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Created: 2004-03-02 04:41:03
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The man looked around dazed. All he was aware of was being inside a barn, tied to a spit as a donkey. Slowly his eyes focused upon two pairs looking upon him, hiding in the shadows. Shivers took hold of his body as the fear settled in.

"Wh... who are you? and why am I tied to this spit, and dressed as a donkey at that?"
"You have no room to be asking questions. As it is, we'll be having roast donkey within the hour."
The words came from the two figures in the shadows, who just glared at the man, menace in their eyes.

"Please... if I am to die, at least tell me why."
The two figures slowly stepped from the shadows, revealing a tall, well scarred man, and a giant chicken.

"I am Laustrad," the tall man spoke, "and this is my companion in crimes, Martin. He talks little, but you'll rarely like what he says anyways."
The tall man pointed to the chicken, who only glared with menace and insanity in his eyes. Laustrad sat on the captured mans stomach, forcing his back further into the spit.
"Now, I will tell you a story, and you will learn why you have been kidnapped and put upon this spit."

"Sometime ago, I can barely remember when, it's been so long. Some time ago I was but a wee child. In my little village, we lived a simple life, worshipping Isonia as all her faithful servants should. There was warring in the nearby lands, we all knew it, but we never expected to come to our humble village. But it did."
Laustrad quickly withdrew a dagger from his hip, implanting it deeply in the captured man's stomach.
"But it did... The man who brought it was your father, waving the banners of Isonia, the forsaken whore..."
Laustrad slowly turned the hilt of the dagger, causing the man's breath to become ragged.

"I hid as little children do. I hid and watched as our women were raped by your father's men, and our men were turned into slaves. That only lasted a day though, since the followers of the bastard god Foret soon followed. Your father put our men up as first defense, with scythes as their only weapon. All of our men were killed, as were a few of your father's men, but your father and his men retreated like cowards that day. The Forets killed our women, only after raping them. I vowed on that day that I would have my revenge. I prayed to Darden, I asked him to send me a companion as crazed as I had just then become. I swore to give him my soul. The righteous Darden accepted my offer and sent me a companion as crazed as me. He sent me Martin there."
At his name Martin thrusts his beak into the man's side, cutting his spleen to shreds.

"From then on Martin and I traveled from caravan to caravan, earning our keep by performing acts even jesters wouldn't consider. Thus it continued for years, until we came full upon our prime. Then we agreed it was time to weild our revenge. And so we have."
Lastraud slowly pulled a charred head from a pouch at his side and laughed at the captured man's horror stricken face.
"This is the son of the other man that defiled my village. His father died before I could find him, as did yours. But revenge is such a thing that can be paid by a son as well. You will pay for your father's sins. Then the rest of ye line will be next."

"Because I prefer to see the rest of your pathetic line wiped from the face of this land."
Laustrad quickly jumped off the man's stomach, removing the dagger as he went. He put a golden chalice under the man's body, collecting the blood that started dripping to the ground. He then built a roaring fire beneath the man, then danced with Martin to the man's screams of agony, as jesters would. When the fire had died down Laustrad beheaded the man with his sword, depositing the head in the bag, the rest of the body they threw to the rats.

"With our bodies we commit to you the life force of this heathen great Darden," Martin and Laustrad repeated in unison.
Laustrad picked up the chalice full of blood, taking a huge gulp of the now boiling liquid, and quickly handed it to Martin after swallowing. Martin took several swallows while Laustrad dunked his head in a nearby trough, spitting the last gulp out.

"The taste of heathen blood is disgusting"
"Es, i issss.... Urnt y ongue oo."
Slowly the two build an alter over the ashes, praying before it to Darden. After performing their prayers they walked outside the barn, lighting the barn on fire as they left.

"What say ye Martin, why don't we gather our army of chickens and kill this man's kin and followers?"
"Yes," Martin said laughing.
Laustrad quickly mounted the saddle on Martin's back, giving the signal for him to go.
"Away Martin.... Awayyyyyyy!!!!!"


