ] Delta – The rank of Delta is given to those who have taken the three principles of Omega Dawn and made them into a foundation for their abilities to flourish (hence the strong triangle structure of the Letter Delta). These people are now totally compliant to the Omega doctrine. This rank is achieved by being an active player.

    [ Ξ ] Xi - The rank of Xi is given to those who have decided that they are devoted enough to give their entire lives to the three principles of the Omega doctrine: Loyalty, Honour and Justice (Symbolized by the three bars in the Letter Xi). This allows the player to view the rest of his or her guildmate's info and realms. This rank is obtained by giving the guild contact information.,/p>

    [ Α ] Alpha- Upon their entry to Omega, the rank of Alpha is given. Players given this insignia have decided to place Omega's Angelique doctrine & ethics into their daily routine. They are at the beginning of their own legacy (hence the Letter Alpha, a symbol of beginnings).

    Members will be promoted due to their eager dedication to our guild & to their faith. When they have demonstrated themselves to be worthy of it, they will be promoted to show appreciation for their works & effort. If outstanding ability is shown by a member, he or she may be promoted if recognized by a fellow member, AGM, or GM.

    If the current GM has difficulties in accessing the game or in leading the guild, the co-GM and an AGM will step up and take charge of Omega until the current GM gets back.

    Guild Contact:

    The Omega - Etri
    ICQ: 266-270-623 Email:hybridmind86@gmail.com
    ICQ: 344-173-084 Email:mcyan_mafia@reallyfast.info

    Dark Smifflen