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Created: 2004-03-01 06:22:39
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THE BEGINING (As recorded by the scribes of ROAR) The symbol of the lion graced the floor of the chamber. It was beautifully woven into the plush carpeted floor. It was the council chamber of the McOlly kingdom. In the Middle of the room stood Koi, the newly crowned king . He paced the floor nervously. “Where could they be?” he asked himself.

He’d been a king only a day and yet the greatest decision of his life was now upon him. How he chose would effect his destiny, and yet he was not the only one with the power here. His fate was not entirely his own. It would be dependent largely on the visitors he was expecting this day. The visitors who were, as of yet, nowhere to be found.


Meanwhile there was a battle raging on the main road leading to the McOlly castle. Six armies were engaged in combat. Three of them were en route to meet with Koi at his castle. Those three armies were strong kingdoms, aggressive kingdoms. They were by nature violent. Whatever could they be doing marching peacefully towards the Castle of the neutral McOllys?

They were on their way there to finalize an alliance, an alliance that would forever find it’s place in the history of Tonan’s lore. An alliance that would live in infamy. Forever.


Koi was startled when the messenger entered the room. “I bring thee news my lord” He said bowing before his new king.

“Rise up friend” Koi stated with a smile. To him his lowest of servants was his friend. “What is thy news?”

“The kings and queen who were to come meet with you have been delayed. Three of Isonia and Foret’s troops cut them off at the pass. It will be at least a day before they can make it through.” The messenger stated.

“I see.” remarked Koi with a grave look. He retrieved a document from the great table in the middle of the room and handed it to his messenger. Then looked at the messenger and said deliver it personally to the kings and queen even in the midst of the battle get their seals on this scroll, we must have their seals. Then bring this page back to me.” He then dispatched the messenger. He shook his head. He didn’t understand why, but it was his father’s dying wish that he accept an alliance with these three kingdoms and form a powerful guild to rule the lands in the name of the Demon of Tisman. He didn’t like the idea, but it was his father’s last wish, and he would uphold it as he swore he would on the fateful day of his father’s death.


The messenger set forth to the battle. He rode as fast as his steed would carry him. He searched without ceasing until he had found each of the rulers, and gotten their seals on the scroll. He then made his way out of the midst of the raging battle, and to the chambers of his new king Koi.

When he entered the chamber he was shocked to see the general of Koi’s armies standing next to Koi. “We’ve been expecting you” Koi remarked. “were you successful in your mission?”

“Yes my lord.” The messenger said as he handed Koi the Scroll. He was then excused from the room.

Koi then looked at the sealed scroll. “It’s done then.” he thought. No, wait, it’s not. He then took a candle from the table and let the hot wax drip onto the the scroll. He pressed his ring into the wax leaving it’s royal insignia next to the insignia of the other rulers. The deal was sealed. He walked to the shelf next to the throne and picked up the old scroll, The scroll that pledged the allegiance of his kingdom to peace and happiness. In it’s place he placed the Charter scroll for a new and powerful alliance that would grow and one day rule the world for the the Demon of Tisman.

Koi took the old scroll and held it to the flame of the candle. The fire consumed it. The ashes of the old way fell to the ground with the ashes of the old scroll. The new way was now in place. It was time for him to make his first act as the leader of the alliance called Realms of Allied Rule or better known as ROAR. He walked back to the general who stood quietly and patiently awaiting his orders.

“Dispatch our armies to the battlefield. Let us end this, our first conflict.” He smiled “Remember, our faith brings honor to Darden.”

“Yes my lord” the general said with a salute, and quickly left the room. Koi was alone again. He returned to his throne, and sat there for a moment. He was now more powerful than ever, but only a king for days. He would do his best to lead ROAR He knew that it would have been his father’s wish.


Darden watched from his place on the hilltop. He was pleased with what he saw. The armies of McOlly were heading out to the battlefield to fight for him. Just the way he’d planned it. Now all of Tonan would fell the the sting of Darden’s bite, and cower before his Mighty ROAR.


Squad Leader: Squad Leader
Full Member: Soldier
Member: Trusted Member
Newbie: New Member


Guild is returning after several ages away


Rules of Tempers Ball.

No Vulgarity or Profanity. - If you cannot make your point without using profane and vulgar statements, then do not post it. Simple as that. Certain words are already pre-filtered out, however some are not. If you are caught using profane and vulgar words on the board system you will be warned. More extreme cases will lead to the termination of your account with Evernight Games.

Do not make a fool out of yourself. - This rule is fairly self-explanatory. Anything that may deem 'making a fool out of yourself' falls here. If its not in good taste, don't post it. Simple enough.

Do not post accusations of cheating. - We have cheat detection programs in game. We will catch them, posting accusations of cheating, regardless of how vague or detailed is not allowed at all on any board system.

Do not post bug reports. - Again, this rule is fairly self-explanatory. Our board systems are not meant to be bug report central. We have email addresses, we have in game methods of bug detection. If you come across a bug in any one of our games, simply email (bugs@evernight.com) and let us handle it.

Do not post realm numbers, realm names or account names for ANY of our games. - This is considered a courtesy rule. People play this game to have fun, having your account information posted all over the board systems because someone is upset with you is neither fun, nor allowed. Don't do it.

Do not post redundant messages. (no spamming) - Again, this rule is fairly-self explanatory. Posting redundant messages, or messages with the same content repeatedly is not allowed on this board system. Repeatedly violating this rule will result in the termination of your account.


GM Contact info

ICQ - 92109943


How can you get Promoted in the guild?

This is a easy question. If you want to get promoted. Just show up for war chats and respond when asked a question. Promotion will go in order of who came first and who has learned more or given more to the guild. There are no Favorites in the guild. If you deserve to be a AGM. Then you will be a AGM if you stay long enough to get promoted to it. How fast that is depends on you. You can also get demoted if you do not show up for guild chats over and over again or simply are a negative on the guild and it's members.


In-guild ranks for ROAR are as follows.

GM = Clan Leader
AGM = Senior Elder
Diplomat = Wiseman or Wisewoman
Squad Leader = Junior Elder
Normal Member = Worker
Junior Member = Serf


What happens if the GM disappears?

If the GM Disappears then the AGM will take over. For which there will be only one AGM and one Diplomat. When the AGM takes over as the New GM. He can promote or demote whom he likes. The past promotions and demotions are all void and mean little to nothing. If at any time all three can not take over the guild. That would be GM, AGM, and Diplomat. Then the guild will disband until the person who created the guild can remake it.