GM: Father of Lunacy
AGM: Master of Lunacy
Squad Leader: Lunatic
Full Member: Frenzied Warrior
Member: Insane Soldier
Newbie: Unstable Acolyte


This be our first massed attempt at wreaking our vengence upon the heathen.


The rules of this guild be simple. Our intention is for everybody to have fun, and we will try to deliver as much entertainment value as we possibly can to our members..

1. First and foremost you must follow ALL rules of Temperís Ball. These are as follows,
a. Do not make an ass of yourself.
b. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in IRC, unless specifically asked to by staff.
c. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
d. Do not post kingdom numbers or kingdom names on the boards.
e. Pornography, piracy, or other illegal material is not allowed.
f. Do not post links or advertisements to hate or anti-Evernight sites. This includes racial, ethical, or sexually related sites.

2. Absolutely no heathen aide will be accepted by the guild. Any heathens found on guild lands will be tortured ruthlessly, then burnt upon a spit.

3. It is suggested that when posting in Temper's Ball in the Guilds forum that you post in character. We are generally a RP guild, but don't require it for membership. Any attempt by the members to rp would be appreciated, and could possibly influence a quicker promotion.

4. Follow the guild hierarchy. If you are having problems with another person, in or out of the guild, report it to one of the guild leaders. It will then be addressed and taken care of. Do not harass another guild member or player without any permission of your superiors. Repeated harassment of other players by our members will not be tolerated.

5. All members must have some form of chat program. Aim, Aim express, Yahoo messenger, MSN, ICQ, and ICQ lite are all acceptable.

6. Do not start fights with other guilds. If you have a problem with another guild refer to rule number 4.

7. Leaking of any guild information will lead to immediate expulsion. Any ally guilds will also be notified of any member removed from the guild for this reason.

8. Do not repeatedly ask the guild leaders for a promotion. Rank promotions will be given on a merit basis. Any attempt to bribe a leader for a promotion will be ignored and you will be immediately banned from the guild.

Failure to follow any guild rules will result in chastisement, possibly public, the first time. Repetitive failure to follow guild rules, or a severe enough event, will result in banishment from the guild. Again, these rules are simple, and it is our hope that we will not have to punish anybody.

Guild Hierarchy

1. Father of Lunacy- The guild master. He is in control of all guild activities and is the final say in any decision made by the guild.The Father of Lunacy has full guild rights and privileges.

2. Master(s) of Lunacy- Assistant Guild Master. They are second only to the Father, and outside of any intervention of him, their word is law. The Master of Lunacy has full guild rights and privileges.

3. Lunatic- Highly trusted guild member. The Lunatic is often left in charge of training and leading the Warriors, Soldiers, and Acolytes.

4. Frenzied Warrior- A proven and trustworthy Insane Soldier. The warrior has more privileges than the Insane Soldier or the Unstable Acolyte.

5. Insane Soldier- The basic class of guild member. The soldier has a few basic guild privileges.

6. Unstable Acolyte- An Insane Soldier in training. The acolyte has no guild privileges whatsoever.

Should the gm have the leave the guild for whatever reason, they will have the option to appoint a new gm. If the current gm does not appoint a new gm, or disappears before they could, the guild will vote and appoint one of the agms as the new guild leader.

Rules for guild acceptance:

Anybody wishing to join the guild are asked to submit the following information to one of the guild leaders after submitting their application to join. No application will be accepted until the leaders have the following information. This information will be accepted through any direct contact by the leaders (ie. email, ICQ, Aim, etc., etc.)
1. Kingdom name and number.
2. Email Address.
3. At least one (1) messenger contact.
4. A brief description of why you want to join the guild, and what you can add to the guild's lunacy.

Leader Contact Information:

ICQ: 39460627
Yahoo messenger: captainrizzo
email: warlock_roguewolf@hotmail.com

ICQ: 174284114
AIM: Ostrin Ostro