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Created: 2003-02-25 10:20:00
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A low, ethereal mist drifted slowly across the rain-soaked earth, swirling and eddying around the granite headstones which dotted the hillside. The moon's pale visage provided a low level of light; enough to pick out the shapes of the stark-hewn markers, and to follow the slow progress of the heavy, cloying mist. Ignoring the occasional rustle of bare branches from the nearby copse of trees, the only audible sound was the low moan of the wind as it scurried from one place to the next, sending the fog into dizzying spirals of sudden, violent motion. The last rainclouds were finally clearing the horizon, disappearing from view to shed their burden upon some other unfortunate land, when the first of the men emerged from the treeline.

Dressed all in black, the figure shook the rainwater from his leather cloak and gestured in what appeared to be annoyance, towards the copse. Slowly, unwillingly, seven other men in identical garb picked their way through the stinging undergrowth to where their leader now stood. The figure remained still for a moment, gazing out over the huge graveyard as if searching for something - but at the quiet question from his followes, he stirred into motion once more. A barked order, muffled by the mist, still managed to echo across the landscape. The men split up into four parties of two, each making their way across the graveyard in a different direction. Each group began to laboriously inspect every gravestone, methodically wiping away years - centuries, in many cases - of accumulated grime and fungi to reveal the inscription. Apparently not finding what they sought, they moved on through the graveyard, checking each marker as they moved slowly, inevitably towards the middle of their search area.

Suddenly, a shout; exultation and... fear? Panic?

Within seconds, six pairs of feet were pounding against the sucking, clinging soil as they hurried towards their comrades' call. They congregated before a pitch-black stone, crafted from obsidian and standing as clean and flawless as the day it was crafted. A low murmur passed amongst the men; this was undoubtebly their aim. Each man taking a long-handled shovel, they began to dig with a fervent energy, sending shovel-loads of the dark soil flying over their shoulders to mound against a nearby gravestone. As the hole deepend, the mound of removed soil grew - soon, the gravestone of whichever poor unfortunate lay beneath it was buried beneath a considerable pile of grave-dirt.

The sucking sound of soil being dragged from its resting place by iron shovels was soon replaced by the tap-tap of metal on stone. Moving quickly and with a practiced grace, the men rapidly widened the hole to reveal a large stone sarcophegus, heavily inscribed with heiroglyphs and runes of all sizes and shapes. The stone was stained a dark burgundy red, yet none present believed the stain was anything to do with wine. As one, they shivered before widening the hole yet further. When they had removed enough earth to allow it, they jumped down to stand beside the stone coffin and looked to their leader. Wordlessly, he nodded; his throat was tightened with a nervous fear, and he had no wish to let his hirelings see the slightest sign of his weakness.

Swapping shovels for crude, cold-iron crowbars, they began to chip away at the seals which held the sarophegus' lid closed. With a snapping noise which echoed across the hillside like the crack of a whip, the stone seals fell away and the men stepped back from the coffin. With barely a moment's pause, the leader stepped forwards and began to chant. Sketching the shape of runes in the air before him with his right hand as he invoked the power of the incantation, his left hand clawed at his neckline before bringing forth a solid silver symbol of Isonia. A low rumbling announced the beginning of movement; the stone lid rolled backwards as if under its own power, and a thin mist hissed from within the coffin to join the swirling fog above the open grave.

"Get out," whispered the leader. "I can handle things from here."

The men were all too eager to agree, and scrambled up to the rim of the grave with a frenzied semi-panic. Disappearing from the sight of the leader, their running footsteps had barely faded from earshot when they were replaced with a new noise within the grave.


Slow breath after slow breath were sucked into empty lungs, rattling through a long dead throat. Despite his preparations for the moment, the priest jumped into the air, his heart hammering against his chest almost loud enough to drown out the source of his fear.

"In the name of Darden, I bend your will to his. In the name of Darden, I command you to rise in his name. In the name of Darden, I bring you forth to serve him as you served the generals past. In the name of Darden, rise before me!"

No response.

"Rise!" The panic in the priest's cry was evident now, and he took an involuntary step away from the sarcophegus.

"Who is Darden." The question seemed almost a statement as it rumbled from the coffin, harsh as iron striking iron.

The reply from the priest shook as he spoke, and he moved to step back even further until he felt his back strike against the cold earth of the grave wall. "Darden is the one True God, rightful ruler of this world, and deity to those of true faith!" His reply seemed almost a cry to the deity to lend him safety, and the priest held onto his holy symbol as if it were his only hope of salvation.

"The price will be high."

"I was sent to bring you back to serve her... any price."

Silence fell. The low whistling of the breeze across the grave grated in the priest's head, and he shifted against the earth wall.

"Very well." A figure rose from within the coffin, floating out of the grave and out of the priest's sight. The man sagged against the wall, his energy sapped by the encounter with... whatever had been in the coffin. The man did not want to speculate, much less know what he had just dealt with. He fell to sit on the ground, not noticing the chill touch of the grave dirt against his body as it sapped the heat from within him. Whispering a prayer to Darden, the priest kissed the holy symbol firmly before shakily pushing himself to his feet. Taking one deep breath, he grasped the rim of the grave and pulled himself up to the surface, straightening and peering around himself into the mist.

