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Created: 2004-03-01 06:34:32
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For centuries a sole Foret family has passed down a tale that was based on the idea that eventually a Foret would be born, so great, that he would lead the Foret's to victory once and for all. How did this story begin...some believe from the mouth of Foret himself.

Ages ago, an eager grandchild asked his grandfather about his first recollection of time. The grandfather at first laughed because it seemed that his grandson had thought he was born at the beginning of time. But then, the smile slowly drained from his face. He began to ponder about his first memory, something he had fought for a lifetime not to do.

He knew to play this memory in full was certain death as it was just so overwhelming. As a young child he had started to play the god sent memory when Foret himself had touched his mind and told him to live a full life and that the man would know the right time to play the memory when he was much older. Now was the time...

The elderly man sat back in his rocking chair and let his memory come forward, describing it in detail to his grandson. At first he saw 100 Foret’s walking in a strait line. The first was a tall strong decorated soldier. He wore the same clothes and medals as the local realm leader. In his arms was a newborn baby and behind the tall soldier with the baby were 98 Forets descending in rank until the last few were mere average serfs. There at the end of the line was, a boy, but not just any boy, the elderly man's grandson. He then watched his grandson's life flash before his eyes, saw his grandson have his first child, and then witnesses his grandson’s death. Then when he saw is grandson die, his mind started to play for him the life of his great grandson. This continued on and on, in the order of the 100 lined Forets until...

He got to the tall soldier at the front of the line. He watched his life, him becoming a respected realm leader throughout his realm and that of all nearby Foret realms. It appeared he would become leader of a great guild. His life was going perfect and many nearby Foret realms feared him. Then came the big day when the realm leader held his newborn son in his arms. The smile on his face was larger then any seen before. Then from behind a crowd slithered out a Foret Scum. He ran up to the soldier and drove a dagger directly into his back. The soldier screamed in pain and called out for Foret to help. The area soon filled up with 1000\'s of Foret Scum. He then started to laugh and showed them the newborn baby. He told them how many generations ago an ancestor had foreseen the events of 100 generations into the future. The elderly man, the original grandfather, was confused because it seemed to him that he was still in the dream and yet they were talking about his dream 100 generations in the future even before it finished for the grandfather. The baby was tossed high into the air and the father yelled to Foret to unleash his furry. A flash came down from the sky in his dream, and the grandfather awoke. He was surprised to be alive and yet he felt different. He was in a dark place and he had no idea where he was. He saw a door and walked out side.

A woman ran up to him. He felt that he had a special bond with her but he did not know why. She ran to him and said,” You have risen my son, just as your father had told me you would.\" This puzzled the elderly man because his mother had died years ago and his father before her. She brought him to a mirror and he nearly fell over when he saw that he was a mere boy about 14 or 15 years of age. Your father said you would lead the Forets to victory. A single tear fell down the boys face and that was all. He told his new mother to lead him to his fathers armour and weapons, geared up, and left. She would not see him again until the Forets were victorious.

The Queen’s Knight cannot be described in words alone. We are an alliance of the Foret elite. We shall fight for Foret until the ends of time and even longer should Foret ask it to be done. Though our indivuals may have slightly different beliefs it is no matter to us. We fight as one until the battle is won. I will leave you with this brief charter fore we have battles to win and realms to destroy.


Squad Leader: Trusted Member
Full Member: Soldier
Member: New Member
Newbie: An App


Formed by the children of Foret. Let us fight.


#1 GM
#2 AGM
#3 Squad Leader
#4 Leader in Training
#5 Soldier
#6 Trainee

General Rules
1) Respect Cannon\'s wishes and instructions
2) Show respect to people who you are at war with.
3) Be a good sport when both winning and losing.

Temper's Ball Rules
1)Do not make an ass of yourself
2)Do not post accusations of cheating
3) Do not post bug reports
4) Do not post other players numbers
5) Do not post redundant messages (no spamming)
6) Signatures are to be kept to 4 lines only.

QK Rules
1) Everyone must have msn.
2) Follow the orders of your superiors.
3) The GM has the final say on all matters.
4) Have fun.
5) Remember that only the GM and AGM have a say on our guilds foreign policy.
6) Once you have over 7000 land you must keep an army at all times.
7) Should anyone outside our guild mention anything about a future war involving a Foret guild you should inform a superior asap.
8) Have Fun!!!

Order of Power: Should the GM be unable to maintain his duties, the AGM (s) will be in charge and promotions will be suspended until the return of the GM.

Promotions: They are earned by the ability of the realm to follow GM instructions.