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Created: 2004-03-02 02:03:08
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A darkness had overcome the land. I was but a simple boy in a small village near the lip of Drumheller Bay. I thought that those who called themselves nobles... those whose wars destroyed and then doubly destroyed the work of man in the fields... had forgotten us. I thought that they were so caught up in their faith that our lives were lost to them.

Then she rode through. The Phoenix Paladin and her generals. I was not Isonian before her ride. I really was not much of anything, but whatever the closest of the local brute lords wished me to be. Yet she fought... not to storm a garrison or break a charge... but to defend a farmer's field two villages over.

These were her words as they were given to me... as they were given to people up and down the west. These were the words given to her people as they began the great ride to the west.

"I will not speak to you tonight about why we do this. I will not speak to you of the evils committed by the dark druids against the land itself, nor of those committed by bravos and criminals masquerading as nobler men against the people. I will not tell you again that the Shining Court does not care about your lives or that those so fervently ambitious that they would sacrifice kith, kin, blood and bone for power would not sacrifice a single piece of silver to make your lives better.

I will not tell you these things again, because you have already heard and already know them true. I will not tell you again that the Bearer of the Staff has been blinded in both eyes, terrible wounds inflicted by the betrayals of his own faithful. I will not say that the Demon of Tismad cannot protect you. I will not say that the Demon's faithful do little more than look with envy upon those who have traded the will of the Bearer of the Staff for power and wish that they could live that life themselves.

I will not speak of these things, because you already know the truth of them all.
What I will speak to you of is the Lady. I will say that she looked down upon the lowliest girl of this land and lifted her up. She knew that I was at once a coward, a murderess, a thief, and one who sought to fill herself with vengeance, never knowing that vengeance can never sustain you, only make you hungrier. Yet she did not cast me down, nor did she look upon me with hate. She instead reached into the hearts of the brave few behind me, who sought and found the truth of the world, and convinced them to forgive me as She did. She reached into their hearts and showed them the way to make of me a vessel that will bring the rebirth to this land.

All across this land tonight, from Drumheller Bay to the Sea of Ice, your brothers and sisters in Isonia rise to take up the call. They shout to you with a mighty voice. And on the morrow, when we take the field, they will cry that we will not be silenced again. We will not be driven from this land. And so loud will be the cry from the west that they will hear it all the way in the Shining Court and be afraid. We will fight and we will bleed and when the world has bled us dry, we will strike again, not because the Lady demands it, but because this is our Will for her.

There are those who are not here, those whose lives will be emptier because they could not be, for you are the ones who will be able to say, YES! I was there! I remember when the Rebirth began! I was there and I stood next to them. I saw them all. I could reach out and touch them and they were real! Stryfe the Mog. And Wein and Mickal Redwater, who bear the Eternal Flame. Ammon and Alias the Apostate. Katharsis, whom the Wolf loved. The Moogleknight. And Kwaiq the Peacemaker.

And the Phoenix Paladin.

And you will remember she made promises that night. Promises that were all fulfilled, unlike the empty promises of those who blinded the Staff Bearer and broke each and every one of His. She said that we would fight for what we believed. She said that we would be free. She said that we would drive the dark magicks of the druids so deep into their forests that they would never emerge again! And she said that we would break the lines of evil all the way to the Shining Court of the Immortals!

But most of all, she said that the West would rise."

And I heard the words, spoken not by her, but by a blacksmith from Heart's Ridge... and then again from a Shepherd from the Shadowmere. I heard them again from a courtesan girl... and from a Knight Errant of the Theocracy. I heard them and I knew them to be the truth at last. There is nothing but to shrive our souls now if the Rebirth is to occur.

We are the bringers of the Dawn.

The West is Rising.


GM: The Peacemaker
AGM: Phoenix General
Squad Leader: Elf
Full Member: Goblin
Member: Human
Newbie: New Member


This will be the third age of Phoenix Dawn in Canon.


The Phoenix Code.

1.) Phoenix Dawn will never betray its given word.
2.) Phoenix Dawn will not interfere in the wars of others save when those wars are grossly unfair.
3.) Phoenix Dawn will retaliate against injustice when it sees it.
4.) Phoenix Dawn will always assist those too weak to help themselves, so long as it is within its ability to do so.
5.) Phoenix Dawn will destroy those who commit acts of evil.
6.) Phoenix Dawn will not fight the wars of others.

The Order of Ascension:

The Phoenix Paladin - She is the one lifted by Isonia to bring the Rebirth to the land.
The Phoenix Generals - Those of the High Nobility that saw the wisdom of Isonia and pledged their faith to the Paladin.
The Elect - The Master of the Network, the High Priest and the Phoenix Captains
The Dawn Bringers - Those who would bring the Rebirth of the Land.

If the current Phoenix Paladin is unable to fulfill her duties, a new one will be selected from among the current Phoenix Generals.

The Meesage Board Rules:

The following specific guidelines are mandatory per the Evernight terms of service:
a) Do not make an ass of yourself
b) Do not post accusations of cheating
c) Do not post bug reports
d) Do not post realm names or numbers or any Evernight account names
e) Do not post redundant messages (i.e. spamming)
f) Do not use profanity or vulgarity.

The Basic Game Rules:
1.) Do not create or use multiple accounts in the guilds game.
2.) Do not abuse the vacation feature.
3.) Do not abuse any other in game feature.

Rules for joining:
1.) Submit an application in the game. You will be accepted at rank 6. At that point, you will have 24 hours to complete these additional requirements.
2.) Submit an email describing your game history and ways we can contact you: (icq, aim, etc). Game history is not a prerequisite of joining, but experience does help. Also include times you are available to play and why you wish to join Dawn.

Contact Information:
The Phoenix Paladin - Kwaiq - 66701947
The Phoenix Generals - Mickal Redwater - 124990379 - Mickal14@comcast.net Cluesen - 81623016 - Cluesen2@T-Online.de
Katharsis - 33448775 - katharsis@ab.telus.net