Nothing moved; the landscape was empty but for the gravestones. Nothing had changed. Nothing had been brought forth. Nothing to make the trip worthwhile. Just.... nothing. He laughed nervously, wringing his hands and hoping against hope that if something had been brought forth, it was not nearby. With one last glance around him, he turned around and too-

Thousands of them.

Row upon row of perfectly still figures in various stages of decomposition, fell warriors brought from their grave to stand behind the huge, dark-armoured figure who now fronted their legion. As the priest watched, flesh flowed forth from the ether to coat their bodies - muscles grew before his eyes, ligaments created from thin air joining muscle to bone in sickeningly graphic detail. Flesh slowly covered the bodies, though certainly not swiftly enough to stop the priest falling down to his knees and emptying his stomach into the now-empty grave. A loud ring of metal upon metal made the priest force himself to look up once more, to witness the armouring of the silent legion; breastplates grew from the mist itself, swords suddenly protruding from graves to be pulled from the cloying soil into the newly formed hands of the warriors. An army stood before the priest, led by a red-eyed titan in steel.

"We rise, my brother Legends. Another saga to live, another legend to create; the flames are rekindled."

The priest broke from his stunned silence with a question which was almost screamed to the leader in its urgency. "But who ARE you? What have I brought forth?" The priest found his footing once more, staggering backwards and turning to run as he asked his question.

What might have been a chuckle came forth from the throat of the armoured warrior who stood before him, before the reply came in leaden tones which achoed across the mist-shrouded landscape as the priest fled the scene.

"We are Death In Effect. And we march once more."


GM: Warlord
AGM: Prince/Princess
Squad Leader: Count/Countess
Full Member: Knight
Member: Warrior
Newbie: Merc


This is the 6th age for Death in Effect in Canon


Joining Death In Effect

Membership of Death In Effect is by application, and may require sponsorship from an existing member of rank Knight or higher. If you would like to contact us and discuss a possible application, the ICQ number is "152157471" or our email address is Drum_god32@yahoo.com

If you cannot take the time to log into your kingdom and play your turns on a regular basis, as well as reporting all strikes made against your kingdom (of any nature), then this is not the guild for you. Skill and activity are the keys to success in Guilds, and we aim to have both in abundance.

All applicants will be required to send the following information via email to Drum_god32@yahoo.com:
1. Kingdom information: including name, number, leadername, and which type of kingdom you will play.
2. Contact information: ideally ICQ, though MSN and AIM are accepted.
3. Game experience: both experience of Canon in general, and which guilds you have played for. If you have held any rank in Canon guilds, please indicate which ranks and in which guild.
4. Times you normally play the game, and which timezone you are in.

Goals for Death In Effect:
To strengthen the Darden faith, to make new and lasting friendships within the game, and to assume a position of power within Guilds.

Death In Effect is focused upon three things - honor, respect, and success.

What does this guild want of me?
Activity, communication, and loyalty.

What does this guild give me in return?
The opportunity to learn from experienced players from all games of Canon, to play alongside highly skilled players, to make new friends and to taste success within Guilds.

Guild Structure
GM - Warlord/Warlady (2) - the co-GMs have the final say-so on all matters.
AGM - Prince/Princess (5) - the AGMs control the individual sections of the guild, and make sure that the GMs instructions are relayed and acted upon.
AGM - Ambassador (1) - the ambassador is responsible for all matters of diplomacy, both within the Darden faith and without.
Officer - Count/Countess - usually squad leaders (and deputies to the AGMs), these are trusted and skilled members.
Trusted member - Knight - these members may lead quads depending upon guild size
Full member - Warrior - these members have proven their loyalty to the guild
Junior member - Mercenary - new members or those under punishment

Promotions are given for displays of skill, loyalty, conduct and activity levels.

GM Inactivity
If one of the GMs is unable to continue in his role, the other GM will assume all powers and duties for one week. After that time, a vote will be taken from those of rank ambassador upwards, to determine whether a replacement GM will be installed or whether the guild will operate under the single remaining GM.

1. Respect all opponents, allies, rules and leaders (ie. pretty much everybody you come across).
2. Attack only when ordered, not out of personal vengeance.
3. As a guild, we will strive to make all of our attacks honorable. We will not play mop up for other guilds.
4. We will not stoop to scum killing unless we find ourselves unable to attack a guild or kingdom succesfully under direct assault.
5. If we are victorious, it shall be with honor and respect. If we are defeated, it shall be with honor and respect. Nobody likes a whiner, and nobody likes a bad loser. Let our abilities speak for themselves.

Ruls of Temper's Ball
1. Do not make an ass out of yourself.
2. Do not post bug reports on the boards, over ICQ, or in the IRC room unless specifically asked by staff.
3. Do not spam or post redundant messages.
4. Do not post realm numbers or names on the boards.
5. Pornography, Piracy or other illegal material is not allowed.

Contact Information
Warlord: Shred - ICQ 152157471 email: Shred32@msn.com
Princess: Lady Urydie - ICQ 218950356 email: LadyUrydie@aol.com